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The rule that guides the registration process of immovable properties in Goa is the Indian Registration Act of 1985. Whenever an owner wants to sell his/her immovable property, there must be a proper registration so that transferring the Khatian to the new owner will be legal and simple. Also, registration informs the public that an owner has given up the property rights to the buyer legally.

To register any property, bear in mind that you will pass through many processes. There will be the preparation of relevant documents, paying for stamp duty and taking care of every registration charge so that the sub-registrar’s office will register the conveyance deed. However, in Goa, the Revenue Department must handle every property registration and transfer.

Let’s consider some of the reasons for property registration and the procedure for registering properties in Goa.


Reasons for Property Registration

There are many reasons for property registration. Here they are:

  • Once you register your property in the Sub-Registrar office, the transfer document becomes a permanent record.
  • Property registration serves as a public notice of transfer from the owner to the buyer. With such registration, the general public will become informed that the property now has a new owner.
  • Registering a property serves as a reference for buyers who may wish to verify the rightful owner of the property before buying. Once they visit the sub-registrar’s office, they can check the record index to be sure of the ownership.

Document Requirements

To get the approval of the registration bodies, you must provide every necessary document such as:

  • Deed Registration certificate or Dalil
  • A photograph of your property in a digital format.
  • A document proving ownership of the land, e.g. Khatian
  • Stamp duty payment receipt
  • Proof of identity of two witnesses
  • The personal identity card of the applicant
  • A structural map of the property
  • A document showing the power of attorney


The Steps for Application

The first step you should take is to visit the Sub-Registrar’s office and register the transaction document for the land.

After registering the document, make sure you get the document proving that you have registered the land. A popular name for this document is “Dalil” meaning the Sale Deed or Gift Deed Registration. Afterwards, visit the Tehsil Office to apply for the Mutation Application Form, No. 21 of the TRLR ACT.

When you have gotten the application form 21, the tax officer who is generally called Tehsildar will acknowledge that you have brought the document. The officer will make a counter-foil, fill it, write the date and sign. Afterwards, he will add the details to his Mutation register.

When this step is completed, all the landholders will get a notice of the fixed hearing date. If peradventure, the Tehsil office receives an objection before this date fixed for the hearing, they will record such objection in the disputed mutation case register, (Form 22 of TRLR ACT). If the object is acknowledged, it will come in Form 23 of TRLR ACT.

The next authority to test the entries in the Mutation is the Circle Officer. Once he does, he will mandate the Tehsil Office to go for field enquiry which must come before the hearing date. Every field enquiry will be handled by an Amin.

After the fixed hearing, the applicant will be mandated to provide Form B which is for getting the record of right or Khatian as it is popularly called. Also, the office of the Tehsil will prepare the Badar Register, Touzi mil Register, Jama Bandi Register and afterwards, they will send the records of the case over to the DCM’s Office. When the documents get to the office of the DCM, they will take their time to verify the authenticity of all the submitted documents. If everything is correct and legit, DCM will pass the Mutation order over Form B.

When the applicant gets to the handing over of the Record of Rights or Khatian, he/she will pay some charges. Every page of the Khatian will be billed at Rs 15. He/she will also pay Rs 4/ for every extra page of the Khatian in question. After making the payments, the applicant will get a receipt showing that he/she has cleared the charges.


There are many benefits of registering an immovable property in Goa. Apart from acquiring the Khatian to show that you have rights over such a property, it will also help you to sell your asset when the need arises. Also, with your Khatian, you can also protect your property and ward off predators who may want to lay illegal claims over it.

The best part is that the requirements and procedure of property registration in Goa is very simple and easy.

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