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GST Provisional ID Not Generated or Not Working, Solved | Company Vakil

With the entrance for enlistment of GST Provisional ID running on the web and with the administration enthused about the move over from administration duty to GST by April 1, 2017, the time has come to kickstart the GST enrollment process.


GST (Goods and Service Tax) will be dynamic from April 2017 and every one of the individuals who have enlisted themselves for administration duty and focal extract or some other state charge laws, for example, VAT, need to get their GST Provisional ID enrollments in progress. The relocation procedure from the present assessment frameworks has started, and along these lines, it is fundamental to comprehend the remarkable highlights and additionally the procedure for enrollment into GST. Give us a chance to look in detail at the procedure for enlisting for Goods and Service Tax.


All current Central Excise, Service Tax assesses and VAT merchants need to move to GST. To move to GST Provisional ID, assesses would be given a Provisional ID and Password by the CBEC/State Commercial Tax Departments. In any case, there are various issues that organizations look amid relocation.

A current citizen who is as of now enlisted under Central Excise, Service Tax, VAT, Entry Tax, Luxury Tax or Entertainment Tax is relocated to the new GST Provisional ID Platform under a procedure called enrolment. Enrolment under GST implies approving the information of existing citizen from inheritance framework and refreshing the staying key data under the new GST framework by the citizen to plan for the GST routine in India. At times, there could be issues like GST Provisional ID isn’t created or not working. In this article, we take a gander at the procedure for unraveling such issues.

GST Provisional ID foe enrollment purpose

Obtaining GST Provisional ID and Password

The temporary ID and secret word for the GST enlistments are specifically gotten from your state’s VAT division. Every single existing citizen will be furnished with an exceptional GST Provisional ID, temporary and secret word by their expense officers. The ID and secret word are obligatory necessities for enlisting for GST and can be utilized to sign into the GST entrance made for this reason.


Archives Required for Registration of GST Provisional ID


Other than the GST Provisional ID, temporary and secret phrase gave; guarantee that you have the accompanying records/data with you, at the season of enlisting for GST.

Existing citizens who are as of now enlisted under Central Excise, Service Tax, VAT, Entry Tax, Luxury Tax or Entertainment Tax are required to finish the GST enrolment process utilizing an arrangement GST Provisional ID given by the particular duty division. Every single existing citizen are required to be enlisted through the GST entryway, as it is compulsory for agreeing under the GST routine by recording GST Provisional ID return, making GST installment, and so on. To enlist under GST, a business must have the accompanying data:


  • Temporary ID got from State/Central Authorities


  • Secret phrase got from the State/Central Authorities


  • Substantial E-mail Address


  • Substantial Mobile Number


  • Financial balance Number


  • Bank IFSC


Verification of credentials

When you login with the ID gave, a GST Provisional ID, temporary check page will be shown. Here, you have to fill in the points of interest required for the enlistment, including:


  1. Legitimate email ID


  1. Legitimate portable number


Since essential data and One Time Password will be sent to this GST Provisional ID and number, guarantee that you have filled the right points of interest before tapping on ‘Proceed’.


The OTP will be sent to your email of GST Provisional ID and portable number, and both will be required for confirmation.


Additionally, recall that the email of GST Provisional ID and versatile number entered by you will be lasting, and will enroll in the records for any future correspondence.


Any change in both email ID and versatile number should be possible simply after April 1, 2017, as indicated in the GST ACT.

8 Tabs


The business points of interest to be incorporated are as given:


Aside from the clear shape to be filled, certain points of interest are auto populated in the application from the information accessible through VAT framework. Points of interest, for example,


  1. Legal name of business according to PAN and Current Tax Act


  1. PAN number of organizations


  1. State under which the business is enrolled


  1. Ward or circle or division


The previously mentioned points of interest can’t be changed. Be that as it may, a few points of interest can be altered. These are as per the following:


  1. Exchange name


  1. Constitution of business


  1. Enrollment number


  1. Date of enrollment of business


  1. Archive transfer segment.


When you fill in the points of interest and alter any whenever required, spare the frame, and snap ‘Proceed’.

