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KYC verification for Directors of Companies | Company Vakil

The ministry of corporate affairs has recently made it a mandate to get KYC (know your customer) verification done by all the directors under company registration. The directors of the companies can get it done by filling a DIR-3-e-KYC form available on Ministry of corporate affair’s website. After company registration of any type, the director needs to now get KYC verification of directors. Mobile number and e-mail address of the person is to be given and there will be an OTP send to that for verification.

DIR-3 e-KYC is to be filled online by all the directors. The latest update by the Ministry of Corporate affairs is that, the last date of due filing of DIR-3 KYC has been extended to 15th of September 2018 from 31st August 2018. And after that there will be a penalty of Rs. 5000 post 15th September 2018.

There are basically three verification related to this. The first one is company registration and then that the directors are needed to give their unique personal mobile number and e-mail address where the one time password will be sent and they need to verify that. The second is that of digital signature of the directors has to be submitted. The third and the last is that the e-form should be certified by the Chartered Accountant or company secretary or management accountant.

Apart from these three things there are various other documents too which are require for e-KYC are-

  1. Details and proof of nationality, gender, date of birth.
  2. PAN card
  3. Voter’s Id
  4. Passport (foreign national/ NRI)
  5. Driving license
  6. Aadhar card
  7. Mobile number
  8. E mail address
  9. Residential address.

There is as such no fee for verification by KYC, however after the due date of filling and verifying DIR-3, late fee of Rs. 5000 is applicable.

Step by step guide for filling of DIR-3 e-KYC form.

  1. Download the form from the website of Ministry of corporate affairs.
  2. Provide DIN details- that are Director Identification number which was generated during registration of the company.
  3. Enter the details like-
  • Name and credentials- full name, father’s name, and no abbreviations are to be used, and it should match with the identity proof given
  • Nationality- for foreign national proof of identity to be submitted is passport
  • Declaration of age- that is date of birth to be given
  • Verification of PAN- PAN card is an essential document, and it shall be verified. For those who are not Indian nationals, shall fill the details of DSC as mentioned earlier for the verification of e-KYC.
  • Address- address proof to be given
  • Update contact information for the verification.
  • All the documents are to be digitally signed by the applicant.
  1. e-form certification- make sure that the e-form is digitally signed and certified by the Chartered accountant or company secretary or cost accountant currently practicing.
  2. After the submission of the form, DIR-3 KYC, a SRN will be generated, this will be used for further correspondence by the Ministry of corporate affairs.

LLP service provided by Company Vakil

A Limited Liability Partnership– company registration, popularly known as LLP has been introduced in India by way of Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008- company registration. It combines the advantages of both, a company as well as a partnership into a single form of organization. A LLP is easy to establish and its registration process is quite flexible as such procedure does not impose detailed legal and procedural requirements. Also the process of registration of a LLP is quick as compared to that of a Company. Process involved in this is- Acquire DIN, DSC, register this with LLP, check name availability, download LLP forms, file electronically, check status and collect receipt of certificate.

There are various requirements and procedure involved in getting a company registration type of LLP registered which are mentioned by ministry of corporate affairs. So to assist with the procedure Company Vakil is India`s one stop tech legal registration platform aimed on making legal registrations efficient and affordable to end user, i.e. individuals, entrepreneurs or business owners. All the process will be taken care the Company Vakil of e-KYC.  At company vakil all your queries are handled by experts at every stage, and all our associates and professionals make sure you are provided with all the information required at every stage. Yet if you are not satisfied with the service provided we shall refund you the money. Company Vakil give upmost importance to customer’s satisfaction that said we have a customer redressal team setup that outranks every other legal portal in the country.



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