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Birth Certificate UP (Uttar Pradesh) | Company Vakil
birth certificate

The motive of this article is to now the information and the procedures about birth certificate UP that is in Uttar Pradesh. We tried to gather and bring down all the information together here. Let’s see how much information we can have from here.

Birth certificate is an authority and a lasting record of children’s’ presence. Like some other nation on the planet, it is mandatory to enroll the introduction of a child or a perished child in India under the law according to the Registration of the Birth and Death Act, 1969. Other than the legitimate system, one needs to obtain a birth certificate UP (Uttar Pradesh) as proof of individual recognizable proof to profit the advantages and administrations offered by the Government for its nationals. It likewise fills in as a lawful confirmation for character, age, and for different privileges of a person. In this article, we take a gander at the technique for getting birth certificate UP (Uttar Pradesh) in detail.

Registration of Birth

Residents are required to enroll the introduction of the infant inside 21 long periods of the occasion in their particular State or Union Territory. The candidate is permitted to enlist without saying the name at the season of enrollment, which can be later embedded inside one year. In a condition where the enrollment isn’t done inside the stipulated time, the neighborhood specialist concerned will issue the birth certificate UP (Uttar Pradesh) simply after the police check alongside a punishment for late recording.

Where to do the registration

Birth enrollment ought to be made in neighborhood ward workplaces as per the place of birth or to be done at the Head Office of the Health Department, if the enlistment is postponed for over one year.

Fee of the Government

As expressed obviously by the Registration of the Birth and Death Act, 1969 Act, the nearby bodies should issue the birth certificate UP (Uttar Pradesh)  free of expense for the births revealed inside 21 long stretches of its rate.


Arrangement of data to the specialist following 21 days however inside multi month pulls in a punishment of Rs.2 for late enrollment, and the application ought to be made according to the endorsed design.


In the event that the information for enlistment is given following 30 days and before one year, a consent letter from Additional Health officer must be submitted alongside a late expense of Rs.5.


A postponement of 1 year in enlistment requires a request to be acquired from the agent District Magistrate. The enrollment expense for the birth certificate UP (Uttar Pradesh), or, in other words a late charge of Rs.10, is to be paid at the Head office of the Health Department to secure the birth certificate UP (Uttar Pradesh).

Documents which are required

For completing any process of certification, certain documents are needed obviously. So, needless to say that to do the birth certificate of UP (Uttar Pradesh), you need some documents as well. Let’s have a look on the requirements!

The accompanying reports must be appended alongside the application while filtered duplicates are to be transferred in the online procedure of taking out the birth certificate of UP.

  • Character verification of the source (Aadhar card, voter id, apportion card and so on.)
  • Hospital’s facility birth verification (if a kid conceived in a healing facility)
  • Confirmation of birth, i.e. letter from the source whenever conceived outside the healing center.
  • Secondary school Mark sheet
  • Affidavit
  • Approval certificate of first class magistrate

Procedure for application

The legislature has orchestrated a very much characterized framework for enlistment of births in which the parent of the posterity can apply through either disconnected or online mode.

There are two ways of completing the application, online and offline. You can go for the one which seems more convenient to you. Both of the processes are enlisted below-

Birth Certificate UP (Uttar Pradesh)’s offline application

An offline application can be done as following–

Through the hospital where the child has been born

The clinic administrator where the child was conceived would fill the enrollment frame contingent upon the data introduced by the candidate. On presenting the application shape alongside the required records, a SMS is sent to the versatile of the candidate to imply the equivalent.

Through service center of Nagar Nigam

The candidate, who is applying for birth certificate UP (Uttar Pradesh), needs to visit the Nagar Nigam Service Center with every fundamental archive.

The Nagar Nigam administrator will fill the application shape dependent on the data given by the candidate. On accommodation of the application, the candidate gets a SMS on his/her portable hinting the equivalent.

A duplicate of the application shape is given below. Go through the whole sample before starting your own application.

Application for online

Often people get trouble doing online application and make a fuss. You can have a look on the following details to avoid this kind of hassle. Online registration for a birth certificate of UP can be completed:

From a Citizen Service Center (CSC)

CSCs are approved digital bistros that play out the undertaking of the Nagar Nigam administrator. They help the native to fill the enrollment frame dependent on the data given by them. The administrators are given all structures and rules important to play out the assignment. Subsequent to presenting the application, a SMS is sent to the candidate’s versatile to hint the equivalent. A different record is kept up by the CSCs to gather the installment from the subject who is then later submitted to the Nagar Nigam.

Note: The national can gather the birth certificate UP (Uttar Pradesh)  either from the site or from the CSC or from Nagar Nigam benefit focus once the birth certificate of UP is produced and is made accessible on the site.

Through e-Nagarsewa site

  • Stage 1: To apply online visit e-Nagarsewa site. Snap Citizen’s login to profit the administration.
  • Stage 2: Enter the versatile number and secret key if officially enrolled or else click New enlistment.
  • Stage 3: A login id (enlisted portable number) and an auto-produced secret key will be sent to the resident on the enrolled versatile, once the enrollment is finished.
  • Stage 4: Login and tap on the connection birth certificate of UP on the dashboard screen to apply.

Birth Certificate of UP’s application status:

To check the application status of the birth certificate of UP click this connection and select Check Status symbol which shows the inquiry alternative. The native can track the status of the application.


  • Utilizing Acknowledgment number that was created after the fruitful accommodation of the application.
  • Utilizing Registration Number
  • Utilizing propelled seek with city name and date of birth.


Pick the proper alternative and submit to see the application status.

Procedure of downloading the Birth Certificate UP (Uttar Pradesh):


To download the birth authentication in PDF organize tap the Download Birth Certificate menu in agreement. Like the application status, the inquiry is made through similar choices.

  • Utilizing Acknowledgment number
  • Utilizing Registration Number
  • Utilizing propelled seek.

Pick the fitting alternative and submit to download the birth certificate UP (Uttar Pradesh).

Note: The birth certificate of UP gave here by Nagar Nigam specialist is carefully marked and subsequently lawful and legitimate.


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