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Police clearance certificate | Company Vakil

Police Clearance Certificate (Kerala)

Police Clearance Certificate is an essential archive which fills in as a proof that the individual has no criminal record or recently engaged with criminal activity, rupture of trust cases or infringement of law both in his nation of origin and amid his living arrangement. System for acquiring online Police Clearance Certificate varies from state to state. Through this article, we will take a deep look at the system for acquiring Police Clearance Certificate for police verification in Kerala.

Police Clearance Certificate Requirement

Police Clearance Certificate is for the most part utilized for the accompanying purposes:-

To take part in business abroad.

Getting section visas for specific nations.

Movement to different nations.

Manager’s Request.

Joining a Foreign University.

Filling in as Tourist Guide

Police Clearance Certificates for police verification (PCC) in Kerala

The Police Department of Kerala issues Police Clearance Certificates (PCC) ordinarily to the accompanying three classes of candidates.

Coordinate Application in Kerala.

Application from outside Kerala yet in India.

Application from abroad

The charge for a Police Clearance Certificate is Rs. 500.

Archives Required for Police Clearance Certificate

Verification of Address: Attested duplicate of any of the accompanying:

Duplicate of Ration Card

Voters ID


International ID

Aadhaar Card

Duplicate of Bank account Pass Book

Verification of Identity: Attested duplicate of any of these records:

Personality card issued by the State Govt. or on the other hand,Central Govt. Organization.


Aadhaar Card

Voters ID

Driving License

Duplicate of letter/report demonstrating the prerequisite for Police Clearance Certificate and passport sized colored photos (3 Nos.)

Kerala Police Clearance Certificate Application

Stage 1: Submit the Application alongside all reports recorded above to the Police station for police verification.

Points to remember: A Police Clearance Certificate application can be presented by the applicant or somebody who is approved.

Stage 2: The expense can be paid in money form at the Police Station or at the DPO, wherever required. The candidate can make online installment through e-Treasury entry or do treasury money settlement to the fitting Head of Account.

Stage 3: After confirmation, the Police Clearance Certificate will be issued by the DPC.

Police Clearance Certificate for UAE Visa

The application for the UAE visas for business will be submitted at the particular Police verification Stations and for different classifications at the workplaces of the individual District Police Chiefs.

The SHO (Station House Officer) will lead confirmation expeditiously to demonstrate the character, the location, and check the inclusion in wrongdoing cases. Ultimately, the SHO will issue Police Clearance Certificate for the specific period under his mark/signature and seal inside 3 days of receipt of the application.

Police Clearance Certificate can be marked/signature just by the Inspector SHO or SHO, who ought to be an officer holding substantive rank of Sub Inspector.

Police Clearance Certificate Request from Abroad

Candidates who are currently living abroad or outside Kerala who require a PCC can apply online by downloading the application form from the Kerala Police verification Website (

Send the finished form through email to the related SHO alongside the attested duplicates of the archives as made reference above and approval for a relative or other individual to get the PCC.

The application can be created before the SHO/DPC through an approved individual/body too.

The SHO/DPC after the confirmation procedure, will issue PCC and hand it over specifically to the individual approved to get the PCC for his/her benefit after checking of the personality of that individual.

On the off chance that the candidate wishes to get the PCC by electronic means, the PCC properly marked by the SHO/DPC will be checked as a PDF record and sent to the candidate in the email, determined by him from the official email of the SHO/DPC.

Police Clearance Certificate for Criminal Cases

When it is discovered that the candidate is associated with a criminal case (other than strict offenses like traffic offense and so on.) inside the Police Station or in the District/City ward or somewhere else, a Police Clearance Certificate can’t be issued.

In such cases, an answer would be issued to the candidate by the SHO/DPC informing that the PCC can’t be issued because of his/her contribution in the criminal case/cases.

The important elements made reference to in this letter are:

Wrongdoing Number

Areas of Offense

Date of Occurrence

Present stage (Under Investigation/Under Trial/Convicted)

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