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Rajasthan Marriage Registration | Company Vakil

In this article we will examine in detail the procedure for the registration of Rajasthan marriage and the procedure for obtaining Rajasthan marriage certificate. Marriages in the Rajasthan State are governed by the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 or the Special Marriage Act of 1954. Marriages can be registered online or through the Registrar’s offices in Rajasthan.


Under the rules of the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955, the bride and groom should fulfil the following conditions.

  • Marriage must be performed under Hindu customs
  • Bride and groom are meant to be Hindus.
  • The age of the bridegroom should be 21 years, and at the time of marriage the bride should have been 18 years.
  • Any of the places mentioned below should fall under the jurisdiction of the Registrar in Rajasthan.
    • Residence of groom
    • Residence of bride
    • Solemnization place


The following conditions must be fulfilled in order to register a special marriage in Rajasthan:

  • The age of the bridegroom should be 21 years and at the time of the solemnization the bride should have been 18 years.
  • Marriage may be registered with the Registrar at the Bridegroom ‘s Residence or Bride’s Residence or Solemnization Site
  • In the event of a special marriage registration, the intended marriage is notified first. If no objection is raised to marriage within 30 days of notification, marriage shall be registered.


  • Marriage certificate is a document that proves that a woman is married to the person whose marriage certificate contains the details of her.
  • Marriage certificate enables a married woman to have social security and self- confidence.
  • Marriage certificate must also be issued to claim a spouse’s bank deposit or insurance benefit after the death of an insurer without any person’s appointment.
  • Marriage certificate is a necessary document for applying for a Tatkal passport and for changing the name of the spouse in the passport.


Important documents required for obtaining Rajasthan marriage certificate are:

  • Age proof of Groom and Bride
  • Address Proof – Ration card, Voter ID, Passport or driving licence
  • Address Proof – Adhaar card, Pan Card and Voter ID
  • Photographs of couples (Joint Photo of bride and groom)
  • Application forms
  • Affidavit


Follow the procedure below to apply through emitra for a marriage certificate for Rajasthan.

  1. Fill the application form and attach bride and groom photos
  2. Provide all details in affidavit
  3. Applicants must visit the eMitra Centre at their place. Send the request, affidavit and all other documents required to the person in the service centre.
  4. Take a receipt for application from the service centre and you can collect a marriage certificate from the registrar’s office once the application has been approved by the registrar.


Follow the procedure below to apply online for a marriage certificate for Rajasthan.

  1. Go to the official webpage of Rajasthan civil registration system
  2. Choose Amenjan application form from homepage
  3. Select the marriage form option on the new page. The page goes to the application page.
  4. Choose new application, insert the displayed code and click Go button.
  5. Provide marriage details, such as the marriage date, the marriage site address.
  6. Enter groom and brides details like name, fathers name, mothers name, DOB, email id, mobile number, address etc
  7. The witness of Bride and Bride (two witnesses) details such as address and mobile number to enter.
  8. The applicant’s base number, Bamashah number or ID proof must be entered. Click the Verify verification button.
  9. Upload a photo of bride and groom together
  10. After entering the applicant’s details, verify mobile number by sending an OTP.
  11. Once verified, provide the displayed insert code and click on the idra
  12. An acknowledgement slip registration number will be generated. Download and save the slip for future reference. The marriage certificate is issued after verification.


  1. Choose the status option from the website of the Rajasthan Civil Registration System.
  2. Choose Rajasthan from the dropdown menu on the new page. Choose district, marriage, marriage date, applicant’s name, and registration number. Insert code and click the button to detect.
  3. The application status will be displayed. When the certificate is approved it can be downloaded.


You can download the marriage registration certificate from the Rajasthan web page of the Civil Registration System. The page will be transferred to the next page. Choose the marriage option from the menu and provide an e or mobile registration number. Enter the code displayed in the box and click the Discover button. The marriage registration certificate signed digitally is displayed; you can download the certificate now.

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