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A police clearance certificate is a very relevant document that serves as a proof that the person has been found to have no criminal record or was not involved previously in any criminal activity, breach of trust or violation of laws both in his residence or home country. The different methods of obtaining police clearance methods vary from state to state. In this article, we are looking at the procedure for obtaining a PPC in Kerala.

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This certificate is mainly used for the following purpose;

  • To work as a tourist guide.
  • To obtain entry visa into certain countries.
  • For Employer’s request.
  • To engage in business outside the country.
  • Migration into other countries
  • Education in other foreign countries.


The police department of Kerala issues the clearance certificates to three essential categories of applicants;

  1. Direct application in Kerala
  2. Application from people outside Kerala but resides in India
  3. Application from abroad.

There is a fee attached to the police clearance certificate, and the fee is Rs.500.


Several documents are needed for the police certificates, and they include the following;

  • Voters ID
  • SSLC Book
  • Copy of ration card
  • Passport Photograph
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Copy of Bank account passbook

Proof of identity: Attested copy of any of these documents:

  • Identity card must be issued by the State Government or by the central government institution.
  • Passport
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Voters ID
  • Driving licence

Copy of document that shows the requirement for the police clearance certificate and the passport size colour photographs in which three is required.


Step 1:

The application form must be submitted along with all the required documents listed above.

Step 2:

The fee can be paid in cash at the police station or the DPO wherever it is required. The applicant can also make payments online either through the e-Treasury portal or do treasury cash remittance to the head of the account.

Step 3:

The DPC will issue the clearance certificate after verification.


The application for UAE visa for employment purposes must be submitted at the respective police station and for other categories at the offices of the respective District chiefs.

Station House Officer will conduct verification promptly to prove the address, the identity and also to check involvement in criminal cases. The SHO will issue certificate during the period relevant under his signature and seal it within three days of receipt of the application.

The certificates will be signed only by the inspector SHO.


Applicant that resides abroad or lives outside Keralan and needs the certificates must apply online by downloading the form from the Kerala police website (, once the form is completed, send the form by mail to the concerned SHO along with the attested copies of the documents as mentioned and authorization for a relative or other person to receive the certificates.

The application can be produced before the SHO through authorized personnel/body; the SHO/DPC after a thorough verification process will issue the certificates and hand it over directly to the authorized person directed by the applicant to receive the PCC on his/her behalf. If the applicant also wishes to receive the PCC by electronic means, the certificates must be duly signed by the SHO/DPC will be scanned as a PDF document, mailed to the applicant using the official email of the SHO/DPC.


Once the applicants have been found to be involved in criminal cases (other than strict liability offences like traffic offences etc.) within the police or in the District/city or elsewhere, a police clearance certificate will not be issued to such individual. In such cases, a reply will be forwarded to the applicants by the SHO/DPC informing him/her that the PCC cannot be issued due to the involvement in criminal cases.

The details of this letter are mentioned below;

  • Crime Number
  • Section of offence
  • The date of occurrence
  • Present stage either under investigation, under trial, or convicted.

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