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Process of GST migration for Haryana VAT dealers | Company Vakil

Can dealers from Haryana (HVAT) migrate to GST?

All the dealers in Haryana who were dealing in Central Excise and service tax i.e. HVAT now can migrate to GST. The time limit for the dealers in Haryana (HVAT) had commenced from 16th December, 2016 and had ended on 31st December, 2016.

Eligibility criterion for such migration

The individuals who are eligibile for migration are all the tax payers who have been already registered under the HVAT Act,2003 whose permanent account number has been validated with the Central Board of Direct Taxes. Any person who was not registered under the said act and has not verified their PAN with the Cenral Board authorities of Direct Taxes will not be eligible for GST migration.

Migration Procedure for HVAT dealers

Following are the steps regarding the procedure for HVAT dealers to migrate and the steps in the process in detail for a better understanding of how it is done. The GST migration process for VAT dealers in Haryana (HVAT)will be similar to migration procedure for any other dealer in the country. The first step of the process of migration will be procurement of provisional IDs, after that the second step of the process of migration covers the final online GST registration through filling in all the required information.

Provisional ID-

The first step in the process of migration of HVAT dealers is to acquire the provisional ID of Haryana before actually initiating any registration proceedings of migration.

The VAT dealer of Haryana who are registering for the migration process, will have to log into the official Haryana Commercial Tax Department portal . The login credentials of that portal will be the VAT TIN as identification (ID) and any other credentials like date of birth and such will be mentioned. After this  information is processed, the follow-up will be a pop-up window showing the complete details of goods and service tax network (GSTN) provisional identification along with an auto-generated temporary password, which can be used in the initial stage for log in purposes and can be changed in the future.

Final registration

Conversion of Provisional ID into a GST username password- The second step in the migration process for a VAT dealer of Haryana will involve converting the provisional ID’s to goods and service tax (GST) user ID and password.

For this next step of migration for the GST registration process, the VAT dealer of Haryana will have to open a website for GST Registration and further on that link click on New User option. After the New User button has been clicked, a new page will follow with will ask the user to enter which in this case is a VAT dealer of Haryana the login ID and password. After this step once the id and password input is completed, contact details of the VAT dealer will be required including:

  • Mobile number
  • Email address

On successful entry of both mobile number and email address on the website, a one-time password (OTP) will be sent to the particular mobile number that has been entered on the website. Use that OTP and enter it in the OTP box respectively, then the dealer can proceed with the new user identification name and password for the goods and service tax network (GSTN).

Other requirements-

The final step in the process of migration of a VAT dealer of Haryana (HVAT) is more in preparation where the entire document should be kept ready before filling out the GST form for easier and quicker registration.

As mentioned earlier, there are few other requirements needed during the time of migration registration process.

  • The VAT dealer of Haryana applying for migration process is required to have a functional PAN (Permanent account number) card.
  • Full name and residential address proof.
  • Passport number and a government-issued Aadhar card.
  • Other essential mentions are the authorized signatures, partner or proprietors names or the Karta if HUF or directors and partners of LLP.
  • The VAT dealer of Haryana (HVAT) should also keep ready the bank account details such as IFSC code and bank’s complete address and location details.
  • After these banks and personal proof, documents are arranged systematically and ready, they should be converted to soft copies in the form of JPEG or pdf files done through scanning or high pixels photograph. Usually according to GSTN guidelines, the files and images should be of 100 kb as the maximum, hence, one can arrange it accordingly. It is important to have it ready for a less difficult registration process of migration.
  • On the registration portals, the details in every page must be filled in carefully. Should there be any fault in the form filling, a code error will be shown and in the same way on the website, if the details are filled correctly, a right tick mark will be shown on the top of the page.
  • Another essential document, which should be kept ready, is the DSC (digital signature certificate) of the applicant. Before using it as a document proof, the DSC used in the registration process should be registered and verified since, after the complete process of migration registration is completed, an e-signature will be used as an evidence for the same.

The steps written above are the complete registration process done for the GST migration of Haryana VAT dealers(HVAT) whose deadline was from sixteen December 2016 to thirty-one December 2016. The new members or applicants  which are looking forward to having the GST migration processed, they can refer to these steps for an easy and fast registration.

For more information, visit Company Vakil website.

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