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A birth certificate is the first document in a human’s life and it is the most important of all. It is used to verify a person’s identity and become a legal document for proof of an individual’s date of birth, parents and so on. Registering birth is a mandatory process in India can is free of cost if the birth is registered within 22 days of the birth. Otherwise, a birth certificate in Tamil Nadu can be received only by paying a fine. Company Vakil helps you to understand the procedures you need to follow to apply for Birth Certificate in the state of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu birth certificate can be obtained easily due to the digitization of the procedures.

Here’s how you apply for Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate is usually applied by the Parent’s of the child or by the nearest family member.

Birth Certificate in Tamil Nadu can be applied by visiting the Town Panchayat or it can also be applied online. You can visit a Common Service Center (CSC) of TN Government.

You can also apply online.

Step 1: The Application

To apply for a birth certificate the parents should be present and carry their address proof and identity proof.

Step 2 : Documents Required

If your child is born in a Medical Institution of a hospital then the hospital should inform the municipal officials regarding the birth.

In other cases, the family or a distant relative must register the birth. In this case, the medical personnel who conducted the delivery should give a certificate which should be attached with the application for birth certificate.

Step 3 : Submission

Once you have all the required documents fill in the form with all the details mentioned below. The application form can be downloaded.

The following are the information required to be filled in the form.

1. Name of the child
2. Parents Name
3. Gender of the child
4. Date of Birth
5. Place of Birth

After completing the application form the form has to be submitted with all the required documents to the town panchayat or the concerned office.


Birth Certificate is one of the important document for everyone. Tamil Nadu government has simplified the application process for the ease of its people. This article from Company Vakil guides you through the procedures to apply for a birth certificate at ease.

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