Marriage Registration in Rajasthan

In the state of Rajasthan marriages ceremonies are Governed by two marriage acts that are required for a marriage certificate.

• 1. The 1954 Special Marriage Act
• 2. The 1955 Hindu Marriage Act.

There is also two ways to register a marriage in Rajasthan:

• 1. An online registration.
• 2. Through a registration office.

A marriage certificate is issued once a marriage is registered. Here we will take an in-depth look at the Rajasthan processes related to registering a marriage as well as other details pertaining to a marriage certificate.

The 1954 Special Marriage Act

In Rajasthan there are certain terms and conditions that must be met for a special marriage to be registered.

• 1. Relevant Registers: In Rajasthan the authorized marriage authorities are the Registrar’s Office in the residence of the bridegroom or the residence of the bride or at the Solemnization location, for registration.

• 2. Adequate Notice: In special marriage circumstances part of the requirement package is to complete an official intention to marry document thirty (30) days before the actual marriage date. After this period the marriage will be registered as long as there are no objections.

• 3. Solemnization: For the solemnization of a wedding the bridegroom must be twenty-one (21) years old and the bride must be eighteen (18) years old.

The 1955 Hindu Marriage Act

The bride and groom must satisfy certain conditions, for a marriage certificate, as per the rules of the 1955 Hindu Marriage Act. They are:

• 1. Hindus: The bride and groom must both be Hindus.

• 2. Hindu Customs: The marriage must be conducted with the official Hindu customs.

• 3. Registration Jurisdiction: For registering a wedding in Rajasthan the official registration locations are as follows:

3.1 Solemnization place.
3.2 Residence of the groom.
3.3. Residence of the bride

Required Documentation

For a Rajasthan official marriage certificate a number of backup documents are required. These are:

• 1. Address Verification: The official proof of address documents are: Ration Card, Passport, Driving Licence, PAN Card, Adhaar Card, and Voter ID.

• 2. Age Verification: Official proof for both the groom and the bride.

• 3. Affidavit: Signed by the correct authorities.

• 4. Application Forms: The completed application from with all the relevant signatures.

• 5. Photograph Sets: Photographs of the bride and groom including a joint photograph.

eMitra Registration Forms/ Marriage Certificate Form

The steps to apply for a marriage certificate through eMitra are detailed in this procedural step by step process

• Step 1. Application Form: Complete all the mandatory marriage certificate details on the application form, sign, and attach photographs of the bride and groom.


• Step 2. Affidavit: Provide the Affidavit.


• Step 3. Application Submission: The bride and the groom are required to visit the location where the eMitra centre is located and submit all the mandatory documents. This will include the marriage application, the affidavit, and all the other required documents to the officer at the centre.

• Step 4. Application Receipt: The service centre officer will provide an application receipt with a unique number. The marriage certificate can be collected from Registrar’s office when the application has been approved by the Registrar.

 Marriage Certificate Online Registration

To make an online application for a Rajasthan marriage certificate follow the steps detailed below:

Step 1. Webpage: Go to the official webpage of the Rajasthan Civil Registration System.

Image 1 Rajasthan Marriage Registration Process

Step 2: Amenjan,  e panjiyan, Application: Click on the Amenjan, epanjiyan, section from the homepage and complete the registration application form option.

Step 3: Marriage Option: This will direct you to a new application page where the marriage option form needs to be selected.

Image 2 Rajasthan Marriage Registration Process

Step 4: New Application: Click on the new application and insert the code that you will be directed to. Enter and select the go button.

Image 3 Rajasthan Marriage Registration Process

Step 5: Marriage Details: All the marriage details need to be entered here such as the bride and groom’s age and the wedding date etc.

Image 4 Rajasthan Marriage Registration Process

Step 6: Groom Details: Input all the relevant details relating to the groom.
• 1. Address.
• 2. Date of Birth.
• 3. Email Address.
• 4. Fathers Name.
• 5. Mobile Number.
• 6. Mothers Name.
• 7. Name.

Step 7: Bride Details: Input all the relevant details relating to the bride.
• 1. Address.
• 2. Date of Birth.
• 3. Email Address.
• 4. Fathers Name.
• 5. Mobile Number.
• 6. Mothers Name.
• 7. Name.

Image 5 Rajasthan Marriage Registration Process

Step 8: Witness Details: Enter details relating to the witnesses of the bride and groom. There needs to be two (2) witnesses, Theirs names, addresses and mobile telephone numbers are some of the details.

Step 9: Bamashah Number: Enter the Bamashah number, base number, or the applicants’ proof of ID proof of the applicants. For verification enter on the appropriate button.

Step 10: The Joint Photograph: The bride and grooms joint photograph needs to be uploaded.

Image 6 Rajasthan Marriage Registration Process

Step 11: Send an OTP: To confirm the applicants mobile telephone number send an OTP after all the details have been registered.

Step 12: Insert Code: When the verification is complete enter the insert code that that you will be promoted to and enter on the ‘Goto the Idra.

Step 13: Receipt Number: When the application process is complete a receipt registration number with will be generated. This is an important document so once it is downloaded keep it somewhere safe for when you have to refer to it.

Step 14: Marriage Certificate: When all the steps have been successfully completed the marriage certificate will be issued.

Marriage Application Status Updates

For the status of the marriage application and marriage certificate you can check as follows:

Image 7 Rajasthan Marriage Registration Process

• 1. Select Rajasthan Civil Registration System webpage.
• 2. Select the state of Rajasthan from the drop down menu.
• 3. Select District.
• 4. Select date of the marriage.
• 5. Select the name of the person on the marriage application.
• 6. Select the registration number.
• 7. Insert the code.
• 8. Select the discover button.
• 9. The application status will be revealed.
• 10. When approved download the certificate.

Image 8 Rajasthan Marriage Registration Process

Marriage Registration Certificate Download

From the Rajasthan Civil Registration System webpage download the approved marriage certificate registration:

Image 9 Rajasthan Marriage Registration Process

• 1. From the homepage select the download option which will divert you to another page.

• 2. From the menu enter the marriage option. You will need the unique application number of the mobile telephone registered with the application.

Image 10 Rajasthan Marriage Registration Process

• 3. A Captcha code will be shown. Enter this code and enter on the discover button.

• 4. The Marriage Certificate, which has been digitally signed, will appear and can be downloaded.

Benefits of a Marriage Certificate

Once you receive your Rajasthan marriage certificate you will start receiving these benefits.
Benefits of obtaining Rajasthan marriage certificate are as follows:

• 1. Passport Applications: A marriage certificate is part of the mandatory process to apply for a passport as laid down by the Takal system which includes the spouses name change for the passport.

• 2. Social and Self Confidence: A marriage certificate for a women means social security as well as an increase in self-confidence.

• 3. Marriage Proof: A marriage certificate acts as proof that a woman is married to the person who is included on the marriage certificate document.

• 4. Insurance Claims and Bank Deposits: When a person would like to claim a bank deposit, or some kind of insurance following the death a spouse, the marriage certificate is required as part of the mandatory process for the person making the claim.

If you have any questions about marriage registration and marriage certificates please contact Company Vakil.

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