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Buy Back of Shares | Company Vakil

Buy Back of Shares of a Company

Buy-back of share is basically a procedure or step which allows a company to purchase its shares from its previous share keeper, generally at a price which is in middle range i.e., between higher and lower price of market and shareholders. When a company takes back it’s itself shares, the value of shares the market is reduced to a minimum. As a result of this, the percentage of shareholding for lift shareholders is increased. In process of buy-back, the institution gives or offers an alternative to tender and a part of shares and securities under a specified price and time period.

According to the Companies Act -2013, Buy-back is the supplying or providing which allows purchase companies shares of its own and guarantee from which institutions and its shareholders becomes advantageous. Under this write-up, we will see causes for its shares, procedures of its shares and other important provisions belonging to share its program.

What does the Buyback do?

The following things are attained by the share its agenda

  1. To attain a particular finance structure;
  2. It returns excess money for shareholders/security keeper
  3. It represents that the masked value of shares/deposit security is properly used
  4. It restricts the unjustified losses in deposit security price

Why should you opt Buy-Back?

Buy-back reasons are given following:-

  1. Per share, they enhance the earnings and shareholders’ value and by this, they show them exit path when shares are undervalued. It also gives in return the excess cash and helps to attain or reach the optimum capital structure.
  2. Since this method of capital, the reduction is preferable by the Cooperatives of India. This is because, in this method, there is no requirement of compliance from the court or NCLT(National Company Law Tribunal).

Methods of Buy-Back

From free banks or securities special premium account, the funds are used for buy-back of shares. Using impartial basis i.e., neutral behavior towards all, or running market proceedings, shares are taken back from existing shareholders.


  1. The Articles of regard of the cooperative allows the buy-back policy.
  2. The decision has been taken which permits the cooperative to sanction buy-back. The decision made also valid in the situation when it is 100% or less than the invested money.
  3. If its shares deposit in any calendar year is less than one-fourth of its invested common and equal capital in that calendar year than buy-back is about 25% or less than combining invested capital and free reserves of the cooperative.
  4. The securities and shares which are given are paid up for it.

Other Necessary Provisions

  1. After passing of a buy-back from Resolver Committee, each process must have to be accomplished within 1 complete year from the beginning.
  2. From now, the organization can’t make matters on shares after the complete its policy for 6 months. However, there are no restrictions to follow the present responsibility to continue its bonus share, included in the share. These obligations are warranted conversion, options, conversion into parallel shares from the official document.
  3. There will be a file with ROC an offer letter in the letter of SH-8, before the buying of shares received from the licensed corporate.
  4. Form No. SH 9 includes a file with ROC which is signed by the corporate director, one member from them shall be MD. The file contains the announcement of economic conditions.
  5. The buy-back provision shall be open for fewer than 15 days and not exceed than 30 days after the forwarding of the offer letter.
  6. For one year, after the termination of it, there will no proceedings for making of buy-back.
  7. The date of taking back is about 7 days before the performing end of it for the reasons of extinguishing and destroys.
  8. Therefore, make a hard copy of all the securities and shares so purchased, where someone has taken back securities, the abolition of shares and securities as given in Format No. 10.
  9. for returning of Format No. SH-11 with Form of ROC, the time period is within the 30 days of buy-back.

Prohibitions relating to Buy-Back of Shares

The different shares or securities of its own shall not be purchased by the company.

  1. From any company to its secondary company
  2. From any group of investment companies
  3. If any default which is prepared from recovery of official document, within the refund of deposits get or refund of any condition loan payment on it , collectable interest on it any financial company or financial firm however, Buy-back of share is not restricted if it is treated regularly, appropriately and after 3 years these types of default will end or ceased.
  4. According to the Companies Act,2013 if it is not in accordance then section of 92,123,127,129 proceedings will be followed or taken.



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