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License for chicken and mutton shop – Plagiarized Marked with pink | Company Vakil

License for chicken and Mutton shop

There are various chicken and mutton shops in every city, but to operate the shop, you need to have license for selling the food. These shops are regulated by the Municipal Corporation Act of that state and the food adulteration Act of 1954. The timings of the shop are regulated by Shops and establishments of each state. To run these shops there is a trade license required by each shop, which is given by the state to the shops. The licensing and enforcement department of Municipal Corporation of respective states issues general trade license for shops. Health department also issues license for shops dealing with eatables and such commodities.

As per laws governing in India, any shop that gathers 10 animals per day will fall into the category of a meat shop. And any shop other than that will be called as a butcher house. To get the business running for a meat seller or any such kind of shop that sells non vegetarian food will be required to have some kind of licenses as ruled by the government. the license which shops need to get are-  trading license, health license and FSSAI license. According to the regulations of  FSSAI, all meat shops and slaughter houses are required to follow certain guidelines given by FSSAI and they are-

FSSAI guidelines

  • FSSAI registration to be done.
  • The shops need to comply with rules and regulations of the FSSAI.
  • Need to maintain animal welfare and ensure proper hygiene is maintained.
  • Only goat, sheeps, pigs, bouvine, poultry and fish are allowed to be slaughtered. Killing any other animal apart from this is considered illegal.
  • Proper animal welfare is to be maintained during transportation of animals.
  • Infrastructure is needed to be updated all the time to ensure proper maintenance and hygiene.

Documents required

  • Copy of Site plan for the shop
  • Copy of Key plan for the shop
  • A Copy of Water connection and sewer connection for the site where the animals will be slaughtered or the shops which are getting license where it will be sold
  • Copy of sanction plan for such business/ completion certificate/ structure safety certificate which shall be given by any registered architect.
  • A bond of Rs. 100 has to be made as indemnity bond
  • the shops need to get an affidavit from any lawyer of Rs. 10 stamp paper.
  • if shop is in partnership with any other person, the copy of that partnership deed has to be submitted.

Procedure to obtain for license of chicken and mutton shops 

  1. To apply for trade license an application has to be made to the concerned authority. It can be done filing of application either through internet or through Citizen’s service bureaus (CSB).
  2. when application is submitted by the individual through the internet, the documents which are asked for are to be submitted to any CSB with highlighting the distinct recognition number which was allotted while filling the application.
  3. In case the form is filled physically, you have to visit the CSB personally and get an application form, which is available for Rs. 25 and fill it and submit the required documents.
  4. You can also download the form through the website of the CSB.
  5. After the necessary documents are submitted, the operator there will feed in your details  in the computer regarding the owner and the shop. 
  6. After feeding of details, you have to pay the processing fees. When this fees is paid  there will be a G8 receipt generated and given and also a registration number will be given, which is very important and you have to keep it for future use.
  7. After this, a trade license inspector will visit the shop for further inspection. Once the inspection is done and he is satisfied with it he shall give the approval for the shop. this will be communicated via e- mail to the entrepreneur.
  8. Now till the approval is achieved, you have to again approach the CSB  with the registration number and the operator will check whether the details which are mentioned in the database are correct and and opening when the registration number is entered.
  9. If the details are present, the operator will print out the health trade license and cut G8 receipt, implying that the registration and obtaining of certificate has been successful.
  10. you will have to Pay the license fees and processing charges to the operator. The Municipal Corporation officers will sign the trade license and give it to you. The processing fees is of Amount Rs. 500 and Rs. 300 is to be paid for license fees. In case of a new license, Rs. 250 is to be paid as acceptance fees.


There are various chicken and mutton shops all across the country. These shops to function need to get license- trade license for business, health license and FSSAI license. They also need to comply with FSSAI license. To get trade license to run these shops it can be done by providing documents to the CSB with fees and obtain the license.



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