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Marriage certificate for ODISHA | Company Vakil


Marriage certificate, is a legal document or official statement, that certifies that two people are married.

Civil registrar, can issue marriage certificate in Odisha..

Marriage certificate certifies details, such as the date, time and place where the marriage was solemnized.

Government decision on marriage :-

The Supreme Court has made it is mandatory to register marriage for every Indian, irrespective of their religion, caste and creed.

Under, Hindu marriage Act all married couples belong’s to Hindu, Buddhists, Jains or Sikhs, must register their marriage.

In case, not belonging from above groups, can register their marriage under, the Special Marriage Act or Christian Marriage Act.

Registration of marriage is mandatory under the Hindu marriage Act, 1955 and under the special marriage Act, 1954 in Odisha.

Benefits of Obtaining a Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificate provides a legal evidence, for a couple getting married.

This certificate also provide social security, to the bride, and valuable proof of the matrimony.

Marriage certificate, requires for obtaining or changing various other documents, like in PAN CARD, PASSPORT, VOTER CARD ADDHAR CARD, etc.

Marriage certificate, also requires in case, if, spouse is from other state or country and want to obtain a new domicile.

In case, cheated or harassed by spouse or by spouse family, you can file a case against dowry.

Marriage certificate is mandatory, for getting visa for the spouse.

Requires in claiming insurance, pension, settling real state and banking etc.

Eligibility Criteria :-

Individual who wants to register their marriage in Odisha, should fulfill the following criteria before registration :-

  • The minimum age of the bride should be :- male 21 and

:- female 18

  • Married couples living together after marrige can apply for marrige certificate.
  • At the time of registration of marriage, there should not be more than one spouse for any couple, even if you, have before you should take divorce from him/her, through court procedure.
  • Couples should live in the district for at-least one month, in the place where the registration of the marrige has been planned.


  • Form of application
  • Birth Certificate
  • Affidavits from both bride and groom
  • Residence Certificate
  • Nationality Certificate
  • Passport size photographs of both the parties

How to apply for marriage ?


  • Generally, you can apply for marrige certificate by :-

applying online,

as well as offline mode

Online Application Procedure

In case, you are applying online, follow the steps given below :-

First of all, visit the official website of Bhubaneshwar Municipal corporation (BMC), the link has been given below :-

Click the link :-

Now click on apply for marriage certificate, option you will find it under online service option found on the home page.

Then, you will be switche to online marriage certificate application form, page.

Then fill all the details required for the application process,

And then, click on the Apply button.

After submitting application form successfully, you will receive an acknowledgement reference number.

Offline Procedure

In case, you are applying for marriage certificate offline, you have to visit offline portal of Bhubaneshwar municipal corporation(BMC).

You can download application form by clicking on marriage certificate from set option on the portal.

After downloading the application, take print out and fill the application with the details by enclosing all the documents required.

Then, the form must be submitted to the designated official in the office, who will provide the applicant with an acknowledgement number.

Duration of process

After submission of form successfully, certificate will be issued with in 3 days from the day of registration.


  • In state of Odisha, the treasury challan will cost Rs. 17, in case, registered within 1 month of marriage.
  • In case, registration done after 30 days of marriage, then, the treasury challan will amount to Rs. 42/-.


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