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In India, the popularity of debit / credit cards is increasing every day due to the large number of Internet e- commerce websites that millions of Indian consumers trust. Even thanks to the simple reimbursement process, users often pay from debit / credit cards, but sometimes due to fraud, traditional people always fear to lose their hard earnings. Because the majority of the Payment Gateways or Ecommerce website now offers the option of saving user debit / credit card information. However, in India there is a solution called virtual credit / debit cards.

This article explains how you can get free virtual credit/debit cards in India. Ultimately, these cards are prepaid debit cards because you don’t receive any credit. There are many mobile payment wallets in India, such as Paytm, MobikWik, Oxigen Wallet, FreeCharge, which provide prepaid mobile recharges, DTH recharges, and utility bills. Most of the wallets are RBI Approved Wallets, but when you shop online on the popular website such as Flipkart or Amazon or Snapdeal, you cannot pay by them because these wallets are not used as a payment gateway on the ecommerce website.

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But there’s a solution now. In India, there are five most popular apps and services that provide prepaid virtual cards. These virtual cards are all powered by the VISA or MasterCard, one of the world’s most popular payment services.

Given below are some of the most popular virtual cards service providers in 2016


FreeCharge is a Mumbai, Maharashtra based website for e- commerce. It offers online recharge facilities for prepaid mobile phones, post-paid mobile phones, and DTH and data cards in India. On 8 April 2015, Snapdeal acquired Freecharge, which is known as the largest takeover in the e- commerce industry in India. Freecharge has recently increased the usability of its wallet by providing users with a free virtual card called the Freecharge Go card. It is powered by Yes Bank and MasterCard that can be used on any payment gateway in India that provides payments via MasterCards. It works exactly like debit cards running on 3D code authentication.


How to apply for the FreeCharge Go Card:- Just sign in and go to the Freecharge Go Card Link and generate your MPIN password. Then the same virtual card as a debit card is generated and you can use this card on any website by simply placing the 3D code authentication Card Number on Registered Mobile Number, Expiry Date and CVV.


ICICI Banks is one of India’s most popular virtual card services after freecharge Go pockets which are loved by users. There are a few reasons for this because it is a trusted ICICI bank operated app. Pockets Wallets allow the user to load the cash through the linked ICICI banks account or other debit / credit cards and with MPIN and 3D code authentication are generated.

Another good feature in the Pocket Wallet is that you can transfer the funds through NEFT to any other Indian bank account.

In accordance with the news, ICICI banks will also provide ICICI bank branches with cash deposit, so that you can load the money via cash.

How to apply for ICICI Banks ‘ Pockets Wallets:- Just download the ICICI Banks Pocket Wallet App and register with the Required Details and generate the Virtual Card powered by the VISA system. So you can pay by VISA Card for any merchant website or payment gateways.


Axis Bank’ Lime wallet is a wallet service similar to ICICI Bank’s Pockets wallet. It is a free virtual credit card or shopping card. It is powered by a MasterCard which is Wallets Services provider. It can therefore be used on any merchant website or payment gateways where Master Cards for the transactions are available.

The procedure for how to apply for lime wallet is same as pockets wallet.


Slonkit has developed an app and implemented a Visa- powered debit card with DCB Bank support. Parents and children have their own app versions. Children receive a prepaid reloadable card that they can use to transact online and offline. So it’s similar to pockets or limestone, but it also provides physical cards that can be used in offline stores.

You can sign up via their android app to apply for slonkit prepaid wallets


EntroPay is the word leading Virtual Visa Card Company, but it is not based in India. The Indian bloggers and marketers, who use PayPal or other services where international payments have to be made. The majority of the bloggers use EntroPay Virtual VISA because of security purpose. The service offers free international virtual visa cards. Their Commission rates are high, but the Entropay Virtual Visa Card is good as an international payment.

You can also integrate your Entropay Virtual VISA card into the Paypal account that is not possible with other Indian Virtual Cards. However, one important thing in the virtual EntroPay card is that it does not support 3D verification (VBV / MSC)

How to apply for the EntroPay Virtual VISA Card: – You can sign in via the Entropay website and create your VISA Card.

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