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Income Tax Payment | Company Vakil

Challan 280

As all of us aware that manual payments are getting obsolete in the digital period and specific sorts of citizens are currently required to pay income tax payment through online modes only. In any case, you can even now dispatch offline tax payments through banks with Challan 280. In this article, we take a gander at the strategy for utilizing Challan 280 to settle income tax payment in India.

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Download Challan 280

Types of income tax payments that can be made using Challan 280:

  • Advance expense
  • Self-appraisal charge
  • Additional charge
  • Normal evaluation tax
  • Tax on distributed profits or disseminated income

 download Challan 280

Income Tax Payment utilizing Challan 280

In spite of the fact that web perception in India is developing significantly consistently. However, some places in India still need availability, particularly the rustic regions. Thus, the Government has proceeded with the offline method of payment after taking all of the circumstances into the considerations for online income tax payments in future. Anyways, the offline mode for income tax payment will take time to implements as the Government will keep on constraining the citizens who can profit office tax payment facility.

Strategy for Making Income Tax Payment utilizing Challan 280

A citizen who wish to settle online advance tax payment through offline modes are required to download Challan 280 from the official site of Income Tax office. It’s not complicated at all as this is similar like to the online income tax payments. The citizen must outfit the imperative subtle elements in the frame, for example, PAN, evaluation year, contact information, and many other important criteria’s in Challan 280.

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Therefore, those who completed Challan 280 would then be submitted to any of the assigned bank branches. This includes the income tax payment which can be dispatched in real money, check or request draft. The bank will give a stepped counterfoil as a proof of payment.

Online Income Tax Payment – Procedure

Evidence of Payment of Tax

The client will get a challan counterfoil that contains information after dispatching the sum, for example, CIN (Challan Identification Number), sum settled in government obligation, date of instalment, and so on. The CIN is an affirmation for the duties paid by the assessee. Therefore, the income tax challan must be made reference to in the arrival of salary. It is utilized for any future correspondences with the salary charge division, and additionally amid pay assessment forms. If a client neglects to keep up a duplicate of the equivalent, he/she may approach the bank for recovery of challan.

CIN contains the accompanying:

  • Seven digit BSR code of the bank office where the charge is saved.
  • Date of Deposit of duty.
  • Serial Number of Challan.
  • Example of CIN.

Check of Challan Tax Payment

The Income Tax division has encouraged citizens to check and affirm the status of their challan. Notwithstanding it, the office empowers them to confirm whether the online income tax payments have achieved the Department. Thus, citizens can profit this office by signing into the NSDL site.

The status of challan can be confirmed in any of the accompanying ways:

  1. CIN Based View
  • The citizen can track the rank of their challans by giving details. For example, BSR code of Bank’s office, CIN (Challan Identification Number), challan delicate date and challan sequential number. Also, if the citizen indicates the measure of the assessment paid, he/she will get an affirmation on the rightness of the sum.


  1. TAN Based View
  • The citizen, on giving information of TAN and the Challan Tender Date extend within a specific financial year. This can see the subtle elements of CIN, significant head code with the portrayal, minor head code and nature of online income tax payments. Also, if the citizen indicates the sum against a specific CIN, the system will approve it with the sum transferred by the bank.

Remedy of Details

  • The citizen is qualified for demand for a remedy in the income tax challan in the event that he/she feels the requirement for it. The accompanying fields can be altered by the concerned bank office:
  • Assessment year
  • Major and Minor Head Code
  • Total Amount
  • Nature of payments

Important notices:

  • Banks are given a time of seven days from the challan store date to rectify subtle elements of TAN/PAN.
  • Assessment year and sum and 3 months from the challan store date for different fields such as Major/Minor Head/Nature of Payment.

Online Tax Payment

Online payment is prepared to utilize TIN NSDL site. The accompanying online advance tax payment can be trailed by a citizen to make good on pay regulatory expense on the web:

  • Step 1:- Login to TIN NSDL site.
  • Step 2:- Open the connection – e-Payment
  • Step 3:- The citizen ought to pick ‘Challan No/ITNS 280’ among the different choices gave under “Non-TDS/TCS”.
  • Step 4:- If the tax is being paid by a company, the main radio catch (0020) Income Tax on organizations (Corporation Tax) must be chosen. If the expense is being paid by some other assets such as Partnership Firms, people, LLP, and the second choice (0021) Income Tax other than organizations must be chosen.
  • Step 5:- The citizen must enter information of PAN.
  • Step 6:- The citizen must pick the important appraisal year for which charges must be dispatched.
  • Step 7:- The citizen must enter subtle elements, for example, full name, address, contact points of interest, sorts of instalment such as advance duty, surtax, self-evaluation.
  • Step 8:- The citizen needs to choose the name of the bank through which he/she likes to make the payment from the lists of banks provided.
  • Step 9:- The citizen must enter the amount of expense to be transmitted.
  • Step 10:- The citizen is required to click ‘continue’ button toward the completion of the page.
  • Step 11:- The citizen must check the appropriate subtle elements and affirm the equivalent. Any changes can be made utilizing the ‘edit’ alternative.
  • Step 12:- If every one of the subtle elements is right, the citizen can click “Submit to bank” choice which will guide the client to the bank’s site.
  • Step 13:-The citizen may click “Calculate Tax” catch on submission of the information in which the total amount of assessment is registered.


Since the technologies have changed and developed, most of our work complete on the web. Let say if you’re having some complications in paying your income tax payments, no worries! Challan 280 is now available to make your payment hassle free. All you need to do is be familiar to use those apps like how to deposit Advance Tax, Self-Assessment Tax, and Regular Assessment Tax. If you’re good at that, you’re ready to use the portal.

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