With the creation of GST helpline by the government and a working relationship between Tax Officials and Executives, a large number of business taxpayers in India now transit to GST with ease. Assistance and services which include, GST registration, GST return filing, GST payments, etc. can be rendered to both registered and non-registered persons.

This article serves as a guide for ease in the transaction.

GST Helpline Phone

The GST Portal helpline with contact number 0120-4888999 serves registered persons or entities desiring to obtain GST registration. It also renders assistance to Taxpayers with matters relating to GST registration, GST return filing, GST payments and access to GST Portal.

GST Helpline Email

The email address, helpdesk@gst.gov.ng, serves as a contact address and support platform to taxable persons or individuals desiring to obtain GST registration, GST return filing, GST payments and access to GST portal.


As a supplement to GST helpdesk, the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBECMITRA) can be contacted via:

  • Toll-free Helpline:1800-1200-232
  • Email: cbecmitra.helpdesk@icegate.gov.in

GST Helpdesk on Social Media

The GST Department is actively present on social media platforms. You can follow on Twitter, like on Facebook, connect on LinkedIn, and subscribe to their channel on Youtube to receive timely updates of activities in the department as well as to submit your queries.

GST Seva Kendra

GST Seva Kendra (Facilitation Centre) serves as a go-to place for all who would prefer an office consultation. The centers are equipped with needed resources and workforce geared towards effective service delivery.

The Headquarters of GST Seva Kendra is laden with the responsibility of support provision for GST registration and compliance via these offerings:

  1. Brochures, forms, Documents, Trade Notices, etc.
  2. Assistance to taxpayers in helping them understand legal provisions, procedures, and documents.
  3. Helping with the expeditious disposal of their GST applications, references, etc. pending with any Departmental authority in the Commissionerate.
  4. Assisting the taxpayers in getting needed support.
  5. Improving satisfaction rate of the taxpayer under GST which is of utmost importance to Government, by analyzing the agreed ‘Taxpayer Satisfaction Forms’ to identifying areas of improvement.

GST Sectorial Working Groups

The GST Sectorial Working Group, which consists of Senior Officers of the Central and State Government, was formed by the GST Council to serve the purposes of project launch and solving sectorial related problems.

GST Interstate VS Intrastate Supply


Differentiating between interstate and intrastate supplies is of immense necessity in determining IGST, CGST, or SGST. Interstate supply attracts IGST while intrastate attracts CGST and SGST.

Interstate Supply

The following criteria categorize supplies under the interstate, based on the GST Act:

  • Supply between two different States or Union territories
  • Supply between a State and a union territory
  • Supply of imported goods into India until the customs station is crossed
  • Supply of goods or services to or by a Special Economic Zone Developer or Unit

Intrastate Supply

Products and services under these criteria are those within the same state or Union territory exclusively.

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