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Difference between Copyright and Patent and Trademark | Company Vakil

There is a difference between Copyright and Patent and Trademark. Patent, copyright and trademark are a wide range of licensed innovation rights that give the maker a selection of directly over the utilization of his or her production of psyche for a restricted measure of time. Business visionaries who are trying to enroll licensed innovation must know the contrasts between the three and get the correct enlistments to ensure his or her protected innovation. In this article, we take a gander at the contrasts between patent, copyright and trademark in India.

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What is Patent?

It is a restrictive appropriate for a development that has been given by the law to a constrained time to the Patentee. By licensing a creation, the he/she can control the creation, the utilization of, offering or bringing in of the protected item or process for delivering that item without his or her assent. An innovation relating either to an item or a process that is new, including the creative advance and equipped for the mechanical application can be licensed in India.


What is Copyright?

It is a correct term given by the law to the makers of abstract, emotional, melodic and masterful works and the makers of the cinematograph movies and the sound chronicles. Copyright does not ensure brands or names, short word mixes, trademarks, short expressions, techniques, plots or genuine data. This likewise does not ensure the thoughts or the ideas. In this manner, it is fundamentally used to secure the inventiveness of the scholars, the craftsmen, the planners, the playwrights, the artists, the designers and the makers of the sound chronicles, the cinematograph movies and the PC programming.


What is Trademark?

It is a visual image which might be a word signature, name, gadget, name, numerals or blend of hues utilized by one Enterprise on the merchandise or the benefits or the different articles of the business to recognize it from the other comparable products or the administrations beginning from an alternate endeavor. Thus, trademarks are for the most part used to secure the brand names, the business names, the mottos and that is only the tip of the iceberg.


Difference between Copyright and Patent

The difference between copyright and patent are very close. Patent, Copyright and Trademark serve the extraordinary and the particular employments. An amazing legitimacy and the necessity for the application likewise change as pursues the difference between the Copyright and the Patent and the Trademark:

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Fundamental Use

Patent: These are predominantly used to anchor the creation relating either to an item or the process that is new which is equipped for having the modern application. Virtual products and business thoughts cannot be protected in India.


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Coming up next are things NOT patentable in India according to Section 3 of the Patent Act of the year 1970:

  • An innovation which is negligible or which claims anything clearly in the opposition to the entrenched regular laws.
  • A creation the essential or proposed utilize or business misuse of which could be in opposition to any open request or the profound quality or which makes genuine preference of human, creature or vegetation or wellbeing or to nature
  • The negligible revelation of a logical rule or the detailing of a dynamic hypothesis or disclosure of any living thing or a non-living substance happening in the nature;
  • The negligible disclosure of another type of a known substance which does not result in the improvement of the known adequacy of that substance or the unimportant revelation of any new property or new use for a known substance or of the minor utilization of a known procedure, machine or any mechanical assembly except if such realized process results in another item or utilizes no less than one new reactant.
  • A substance gotten by a simple admixture coming about just in the conglomeration of the properties of the segments thereof or a procedure for delivering such substance;
  • The insignificant game plan or re-course of an action or a duplication of known gadgets each working freely of each other knowingly;
  • A strategy for the agribusiness or the cultivation;
  • Any procedure for the restorative, careful, healing, prophylactic analytic, helpful or other treatment of people or any procedure for a comparative treatment of creatures to render them free of malady or to expand their monetary esteem or that of their items regarding the difference between Copyright and Patent and Trademark.
  • Plants and creatures in entire or any part thereof other than micro¬ living beings however including seeds, assortments and species and basically natural procedures for the generation or spread of plants and creatures;
  • A scientific or business technique or a PC program essentially or calculations;
  • A scholarly, sensational, melodic or aesthetic work or some other stylish creation at all including cinematographic works and TV preparations;
  • A simple plan or standard or strategy for performing mental act or technique for playing amusement;
  • An introduction of the data;
  • Geology of the incorporated circuits;
  • An innovation which as a result, is customary learning or which is a collection or duplication of the known properties of the customarily known segment or parts.


Copyright: It is essentially used to anchor scholarly, sensational, melodic and aesthetic works including cinematograph movies and sound accounts. A product or program or tables and databases can be enlisted as an ‘abstract work’ under the Copyright Act. Anyway to get it for the product, the source code for the product must be submitted to the Copyright Office alongside the application.


Trademark: These are for the most part utilized by people, business and non-business substances to ensure mark names, business names, mottos and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. A thought or idea or programming cannot be trademarked. In any case, an exceptional name given to a product or a thought or an idea can be trademarked.


Enlistment center

The audit and acknowledgment of the difference between Copyright and Patent and Trademark applications are controlled by the Controller General of Patents, the Designs and Trademarks and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The audit and acknowledgment of Copyright applications is controlled by the Copyright Office, the Department of Higher Education, and the Ministry of Human Resource Development.



Patent: It enlistments have a legitimacy of 20 years from the date of documenting of patent application, independent of whether it is recorded with temporary or finish determination. On the off chance that the Patent Application is recorded under the Copyright Act. However, if there should be an occurrence of universal patent applications documented under PCT, the legitimacy of this is for a term of 20 years starting from the date of the global recording.


Copyright: The general standard is that this goes on for a long time. On account of the unique abstract, emotional, melodic and imaginative works the 60 year time span is tallied from the year following the demise of the creator. On account of cinematograph films, the sound chronicles, the photos, after death productions, unknown and pseudonymous distributions, works of government and works of global associations, the 60 year time span is checked from the date of production.


Trademark: Trademark enrollments are substantial for a time of multi-year from date of utilization. An enrolled trademark’s legitimacy can be reached out toward the finish of ten years by documenting a trademark restoration application.


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