GSTR 2 A is generated on the common portal in JSON format and all transactions done gets reflected in it. This file captures the details by GSTR-1 Filled by your sellers. Reconciliation is required for every registered taxpayer with gstr 2a for their purchase invoices. As said earlier the gstr 2a gets generated in json format on gst portal here we are suggesting the steps on how to convert the json file to excel

  1. Login to gst common portal
  2. Click to Services ( 2nd button from top left)
  3. Click to returns ( 3rd button in services menu)
  4. Click to returns dashboard
  5. See the button financial year and select your financial year from drop down
  6. Select the return filing period from drop down
  7. Click button “Search”
  8. On a bottom middle box named GSTR2A click to download
  9. Click on the blue button named “generate the file’ under text “download data for gstr2a”
  10. Go to google and type keyword convert from json to excel
  11. Upload on an online tool and you can have your excel file showing purchase invoices
  12. For more details visit Company Vakil

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