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E-Grantz Foundation Platform ( Revision) | Company Vakil

Educational assistance such as the E-Grantz platform is one of the vital needs of India as of today. As an economy who like a huge population being its primary and most valuable asset, quality education helps uplift India as a major player in the global economy. Despite hundreds of government benefits and programmes for free education, primary education is not enough to develop a skill set that is very useful to the country among the people. Thus lack of good quality secondary education remains a major bottleneck on the growth of the country’s varied needs.

Often government institutions in our country do not provide well-developed quality education due to lack of infrastructure and skilled personnel. On the other hand, private institutions are expensive relative to the ever-present poverty in a majority of the population of India. Post high school level education costs only continue to inflate. Fees for engineering courses in the country vary between 5 to 12 lakhs, medical courses charge close to 50 lakhs in private medical colleges while MBA degrees are available at a cost of more than 10 lakh in the country.

However financial schemes and scholarships by the government, as well as results of partnerships between private institutions and the government, are slowly making quality secondary and graduate education accessible for people from all backgrounds in the country. Some of these include Shubh Aarambh Scholarship, National Means Cum Merit Scholarship, Swami Dayanand Education Foundation.

Role Of E-Grantz

One of the biggest problems which render scholarships and grants useless is their disbursal. Often grants are misused by people for other reasons other than education, others are left locked up in paperwork and red tape gridlock and some are even stolen by educational authorities unfairly. However, the implementation of online services and platforms such as E-Grantz allow effective and quick dispersal of funds

E-Grantz specifically focuses on the disbursement on the assistance of education of fishermen’s children mostly in rural areas. E-grantz acts as a very accessible online platform through which applications for such scholarships can be made and processed for the disbursement of educational funds.

Eligibility for the E-Grantz Schemes

Certain requirements and quotas must be met to ensure that the student is eligible for the scheme:

  1. The students must be enrolled in those courses which are recognized by the university board
  2. The students admitted under merit and/or reservation quota are also eligible
  3. Individuals from the categories of Scheduled castes, other eligible communities, OBCs and other communities who are socially and economically backward which may also include forward classes who are economic disadvantages.
  4. The students who maintain good attendance (not less than 75%)

E-Grantz Stipend Details

The E-Grantz scheme provides various stipends depending on the eligibility of the student and the background from which he or she comes. Some of the details on which the value of the stipend can be set are given below :

For Scheduled castes and OEC’s

The Stipend rates have by default have different rates depending on the distance of residence.

  • Residence closer than 8km allows for eligibility after a Rs.500/- stipend charge
  • Any distance over 8km allows for eligibilty after a stipend charge of Rs.600/-
  • Note: Students undergoing professional courses and those residing on their own due to lack of hostel facility would be charged Rs.1500/- for eligibility

For OBC’s

Any student who is pursuing the +2 grade education would be charged Rs.160/- for applicability. At a Postgraduate or professional level, applicable students would be charged Rs.200 for default day scholars and Rs.250 for Hostelers.

Students who are undergoing a polytechnic course would also be charged as: Day scholars -Rs 100 and Hostelers – Rs.150.


To process the application of the E-grantz fisheries stipend, the applicant must present caste certificate, income certificate and marks list of qualifying examination for processing.

Submission of E-Grantz Application

Applications should be ideally submitted via the Official Website

An online application is the fastest way for eligibility test of the E-Grantz scheme. However if due to any problem the website is not accessible to the applicant, he may submit the applications online via Akshaya e-centers located all over the state of the Kerela. All services in the Akshaya centers are absolutely free of cost and accessible to each and every individual.

Checking Application Status

If an applicant wishes to view the status of his application and its approval, one may do so by following the Instructions below :

  1. Firstly the applicant must visit the E-grantz homepage and select the application status tab
  2. The applicant then has to select his or her district from the given options
  3. The institution of study must be selected
  4. The applicant then should select the type of examination he or she appeared for
  5. The reference number for the examination should be entered
  6. The applicant must enter details of year when appeared for the said examination
  7. Finally, the applicant must enter his or her date of birth and search for the status of the application

Steps to Check the Stipend Status

The applicant could also track the status of his stipend and its details by following the instructions below:

  1. The applicant must visit the homepage and select the stipend status tab next to the application status tab
  2. After this, the applicant must follow the same instructions as the application status and enter his or her district, Institution, Exam type, Reference number, Appearance year and Date of birth.
  3. By completing these steps, one will be able to see whether the stipend has been approved and obtained and track its status as well.

For further queries , refer the Company Vakil experts.

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