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CIN – Corporate Identity Number | Company Vakil

What is CIN Number?

CIN Number stands for Corporate Identity Number. The number defined as a code composed of alphabets and numbers, which are 21 in total. All partnership, limited liability partnership, Nidhi company, section 8 company, an individual company, and private limited company among others that get registered in India must get offered with the number. But, all numbers are different.
The registrar of companies tracks down, all the types of an organization with help of the number. starting from its formation. Thus, all exchanges with the registrar of companies should get cited using the number.

Interpretation of CIN Number

Listing status

The starting letter shows the listing status of an organization. Letter L starts in the number of all listed organizations. But, letter U stars in numbers of all organizations that are yet to get listed.

Sectors code

The ROC business code gets represented by five digits. Different sectors feature different and unique five digits codes. The code gets used in grouping the kind of organization that wants to get enrolled.
Here are some of the ROC sector codes that get used as parts of the number:
  • 85 110 for medical centers.
  • 80301 for all higher education institutions in mankind, business and science.
  • 72211 for production, supply and documenting of immediate programming.
  • 70200 for land activities on a premise that got contracted or leased.
  • 63040 for activities of moving offices and visiting administrators. i.e. activities that involve helping visitors.
  • 60231 for transportation of cargo using engine vehicles.
  • 52341 for all retail offers on materials used in development.
  • 01211 for dairy farming. i.e. farming of hinnies, donkeys, stallions, goats, sheep, and cows.
  • 15543 for production of mineral water.
  • 18101 for fabrication of various garment and clothing materials.
  • 31103 for production of electric engines. These comprise of all generators, DC engines or AC/DC engines.

Condition code

The condition of enrolling get illustrated by characters in position seven and eight. For example. TN in the number of an organization illustrates it got enrolled in Tamil Nadu. MH illustrates an organization got enrolled in Maharashtra offices.

Enrollment time

The time that an organization got enrolled get to position nine to twelve of the number. Yet, the entire number can change, depending on the date the organization got enrolled.

Type of proprietorship

The type of proprietorship in an organization get illustrated by three characters. These are immediately after the enrollment date. For example, PLC stands for Public Limited Company. PTC stands for Private Limited Company .

Enrollment number

The enrollment number of an organization gets provided by the registrar of companies. The number gets represented by the last six digits of the entire code.

How to get a CIN Number in India

You must follow the following steps, to get the number in India:
  1. Get a certificate of the digital signature
  2. Get the Identification Number of Director.
  3. Now approve the name of your organization. For the name to get approved, ensure your name does not resemble with any other name of a registered company.
  4. Fill all incorporation documents. Also, fill the association article of the organization and memorandum of association.
  5. Now get your certificate of incorporation and number from the registrar of companies.


Any business entity gets a CIN Number from the registrar of companies. This is only after completing the incorporation process and coming into existence. For any business to get the number with ease, get in touch with Company Vakil. Numbers get displayed on all legal and transaction documents of the business/ organization. The first letter of all the code shows is a company got listed or not. The next five digits show the industry under which the company is operating. This gets followed by two letters, which shows the state where the company got registered. After the state of registration is four digits. They show the incorporation year of the company. Three letters showing the proprietorship of the company follows. The last six digits get provided by the registrar of companies. They are the registration number of a company.

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