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Legal heirs’ are individuals, who by a deceased persons’ last will or by law, gain title to the deceased persons’ assets, or part of their assets, as described in the deceased persons’ last will. The relationship that existed between the deceased person and the legal heir will be stated in the official MeeSeva Portal Legal Heir Certificate The Andhra Pradesh procedures, plus other relevant details related to a Legal Heir Certificate application, are discussed in this article.

Note: Legal Heir Certificates are also referred to as Family Member Certificates in Andhra Pradesh.

Legal Heirs are normally considered to be the direct descendants of the deceased person and this excludes:

• Spouces
• Parents
• Other Relatives
• Adopted Children


Currently, there are legal rights, outside the direct descendants’ claims, if the deceased has completed a will that specifically states that the deceased person would like to leave something to a person, outside direct descendant status. The following individuals are taken into consideration, under Indian law, as legal heirs to a deceased with regards to obtaining a Legal Heir Certificate available from the MeeSeva Portal
• 1. Father of the deceased.
• 2. Mother of the deceased.
• 3. Spouse of the deceased.
• 4. Daughter of the deceased.
• 5. Son of the deceased.

Individual benefits from Legal Heir Certificates/Family Members Certificates include the following:

• Pensions.
• Insurances.
• Provident Funds Benevolent.
• Gratuities
• Other benefits related to any other schemes the deceased person has signed up for. Such as the Chief Minister Relief Fund, the Apathbandhu Scheme, Ex-Gratia Schemes, and other Government related state funds like Social Security.


Legal Heirs do have to take on a number of official tasks for a deceased person. Many of these are legal requirements where name changes need to be made in official documents that confirm the transfer of land or property and such things as filing IRS, Transfer of Patta. Also, public utilities, such as telephones and water, need to be disconnected or transferred to the new names. In the farming world, official changes to the new ownership names are important just in case there are any kinds of problems that need to be addressed some-when in the future. The new owners also need to make sure their names are recorded in the Land Owners Records of Rights which is a mandatory step that has to be taken. One important fact to note, during the transfer of the property ownership process, is that the Legal Heir Certificate does not have full power until all related procedures have been completed. So if there are any kind of financial or legal open issues related to the property these need to be resolved. In circumstances where a resolution is not found the MeeSeva Portal Legal Heir Certificate will be deemed invalid and replaced with a Succession Certificate.


Should circumstances mean that a Succession Certificate is required then it is important to note that, this certificate and the MeeSeva Portal Legal Heir Certificate, are completely dissimilar to each other. The Tehsildar, in relevant districts, are responsible for issuing the Legal Heir Certificate to the identified heirs of the deceased person. Civil courts are responsible for issuing Succession Certificates to the recognised deceased persons’ legal heirs. For the Legal Heir Certificate, anybody mentioned in this document can make an application for the certificate. Whilst for the Succession Certificate the legal heir is the only person with the right to apply.

For a Legal Heir Certificate, from the MeeSeva Portal, if there is uncertainty, which means there are no nominees or no trace of a valid will, then it is impossible for this certificate to be considered, for any transfers of any assets, as the final document for the deceased person. The Succession Certificate is crystal clear with its identification of the legal heir.

Note: For more details about Succession Certificates look here.


Confirmed in Legal Heir Certificates are the following:

• 1. Relationships: The relationship between the deceased person with the legal heir.
• 2. Full Name: Full name of the legal heir.
• 3. Age: The age of the legal heir.
• 4. Marital Status: The marital status of all surviving family members.


When making an application for an Andhra Pradesh Legal Heir Certificate, MeeSeva Portal generated, the following documents are required and must be submitted with the correctly completed application form when applications are made offline. Scanned copies of the same documents are required when an application is made online.