DSC that is Not Registered

In the event that you get this mistake message there are a couple of things you have to do:


  • Enroll DSC on GST Portal


  • On the off chance that it doesn’t work have a go at uninstalling the DSC utility and reinstalling the equivalent


  • Check the Java variant. Ensure its refreshed and the rendition of Java being utilized is the equivalent as what is required


On the off chance that you confront any of the above issues in GST Provisional ID movement and the goals expressed above are not working for you, if you don’t mind connect with GST Helpdesk at or call at 0124-4688999.


Notwithstanding having the above data convenient, the accompanying archives are likewise required:


  • Evidence of Business Incorporation or Registration or Constitution in PDF or JPEG organization of under 1MB size


  • Organization Deed for Partnership Firms


  • Consolidation Certificate for LLP, Private Limited Company, One Person Company, Limited Company and different kinds of Companies.


  • Enrollment Certificate from Concerned Authority for different kinds of substances.


  • Photo of Promoters/Partners/Karta or HUF


  • Verification of Appointment of Authorized Signatory


  • Photo of Authorized Signatory


  • Opening page of Bank Passbook or Statement with Bank Account Number, Address, Branch and Few Transaction.

With the above points of interest, the current citizen can visit the GST Portal for enrolment under GST Provisional ID.

OTP that is not received

When you enroll you require the OTP sent to your email id and mobile. If you have not gotten the OTP, do the accompanying:


  • Tap on resend OTP


  • Check on the off chance that you have Do Not Disturb (DND) administrations initiated with your specialist organization. If you don’t mind deactivate this and attempt again to get the OTP on your telephone


  • Check the spam envelope. The mail can go to the spam organizer


GST Provisional ID which is Not Generated

GST enrolment has been exceptionally fruitful and more than 83 lakh organizations have just moved to the new GST Provisional ID stage as of April 30th, 2017 as under:

Be that as it may, on the off chance that your business has not gotten a GST Provisional ID, temporary and you have a current assessment enlistment under Central Excise, Service Tax, VAT, Entry Tax, Luxury Tax or Entertainment Tax, at that point it is best to contact concerned officer of the duty office.


The accompanying flowchart can be utilized for understanding the means to be taken if GST Provisional ID isn’t issued.


RC Canceled

Mistake message: “You’re RC under is dropped, accordingly Provisional ID stands dropped. Subsequently you are not to move under GST”.


Goals: You probably won’t have recorded your profits (ST/VAT) inside the due date. Consequently the ST/VAT office would not have sent the GST Provisional ID , temporary to the GST office. You have to go to the office (ST/VAT) face to face and request that they push the temporary ID physically.


Quite possibly your GST Provisional ID, temporary was issued before 31st Jan 2017 and was not used. So the equivalent has been dropped. Find a way to get this settled:


  • Send letters to from your enrolled email ID


  • Subject: PID required to relocate to GST


  • Notice your Service Tax or Excise R C Number(s)


  • Some other issue being looked in movement can be made reference to

GST Provisional ID Not Working

On the off chance that you have gotten a GST Provisional ID , temporary and the ID isn’t working amid the enrolment procedure, at that point you can pursue the accompanying strides for investigating:


Check if a GST Provisional ID is issued for your PAN by utilizing the Check Registration Status device on the GST Portal. In the event that the GST Provisional ID agreement isn’t working amid the enrolment procedure, at that point the GST Provisional ID, temporary could likewise be dropped, lapsed, or inert. By utilizing the Check Registration Status instrument, you can see the accompanying statues:


Temporary: It demonstrates that GST Provisional ID is issued however Application for Enrolment of Existing Taxpayer is yet to be documented subsequent to joining computerized marks.


Pending for Verification: It demonstrates that application submitted is effective anyway by approval of the framework with outer offices is under preparing. The status will get refreshed once check is finished.


