The conversion of land is a process of converting agricultural land into non- farming land. According to the 1992 Rules of the Conversion of Agricultural Land for Non- Agricultural Purposes in Rural Areas, agricultural land in Rajasthan can only be converted for residential, commercial purposes, such as trade or commerce, by obtaining prior permission from the competent authority of Rajasthan state. This article will provide detail account for process of land conversion in Rajasthan.


The Urban Land Ceiling and Regulation Act, 1976, allow the conversion of agricultural land in Rajasthan for the following purposes.

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial Area
  • Medical facilities
  • Salt manufacturing
  • Public Utility


The given lands are not granted permission for conversion in Rajasthan:

  • No permission for the conversion of land purchased under the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 shall be granted.
  • If a land falls within the boundary of any railway line, state highway, national road or other road maintained by the central or state government, it cannot be converted.
  • Lands falling within a radius of 1 km from the outer boundary of the abadi of the village cannot be converted for the purposes of an industrial unit or lime kiln or an industrial area. Note: This restriction does not apply if the conversion is intended for brick kiln or non- polluting industries, small or cottage industries.
  • Any Land used as catchment areas of a tank or village lagoon or land used as a way to any cremation or burial ground or village lagoon, even if it is not recorded in the village revenue map or revenue record.


  1. For Residential purpose –  For a village having a population of less than 5000 persons, the fee is Rs 1 per sq. m for area up to 2000 sq m and Rs 2 per sq m for area exceeding 2000 sq m
  2. For Residential purpose –  For a village having a population of more than 5000 persons, the fee is Rs 2 per sq. m for area up to 2000 sq m and Rs 4 per sq m for area exceeding 2000 sq m
  3. For Commercial purpose the fee is Rs 4 per sq. m for area up to 200 sq m and Rs 8 per sq m for area exceeding 200 sq m
  4. For industrial purpose or area, the fee is Rs 1 per sq m
  5. For salt manufacturing purpose, fee is Rs 1000 for every hectare of land
  6. Foe medical facility with advanced medical services or super speciality as per plan approved by state government is Rs 1 per sq m
  7. For charitable institution, fee is Rs per sq m
  8. For nursing homes, hospitals, diagnostic centres, clinics and dispensaries on commercial land and not covered by other categories the fees is Rs 3 per sq m


A tenant from Khatedar can convert his farm for the construction of a dwelling house or cattle shed or storehouse to an area not exceeding 500 square meters without any fee payable. The area so converted remains in his tenant Khatedari. No fee shall be charged for the conversion of agricultural land for any official use by any State Department or local authority.


  • Jamabandi self attested copy
  • Self certified copy of the income map showing the land was has to be converted into a red link.
  • The layout plan shall be submitted in the case of a residential colony or industrial area.
  • Tress details in the proposed land- how many trees are standing and how many trees are probably need to be removed
  • Copy of challan
  • Details regarding the purpose of conversion
  • Self- affidavit indicating that three trees are ready to be planted in place of a tree


A Khatedar tenant (applicant) who seeks permission to convert agricultural land for any non- agricultural purpose must submit to the prescribed authority a request form along with all required documents (see above). Upon acceptance of the application, a land conversion order is issued.


Step 1: go to official page of Rajasthan Single Window Clearance System (SWCS)

Step 2: select the option sign in or sign up from homepage

Step 3: for new user registration, to login to the Dashboard page, fill in Entrepreneur, Investor and Individual Registration (One- Time) details.

Step 4: to login to portal, enter your SSOID and password

Step 5: Choose the appropriate option from the menu by clicking on the hyperlink (I want to submit a new application) on the dashboard.

Step 6: Click on Conversion of Land from Agriculture to Non-Agriculture in Urban Area under Rajasthan Land Revenue Rules under Sec 90A, 2012.

Step 7: provide all necessary details required in application form and upload asked documents like

  • Name of Tenant
  • Adhar number
  • Bhamashah number
  • Father/Husband’s number
  • Email id
  • Address of the land
  • Khasara number of the land

Step 8: to make payment click on pay now. For payment method only banking facility is available

Step 9: Once you have submitted your application, it will be forwarded for the approval process to the approval agency concerned.

Step 10: You can visit SWCS to track your application. Once the request is approved, login to the portal to download the conversion order again.


Khatedar tenant is entitled to convert agricultural land for non- agricultural purposes after receiving the conversion order. Converted land cannot be transferred for two years, after two years such land can be transferred without payment of the fee and without obtaining permission from the authority concerned.


After the conversion order has been issued, the Tahsildar will reduce the area of Khatedari by entering it into the revenue records.


If a person has used his Khatedari land for non- agricultural purposes without the prior permission of the prescribed authority, that person shall be liable to a penalty equal to 25% of the premium amount (fee), in addition to the premium payable.

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