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CAMS | Company Vakil

CAMS stands for Computer Age Management Services which is a SEBI- registered registrar & transfer Agency which aim to provide solutions entitled with technology to investors and mutual fund companies.

How does CAMS work?

CAMS is a SEBI- registered registrar & transfer agency which is collectively owned by HDFC Group, Acsys Investment Pvt. Ltd. And national stock exchange.

CAMS provide a user friendly service delivery model to investors in collaboration with fund houses. The investors use their online portal MyCAMS to receive mutual fund statements through ‘mailback services’. By providing your PAN and registered email-id, you can simply revive the mutual fund statements. They provide different asset management companies (AMC) which can be used to access performance metrics and analytics of all schemes. Another popular service that investors like to utilize is the ‘realised gains statement’ which interpret STCG and LTCG taxes.

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Service cycle of CAMS

CAMS online not only  a B2B partner that tends to serve fund managers and distributors, but they also mange to use a national wide network of service centres and online portals to reach the end- consumers. CAMS server 60% of the current mutual fund assets of the country without any legal authorization to offer mutual fund recommendation or distribution.

Cams provide a number of services to investors and ACM like:

  1. Setting up an account
  2. Processing transactions
  3. Data management
  4. Customer service
  5. Risk assessment & management
  6. Commission administration
  7. Other value-added services



CAMS is an establishment with ISO 9001:2008 certificate and ensue a stringent quality check policy. CAMS is able to set up 50 lakh accounts annually with 6 sigma levels of quality

  • Transfer agency services

Processing the transactions, mapping the trends, giving customer support, and managing the overall fund are some of the responsibilities taken up by the active mutual fund companies. The role of CAMS is to provide technical support to active mutual fund companies in order to make these tasks of responsibilities quick and easy.

  • Risk management

Specialists are in-charge to supervise that CAMS online follows self determining risk management method. For example, to get steady outcomes, customized software’s are used to manage every possible operative risk regularly.

  • Access

CAMS have spread over 250 locations and are increasing steadily. Their expansion eliminated the need to create or spend on in house infrastructure by helping manufactures to reduce expenditures. Purchasers can get these infrastructure installed and use maintenance services at CAMS service centres.

  • Strong web presence

If CAMS service centres are not available at any location, they use an online- routing method called FinNet to avail orders.

  • Cutting- edge technology

CAMS have fast distribution and adaptability because of their locally developed technology solution on par with international standards. Over 1 crore transactions are done monthly by their extensive and up-to date IT infrastructure.

  • Confidentiality

CAMS have strict policy to protect customer’s info due to its sensitive nature. Only the authorized owners can access the customer info and they only use data to serve customers.

  • e-KYC facility

E-KYC option is provided to investors along with online sites and mobile apps for easy transactions between mutual funds. The e-KYC can be accessed instantly at no cost at all.

  • One user ID for life

Use myCAM to register online and use same user id for all future mutual fund transactions


CAMS registration process

You can use your registered email id given for portfolio to register at myCAM. You can only use one email id for your mutual funds under CAMS

Both online or app registrations have lifetime validity. The login credentials shared are only valid for 48 hrs because of login information confidentiality and sensitivity. Therefore you’ll have to start the whole process again if the validity over. The online server or app makes it easy to schedule businesses, monitor or manage portfolio, make payments or to buy or redeem among others.



  1. Visit the official myCAM website
  2. To generate a user ID, click on ‘ new user registration’ tab
  3. Enter your email id and captcha on newly opened tab. Enter submit.
  4. An alert will be flashed on screen confirming the registration process
  5. You will receive an email with confirmation and login details.
  6. Use emailed details to login
  7. Make sure to change password after login
  8. Re-login after changing password


  1. Install myCAMS app from Google play store
  2. Click on ‘ register now’, you’ll be redirected to ‘ new registration screen’
  3. Enter your email ID and submit to sign up
  4. You will receive an email with login details.
  5. Go back to your myCAMS account
  6. Make sure to change your password after successful login
  7. Re-login to use the myCAMS services

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CAMS works 24*7 to improve their infrastructural performance and to create an amazing investment experience for both investor and scheme provider.

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