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PF Withdrawal (Application and Documents Required ) | Company Vakil

Representatives’ Provident Fund is a standardized savings and investment funds plot for workers in India. Bosses having in excess of 20 workers are required to acquire PF enrollment and consent to ePFo home commitment prerequisites. Workers who have added to PF can pull back cash in their PF due to various different reasons by applying on the Unified Portal. Through this article, we will take a deep look at the application and archives required for ePFo home withdrawal.

Withdrawal Reasons of PF

Workers can apply for a development or withdrawal or settlement of the sum in a ePFo home account. The explanation behind applying for a development or withdrawal of PF can be any of the accompanying:

  • Settlement of PF
  • Pension Withdrawal Benefits (just if the administration is less than 10 years)
  • PF Member Withdrawal
  • Settlement of PF
  • PF settlement application can be made by a worker for any of the accompanying reasons:
  • Sickness of member
  • Constriction/Discontinuation of the business
  • Other reason outside the ability to control the factors.
  • Marriage (for female applicant)
  • Shifting to abroad
  • Full PF Withdrawal

The sum in an EPFO home record can be pulled back totally or incompletely. Coming up next are conditions when full EPF withdrawal is permitted:

EPFo home sum can be pulled back totally at the season of retirement of a representative from business.

EPFo home sum is permitted to be pulled back totally when the individual stays jobless for a time of 2 months or more. With the end goal to claim EPFo home sum totally based on joblessness, the verification of joblessness is required to be ensured by the gazetted officer.

Partial PF Withdrawal

Partial withdrawal of EPF sum is permitted just in specific situations and after satisfaction of particular conditions. The situation and the conditions are abridged below:


By virtue of the marriage of individual or son or girl of individual or kin of an individual, half of a lot of EPF withdrawal is permitted just if the individual has finished somewhere around 7 years of administration.

Instruction and Education

In the event of training of individual himself or for the education of his kids, half of a lot of EPF withdrawal is permitted. Further, the withdrawal is permitted just if the individual has finished no less than 7 years of administration and withdrawal is permitted just for post matriculation instructive costs.

Buy of Land or Construction of House

EPF withdrawal is took into consideration the buy of land or buy/development of a house based on following conditions or limitation:

At 5 years of administration period ought to be finished.

House/home that wanted to be bought/developed ought to be for the sake of the worker or on the name of his/her life partner or together for the sake of representation.

In the event of procurement of land, the most extreme permissible sum is 24 times of monthly wages.

In the event of procurement/development of a house, the most extreme admissible sum is 36 times of monthly wages.

The property ought to be free from any debate and the equivalent ought to be appropriately enrolled and verification of such enlistment must be submitted.

Existing Home Loan Remittance

Restricted EPF withdrawal is permitted in the event that the equivalent is required for reimbursement of existing home loan on satisfaction of following conditions:

The worker has finished 10 years of his administration period.

Withdrawal for home advance reimbursement is considered just a single time in his lifetime.

In the event that the worker has been permitted the withdrawal of EPFo home for the purchasing purpose of land/development of a house, at that point, in such situation, he won’t be permitted EPF withdrawal for home loan reimbursement. In straightforward words, the worker can either pull back for procurement/development of land/house or can pull back for reimbursement of home advance so withdrawal under both the case isn’t permitted.

The property ought to be for the sake of the representative or for the sake of his/her life partner or together or in the name of worker and companion.

Maximum passable withdrawal is 36 times monthly wages of the worker.

House paperwork, endorse letter of home loan and other significant archives as requested by the workplace of Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is required to be submitted as evidence.

Withdrawal is permitted both from worker and manager’s commitment.

Remodel of House

A worker can be permitted withdrawal of EPF with the end goal of redesign, fixing or change of the house just if following conditions are fulfilled:

The administration time of least 10 years ought to have been finished by the worker.

The worker can pull back EPF for redesign, fix or change of a house for just a single time in his lifetime.

The property ought to be for the sake of the representative, or for the sake of companion or together for the sake of the worker and mate.

The house for which remodeling is required, ought to be something like 5 years of age from the date of its starting period of the construction.

The most extreme permissible withdrawal is 12 times of monthly wages of the representative.

The withdrawal is permitted just from representative’s very own commitment.

Preceding Retirement

The retirement age according to EPF rules is 58 years and subsequently the EPF withdrawal up to 90 % of gathered sum alongside interest amount is permitted if there should be an occurrence of earlier retirement withdrawal at 57 years of age. In straightforward terms, when the worker accomplish the age of 57 years, he is qualified to pull back 90% of his EPF commitment. Use the epfo app.

Therapeutic Treatment

EPF withdrawal is passable to the worker if there should arise an occurrence of therapeutic treatment. The condition for withdrawal if there should be an occurrence of medicinal treatment is exceptionally liberal and the said conditions are described down:

Medicinal treatment if there should arise an occurrence of the worker himself, life partner, guardians and his children.

Withdrawal is permitted if there should arise an occurrence of hospitalization for any purpose for more than a month.

Withdrawal is additionally permitted in the event of major medical activity.

In case one is suffering from leprosy, mental derangement, cancer, paralysis,

TB or heart ailment and the employer has granted leave for such treatment.

TB or heart disease for which the business has allowed leave for such treatment.

The withdrawal is permitted at anytime and there is no necessity for finishing of a particular long stretches of the administration.

Withdrawal is permitted up to a half year wages of the worker.

PF Withdrawal Documents Required

To start PF withdrawal, the representative must present the PF withdrawal application at the concerned EPFO home office. Alongside the PF withdrawal application, the worker should likewise present the accompanying supporting records:

PF withdrawal for lodging advance or buy of site/house/level or for development or Addition modification in existing house or reimbursement of lodging loans.

New Declaration Form/Utilization Certificate is required.

Closing down or conclusion of the industrial facility

No record is required.

Sickness of member/family.

Declaration of doctor specialist and Certificate by the business that ESIC office isn’t accessible to the member.

Marriage of self/child/sister/brother

Marriage Card is required.

Buy of gear by physically incapacitated.

A restorative declaration is required.

Interest in Varistha Pension Bima Yojana

90% of aggregate PF parity can be exchanged to LIC.

PF Withdrawal Form 11 (Employees Having UAN connected to Aadhaar)

PF Withdrawal Form 11 is relevant for workers having UAN whose subtle elements like Aadhaar, Bank Account and PAN has been refreshed on the Unified Portal. Representatives submitting PF Claim Form 11 can present this form straightforwardly to the concerned EPFO office specifically without the confirmation of claim form by the business.

PF Claim Form 19 (Employees Not Having a UAN)

PF Withdrawal Form 19 is appropriate just for representatives not having a UAN. The EPFO has issued UAN for all representatives who have made a PF commitment after 2014. If there should be an occurrence of a representative who has made PF commitment just before 2014, he/she can approach the closest EPFO office for issue of UAN. PF Claim Form 19 can likewise be recorded without a UAN by making reference to just the PF Account Number. Be that then to document PF Withdrawal Form 19, the business’ verification would be required.

PF Withdrawal Status

Subsequent to presenting the PF withdrawal application online on the Unified Portal or at the concerned EPFO office, the worker can check PF claim status on the EPFO site or UMANG application or through missed call office. The technique for checking PF claim status can be looked at here:

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