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Gujarat Society Registration | Company Vakil

Gujarat Society Registration

Society is a sorted out gathering of individuals with the prime intentions of offering non-productive administrations for the welfare and improvement of society. Enrollment of such social orders is important to have a lawful personality and to be qualified to profit assess exception benefits. In this article, we take a gander at the strategy for enrolling a general public under Gujarat Society Registration Act, 1965 in detail.

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The Societies Registration Act, 1965

In India, Societies are enlisted under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 that administers the tasks of social orders. When applying to the State of Gujarat, the demonstration was revised for specific purposes by embedding another segment. This demonstration is known as the Societies Registration (Gujarat Amendment) Act, 1965 under which the social orders are enlisted in Gujarat. The demonstration reaches out to the entire of the State of Gujarat.


 Societies under Societies Registration Act, 1965

Societies that have been settled for the listed works or aims can be registered under The Gujarat Societies Registration Act.


Promotion of charitable activities.

Promotion of educational, science, art, literature, or the fine arts.

Promotion of sports

Diffusion of knowledge pertaining to commerce and industry

Political education training

Preservation/collection of historical monuments, technical and philosophical research.

Maintenance of library


Gujarat Society Registration

Some significant parts of Gujarat society enlistment are examined beneath.


Who can apply?


Any individual wanting to enlist a general public with a target of philanthropy can apply for the enrollment.


Self improvement Gatherings are shaped to help the gathering individuals begin a business/an occupation/exchange by loaning cash. Such exercises are considered as business exercises and not magnanimous exercises, and in this way such associations don’t fall under the domain of Societies Registration Act to be enlisted.


The social orders whose points and goals are bound to the welfare and enthusiasm of its individuals just, for example, Pensioners Association, Housing Societies and so forth don’t go under the extent of Societies Registration Act.


Conditions to Register a Society

The general public other than a general public of which the State Government is a part ought to be framed with something like seven people.

The seven people ought to be over the age of 18.
Skillful Authority

According to the Gujarat Societies Registration Act, 1965 the District Registrars of Co-agent Societies selected by the State Government of Gujarat is the capable specialist for the enlistment of social orders. Extra Joint Deputy or Assistant Registrars will be selected to help the Registrar whenever required. Society can be enlisted in the Registrar Office of the District where the general public is proposed to be set up.

Forces of Registrar

The Registrar is the approved officer to approach any data or returns outfitted identifying with people utilized by the general public, their business conditions and related issues. The Registrar is vested with the ability to make the general public ineligible under this demonstration if not fulfilled or resistance with the necessities.


Necessities for Society Registration


Name of the Society

The general public to be enrolled should choose a novel name. The Societies Registration Act, 1960 does not permit a name that as of now exists to be enlisted for a Society.

The name of the general public ought not look like the name of any nation, state, nearby specialist or that is denied under the Emblems and Names Act, 1950.

A Society ought not contain any of the accompanying words: – “Indian”, “National” or the name of the “National Figures” according to the directions issued by the India Government.


Notice of Association

The notice of affiliation must be recorded to the Registrar. Seven individuals from the general public or the people related with the general public should sign the notice of relationship alongside the date. The reminder of affiliation ought to involve the accompanying points of interest:

(a) The name of the association

(b)  The object of the association

(c) The address of the registered office of the association

(d) The names of the first members of the Governing Body

(e) The name of addresses and occupations of the signatories to the memorandum


Byelaws of Association

The duplicate of Rules and Regulations contain matters or questions significant to the accompanying.

The way in which the individuals from the Governing Body, the President, the Secretary and different officers are chosen, designated, evacuated or surrendered.

The workplace term of the individuals from the Governing Body, the President, the Secretary and different officers.

The way of confirmation of individuals and their acquiescence or evacuation.

The upkeep of the enrollment enlist and offices for examination of the equivalent.

The guardianship of the property of the general public.

The methodology for holding the general public gatherings, the notice time frame for gatherings and the way of casting a ballot.

The support and review of records

The assessment of records and procedures of meeting by the individuals from the general public


Some other issue identified with the issues of the association.


Note: The notice and the tenets and directions of the general public can be printed or typewritten, and every endorser of the reminder of affiliation should sign the equivalent within the sight of somewhere around one observer. The observer who bears witness to the mark should include his or her location, depiction and occupation.


Recording the changes:

Changes to the reminder of affiliation and the guidelines should be possible under the demonstration. If there should arise an occurrence of rolling out any improvements in the guidelines of the general public, a duplicate of each modification influenced must to be confirmed to be a right duplicate by something like three individuals from the overseeing body. The ensured duplicate must be sent to the Registrar inside thirty days of making such modification.


Likewise, the Registrar will authorize any change of the notice of affiliation whenever fulfilled. Such changes won’t become effective if the Registrar isn’t fulfilled under the demonstration.


Yearly General Meeting


Each general public should hold a yearly broad gathering in any event once consistently and not over fifteen months between 2 such progressive gatherings.




The records ought to contain every one of the points of interest as recommended by the guidelines and ought to be kept up in the shape as affirmed by the Registrar. The records ought to be evaluated every year and must be adjusted before the 31st March of every year or some other day settled by the Registrar.

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Documents Required for Gujarat Society Registration

A signed copy of Form – A for Registration with the signature of minimum 7 persons who are eligible for becoming a member of the Society

Certified copy of the resolution

Four copies of proposed bylaws of the Society (with the signature of all members)

Certificate granted by the police stating that the main promoter and members signing the application are not involved in criminal activity.

List of members with a contribution towards share capital & admission fee

Certificate by District Central Bank regarding bank balance

Project report

No Objection Certificate (NOC) from other societies working in the area of operation (Not required if the same type of society is not existing in the area of registering society).

A certificate stating that the promoters belong to different families and reside in the area of operation of the Society (Certified copy of the Certificate by Talati / Chohra)


Handling Time


The way toward enrolling a general public in Gujarat stretches out for 60 Days from the date of utilization.


Application Process for Gujarat Society Registration:

The application for the general public enlistment ought to be made in Form An and ought to be submitted at the District Registrar office. The workplace administrator examines the application and the forward it to the District Registrar. On the off chance that the application is finished, the senior assistant issues a request for field review. In different cases, the candidate will be asked for elucidation or extra records. The field controller on finishing the examination will present the field report. In view of the examined report, the District Registrar affirms or rejects the application and issues last enlistment or dismissal of the general public. The stepped archives and by-laws are come back to the candidate.



On the off chance that the president, secretary or some other approved individual of the administering body of the general public neglects to go along with the arrangements of segment 4 of the demonstration, a fine of Rs.500 will charged and if proceeding with the break, a fine of fifty rupees will be required for every day.


Any individual who willfully outfits false data or overlooks from the duplicate of guidelines or changes the standards sent to the Registrar will be rebuffed with a fine of Rs.2000.

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