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Nilgiri franchise | Company Vakil

Nilgiris franchise

Nilagiri is the oldest meaning  supermarket chain in south India.

Nilgiri supermarket chains has  its origins dating back to 1905 and hence its products are sold under the brand name of “Nilgiri 1905”.

It also has a store brand, and produces dairy, baked goods, chocolates, and other products under the same name.

Its pioneer efforts assisted in delivering unmatched value in terms of range and shopping experience to the customer by offering a wide range of general merchandise, grocery, and personal care products.

Why nilgiri franchise?

Bakery merchandises has emerged as the dominant segment, and have contributed to the higher market share of the sector in recent years.

Cakes, bread, and biscuits are some of the  highly consume products across the India.

Nilgiris is known for its fresh bakes, bread, dairy and food comes with a wholesome goodness for over the past 100 years.

  • It has more than 170 franchised stores across the southern states of India.
  •  an iconic brand that enjoys wide household recall in the southern states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala.
  • providing customers with a shopping experience that connects around freshness of produce, superior quality and better value.
  • evolved of being a dairy farm specialising in butter to a supermarket chain of over 90 stores spread over India’s southern states.

products of nilgiri

Nilgiris offers products in three categories such as :-

Bakery, Dairy, and Rice and Grocery. It includes a wide range of items as mentioned below:

Bakery: Bread, Buns, Bar Cakes, Cookies, Cakes, Sweet Treat, Chocolates, Dry Cake.

Dairy: Cheese, Flavoured Yogurt, Milk, Paneer, Butter, Butter Milk, Cream.

Rice and Grocery: Atta, Millets, Dals, Dried Fruits, Spices, Rice, Edible oil, and Salt.

Process and requirement for nilgiri franchise :-

location and area:-

Nilgiris  require a prime location in high streets, preferable corner locations and other location with adequate visibility.

To include all these facilities, the space required should have a minimum area of  2000 square feet.

Cost and investment for franchise :-

Apart from the variation in land cost,

the investment amount required to start a franchise will be from INR 20 lakhs – 25 lakhs.

Return on investment:-

Return on Investment (ROI) is a type of performance measure to provide the amount of return on an investment,

which can be expected up to 20% on sales or services.

Bussiness partners of nilgiri:-

Nilgiris looks for business partners with sincere commitment or highly motivated organisations to ensure consistent customer’s needs.

Explanation location :-

The franchise is limited to the specific states for the selling of the franchisor’s services such as Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka.

Support for franchise

The following services and training are provided by Nilgiris to the franchise

  • It will provide support in site selection and for setting up the design and construction of the store.
  • Complete operation manuals for franchisees.
  • Franchisee training location is Head Office.
  • Field assistance will be given to the franchisee
  • Expert guidance from Head Office will support  the franchisee while opening the franchise store.
  • Advertising pamphlets would provide to the franchisee with the push and grow off the business quickly.
  • Current IT systems including Software/Hardware support will be incorporate into the franchise.

Agreements and term details :-

Once the entrepreneur applies to become Nilgiris  Franchise,

Nilgiri support team will contact them to understand their needs and evaluate the needs and the location (if existing).

The team will share detailed business information after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Exclusive territorial rights to a unit franchise will be given and the payback period of capital for a unit franchise is three years.

How to apply for franchise?

To apply for nilgiri franchise Follow the steps  for the enquiry as mentioned below:-

Click on the link given below :-


Then click on the franchise enquiry option on the home page.

Nilgiri  franchise enquiry application form will appear on the page.

Fill the form with details.

And submit the form

Contact niLgiri

The Nilgiris Dairy Farm Private Limited,

Knowledge House,

Shyam Nagar,

Off Jogeshwari Vikhroli Road,

Jogeshwari East,

Mumbai 400-060

Phone:  1800 210 0060









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