Medhabruti or e-Medhabruti is is a scholarship that is offered online by the government to the students. The scholarship is being offered by the government through the higher education ministry it is offered to students who performed well and want to pursue their dreams. It is offered to all genders.

The scholarship qualification criteria :

Junior category ( + 2 Students)

To qualify in thus scholarship you should have more than 60% in board 10. CBSE/ICSE grading system will be according to the percentage. The yearly family wages of the students should not pass 6.0 lakhs.

Senior Category for +3 Students (for B.A, B.Sc. & B.Com. Only)

To qualify for this Scholarship you should have 60% And more in the 12th board. CBSE/ICSE grading system shall be converted to acquired percentage.The yearly family wages should not pass 6.0 lakhs .

Professional & Technical

To Qualify for this Scholarship you should have 60% in final 12th board.Yearly income of the parents should not pass 6.0 lakhs.

Post Graduate (for M.A, M.Sc. & M.Com. Only)

the students should have 60% of the final 12th board as well.Yearly income of the parents should not exceed 6.0 lakhs. M.Phil and Ph.D., students are ineligible under PG merit.

How to Applying for the Scholarship.

It accepts online application only . You can apply the online scholarship by going to the higher education department websites and fill the forms necessary and be left with one copy for future reference.

The steps to fill this application include:

STEP 1: Scholarship Details – The type of scholarship must be selected.



STEP 2: Student Details –Personal details must be included eg DOB,nationality gender etc.

STEP 3: Photograph Details – Students photo must be Posted.

STEP 4: Parents and Guardian details –Necessary details about the parents / guardians must be filled.

STEP 5: Permanent Address Details– Information about where you stay must be filled.

STEP 6: Examination Details –Students sitting for the exam should fill necessary details here concerning the examination .

STEP 7: Bank details –Banks details should be arranged to prepare for the scholarship money.


Documents of the scanned copies must be uploaded online for the initialization process. The required files Include-

Marksheets of the examination.

Domicile Certificate

Caste Certificate

Personal trait Certificate

Salary Certificate, etc

Non-SAMS and SAM students can access the scholarship. Students who are selected under SAMS can apply the same as others on the Principal behalf. Whereas Non-SAMS students have to apply offline by downloading,fill and submitting them to the involved department.

How to pay the scholarship.

it should be paid through electronic system where the students should have a saving bank account. In case a student does not get his money on a successful financial year, the students should pay on the following successful financial year.

Setbacks of the scholarship

Cannot get the scholarship if you have already acquired another scholarship from somewhere else.

if you are pursuing a diploma course its not possible to receive the technical/professional scholarship .

Multiple application by a student is not acceptable and if found you cannot be granted the scholarship.

Distance learning students cannot benefit from the scholarship.

Yearly income of the parents should not pass 6.0% lakhs.

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