Approval against Error: The PAN points of interest entered does not coordinate with CBDT database. Generously fill the points of interest according to PAN subtle elements and resubmit the shape.


Relocated: The application has been effectively moved under GST. No progressions should be possible to the Application now. Temporary Registration declaration will be made accessible at the gateway after named date i.e. the date on which GST Provisional ID Act will come into power.


Dropped:  Existing Registration is dropped, along these lines, GST Provisional ID stands dropped.


The ‘Dropped’ status demonstrates that GST Provisional ID was produced and issued yet later on dropped. It could be because of the way that your current enrollment got dropped. In the event mentioned that, it isn’t right. It’s best to approach the particular Tax Department and check the reasons.

GST Provisional ID of email and Password Not Working

In case the Provisional ID and the secret phrase are appearing as crisscross, at that point the accompanying advances can be pursued for fathoming the mistake.



Sr. No. State Start Date Number of Taxpayers with validated PAN User activated till date Percentage of User Activated
1 Andhra Pradesh 1/1/2017 229,493 203,330 88.60%
2 Arunachal Pradesh 11/30/2016 5,476 1,539 28.10%
3 Assam 11/30/2016 206,034 57,532 27.92%
4 Bihar 11/30/2016 194,495 115,338 59.30%
5 Chandigarh 12/16/2016 16,305 14,844 91.04%
6 Chhattisgarh 11/14/2016 109,055 91,010 83.45%
7 Dadra and Nagar Haveli 11/14/2016 4,389 3,031 69.06%
8 Daman and Diu 11/14/2016 4,803 3,349 69.73%
9 Delhi 12/16/2016 393,200 268,761 68.35%
10 Goa 11/14/2016 25,016 15,742 62.93%
11 Gujarat 11/15/2016 499,823 450,729 90.18%
12 Haryana 12/16/2016 242,527 172,709 71.21%
13 Himachal Pradesh 12/16/2016 66,165 34,056 51.47%
14 Jammu & Kashmir 12/16/2016 58,208 2,866 4.92%
15 Jharkhand 11/30/2016 92,627 57,344 61.91%
16 Karnataka 1/1/2017 550,489 513,426 93.27%
17 Kerala 1/1/2017 263,424 183,014 69.48%
18 Madhya Pradesh 11/30/2016 301,997 251,988 83.44%
19 Maharashtra 11/14/2016 803,261 705,235 87.80%
20 Manipur 11/30/2016 3,940 1,789 45.41%
21 Meghalaya 11/30/2016 24,296 4,711 19.39%
22 Mizoram 11/30/2016 2,313 868 37.53%
23 Nagaland 11/30/2016 4,847 2,829 58.37%
24 Odisha 11/30/2016 175,463 89,870 51.22%
25 Puducherry 11/8/2016 16,450 12,841 78.06%
26 Punjab 12/16/2016 229,541 187,113 81.52%
27 Rajasthan 12/16/2016 564,625 435,382 77.11%
28 Sikkim 11/8/2016 3,119 1,952 62.58%
29 Tamilnadu 1/1/2017 630,251 550,148 87.29%
30 Telangana 1/1/2017 209,863 163,978 78.14%
31 Tripura 11/30/2016 16,630 7,785 46.81%
32 Uttar Pradesh 12/16/2016 812,129 596,283 73.42%
33 Uttarakhand 12/16/2016 104,255 77,491 74.33%
34 West Bengal 11/30/2016 273,823 210,228 76.78%
Total for State VAT Users 7,138,332 5,489,111 76.90%
35 Taxpayers registered under Central Excise Act but not registered under State VAT 1/7/2017 55,830 14,486 25.95%
36 Taxpayers registered under Service Tax Act but not registered under State VAT 1/20/2017 1,156,337 546,580 47.27%
Total for CBEC Users 1,212,167 561,066 46.29%
Grand Total 8,350,499 6,050,177 72.45%


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