1. Death Certificate: The death certificate of the deceased person.
2. Death Certificate: The death certificate of the deceased direct legal heir (if required)
3. FIR: The FIR document is required in circumstances where the deceased person death is classified as unnatural.
4. Notarized Affidavit: The notarized affidavit must include the name, age, and relationship with the deceased.
5. Proof of Residence: Proof of residence must be shown that includes a Passport or True Copy of Election Card
6. Relationship Document: This relationship documents could be a Ration Card, Voter ID Card, Passport, Passbook, Aadhar Cards, etc. The document must show the legal heir’s relationship with the deceased.


Service Fee: The Andhra Pradesh service fee to process a MeeSeva Portal Legal Heir Certificate application is Rs. thirty-five (35).
Processing Time: The application has to be made in person at the applicable Tehsildar office and it is their responsibility to complete their procedure in the determined time limit. This determined time limit is thirty (30) days from the completed application submission date.


The Legal Heir Certificate is valid for the lifetime of the beneficiary.


All concerned parties who are required to make an offline application for a Legal Heir Certificate, MeeSeva Portal linked, are required to visit their nearest Tehsildar office in their district. The application form that needs to be completed is available at this office or the form can be downloaded online.

Upon completion of the application form, the applicant has to submit the form with all the required mandatory back up documents. When the appropriate fee is paid the applicant will receive a unique receipt which needs to be presented when the applicants’ certificate is ready to collect.
The Tehsildar office has been recognized as the capable Government authority to complete the application process for all MeeSeva Portal Legal Heir Certificates. They will delegate to relevant staff for all required levels of enquiries.
The completed Legal Heir application documents will be collected by the Village Revenue Officer, from the Tehsildar office, and after all enquires have been completed Tehsildar will make the decision as to whether the application can be approved or rejected.


With the assistance of MeeSeva’s Portal online development the Andhra Pradesh Government has developed a system where Legal Heir Certificates can be requested online by the MeeSeva Portal. This method of application can be actioned at the applicants’ own workstation or at MeeSeva locations. At these locations, MeeSeva has trained staff who can assist with the application process.

To apply online follow the steps below:

• Step 1. Official Website: To make the Legal Heir Certificate online application go to the MeeSeva Portal official website

• Step 2. MeeSeva Online Portal: Enter the MeeSeva Portal online as shown below in the picture with the red arrow. This will direct you to the next appropriate page.


MeeSeva Portal Online for a new user registration.

Step 3. New User Registration Number: Find the New User Registration window and click on the link.

MeeSeva Portal New User Registration

Step 4. Login to Profile: Once you have logged in enter all your personal details to create your profile and submit

MeeSeva Portal New User Registration Form

Step 5. Password Generation: Once you have completed and entered all your personal details your one-time password will be automatically generated and sent to the mobile phone number of the registered applicant.

Step 6. Enter the Password: Enter and confirm the password with the appropriate button.

Step 7. Account Activation: Once step 6 is completed an email confirmation will be sent to the registered applicants’ e-mail address. Go to this email and click on the link to activate your account.

For Applicants who are already users and have activated their accounts.

• Step 8. Log Straight In: From the MeeSeva Portal you can log in with your unique password.

Step 9. Application Process. Click on the Family Membership Certificate link.

Andhra Pradesh Family Membership Certificate Service

• Step 10. Enter Requested Details: Enter the following details that are relevant to your MeeSeva account:

10.1. Applicant Details.
10.2. Deceased Details.
10.3. Family Member Details.
10.4 Address Details.

Andhra Pradesh Family Membership Certificate Application Form

Step 11. Scanned Documents: In the correct format scan all the documents that back up the Legal Heir Certificate Application.

Step 12. The fee to be paid: Pay the relevant fee.


To check the status of an application you can use your unique application ID number. Enter this number and then click on go. Should the application process be complete, and the application is approved, you can download the document which is digitally signed. You can then print the document and use it whenever you need to.

Andhra Pradesh Legal Heir Certificate – Application Status


Verification is possible by entering the applicants’ unique application number and entering.

Andhra Pradesh Legal Heir Certificate – Check Certificate.

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