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Duplicate PAN Card | Company Vakil

Concerning tax payment in India, it’s mandatory to have a Permanent Account Number (PAN). PAN serves as an identity and also allows it to be used for some personal and business financial transactions.

It’s interesting to note that issued Permanent Account Number and card is valid for a lifetime. A new application will be made for those who accidentally lost their PAN.

To achieve this, an application for a duplicate PAN card will be sent to the income tax department.

Let’s further discuss the critical issues about PAN card

1. What is a duplicate PAN card?

Duplicate PAN card is a document issued by the income tax department if the PAN holder loses, misplaces or damages the PAN card. Daily, people often expose sensitive documents to various dangers and then wonder how to get it back. The process of getting a duplicate PAN has been simplified by the Income-tax department. Let’s take a look at how it is done.

2. How to get a duplicate PAN card?

Getting a duplicate PAN card is very simple and easy. You can file the application for duplicate PAN card on TIN-NSDL which is their official website or in paper form which will be addressed to NSDL (PAN services unit). You save time and cost by applying for your duplicate card online.

How to apply online:

a. Visit TIN-NSDL and click on the type of application as “Changes or modification in existing PAN data/ PAN card Reprint (No modifications to the existing PAN data).” (You should choose the Reprint option if you have lost, misplaced your PAN card as it would require no change in information.)


b. Provide the required information and t submit it.

c. A token will be created and forwarded to the email-id you’ve provided on the previous page.

Take note of the token number as it will be required for future reference in the application process.

Token Number generation

d. Now, input all the required details in “Personal Details’ section while you also select the submission mode of your PAN application form. Below are the three available methods:

i. Submit application documents physically:

The generated acknowledgment form after you have made payment needs to be printed alongside copies of required documents and sent via registered post to the PAN services unit of NSDL.

ii. Forward digitally through e-KYC & e-sign:

Aadhaar is compulsory if you are choosing the digital option and you must ensure that all details provided in your aadhaar is replicated in duplicate PAN card application. You will be sent an OTP code to the number you used to register with the aadhaar. You are not required to upload photo, signature or other documents. However, you will need to sign the form electronically while submitting the final form through this option.

Need a Digital Signature?

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iii. Submit scanned images through e-sign :

If you are going with this option, you will also need to have an Aadhaar and be required to upload scanned photo, signature and other documents. An OTP code will also be sent to authenticate the application form.

e. You will then need to choose your preference between a physical PAN card or an e-PAN card. By selecting an e-PAN card, you will have to provide a valid email-id. The digitally signed e-PAN card will be sent to the email-id you provide.

Personal Details for PAN application f. Next, fill the “Contact & other details” as well as the “document details” page and click submit.

Submition page for PAN application g. After this step, you will be redirected to the payment page and after payment is made an acknowledgment will be sent.

h. You can check the status of your duplicate PAN card application with the use of the 15 digits acknowledgment number created.

i. The duplicate PAN card will be mailed within two weeks after the receipt of application.

A word of Advice

How to apply for PAN card offline:

a. Download and print out the “New PAN card request and/or Correction in PAN Data” form.

b. Fill out the application the application in BLOCK letters and Blank Ink.

c. Provide your 10 digit PAN for reference.

d. You are to attach 2 passport size photograph and cross-signed carefully with the face left uncovered while signing.

e. After, fill up the essential details in the form and sign where applicable.

f. The application alongside payment, proof of (identity, address, and PAN) needs to be forwarded to the NSDL facilitation center. After receipt of payment, it will generate a printed acknowledgment form with a 15 digit number.

g. Your application is subsequently forwarded to the Income-tax PAN services unit for further action.

h. You can view your duplicate PNN card status using the 15 digit acknowledgment number created.

i. You will have your duplicate PAN card sent within 2 weeks after receipt of your application.

3. When you should apply for a duplicate PAN card?

Here are the following situations where a duplicate PAN card can be applied:

  1. Loss/theft: There is a likelihood of your PAN card to get stolen from your wallet/purse. More than half of the duplicate PAN card applications in India are due to the loss or theft of the previous card.
  2. Misplaced: There are several scenarios of people leaving the card somewhere without remembering where it was last kept.
  3. Damaged: For damaged PAN card, the only solution is to reprint another PAN card.

d. Change in information: There is a possibility that information and signature entered while applying for PAN could change with time. In such a case, we have just one solution which is to effect those changes and reprint the card having the information changed.

4. Who is eligible to apply for duplicate PAN card?

There are several types of taxpayers in India ranging from Individuals to HUFs to Companies. Except individuals, other taxpayers are expected to file their PAN card application. They are also mandated to have an authorized signatory to apply.

The following are the authorized signatories:

Taxpayer Category Authorized Signatory
Individual Self
HUF Karta of the HUF
Company Any Director(s) of the company
Limited Liability Partnership(LLP) or Firm Any Partner(s)  of the /LLP or firm
Association of Person(s)/Local Authority/ Artificial Juridical Person Authorized signatory as stated in the merger document of the several taxpayers

5. How to submit a duplicate PAN card?

According to the income tax law, one is not permitted to possess more than one Permanent Account Number (PAN). There are chances however that more than one PAN card can be issued to you with the same number or different numbers. This is not a serious issue to taxpayers as they can follow these easy steps to submit the duplicate PAN card:

a. Address your letter addressed to your assessing officer providing all the details such as your full name, date of birth, and the PAN card details to be retained and the one you intend to submit.

b. You can send your letter via speed post or hand addressing it to the same assessing officer and ensuring an acknowledgment of receipt is gotten.

c. The confirmation of receipt signifies the cancellation of that duplicate PAN card.

6. Some Vital points relating to duplicate PAN card.

a. If you happen to lose your PAN card through theft, you need first to visit the nearest police station to file an FIR. A copy of the FIR is required to be sent alongside the duplicate PAN card application document.

b. While sending the PAN application acknowledgment via the registered post, you are required to indicate the “Acknowledgement No. and the title: Application for Reprint of PAN or correction in PAN data” on the top of the envelope.

c. You are required to pay a duplicate PAN card application fee of Rs. 110 for individuals resident in India and Rs.1, 020 for non-residents.

d. PAN card will be sent via the address stated in the aadhaar.

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