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Having a child is a blessing in every parents’ life. With coming of a child in parents’ life, they acquire a new responsibility of upbringing their child in a most suitable manner. The first step in that direction is sending him or her to school. So when for the first time you apply for your child’s admission in a pre-school, what’s the most important document you are required to have? The answer is a Birth Certificate of the child. In this article, we will be discussing about Birth Certificate Telangana.

Acquiring a birth certificate is a must for every child born in the country. Registration of Birth & Death Act, 1969 provides for compulsory registration of birth of every child born in every state. This act also provides that every birth of a child must be registered within 21 days since the birth of the child in every concerned state.

In this article, we will be discussing about birth registration and certification process of Telangana state.

Birth Certificate Telangana

Before applying for birth certificate, registration of the birth is necessary.

Registration of birth

  • As per the law Birth and Death Act, registration of birth of every child is necessary.
  • In Telangana, registration is done through the municipal corporations or local authorities.
  • Mainly two institutions are designated authority for the purpose of registration of birth of every child.
  • They are Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration (CDMA), Government of Telangana or Panchayats.
  • Every authorised person who is responsible to report or required to register for every childbirth should approach the either designated authority mentioned above for registration of the birth of a child.
  • Upon registration, birth details such as date of birth and place of birth, etc are updated with the state birth records.
  • This update of birth details in state birth records is a necessary prerequisite to get the birth certificate issued.

Who can approach the authorities to report the childbirth for the purpose of registration?

  • If the child is born in a nursing home or the hospitals then concerned authorities at the hospital has to report the local municipality or Panchayats about the childbirth.
  • If the child is born at home or places other than medical institutions then head of the family has the responsibility to report of the childbirth to the local Panchayats or Municipality.

Once the registration is done, next step in that direction is issuance of birth certificate. Before knowing about the procedure of issuance of birth certificate Telangana, let us first discuss what are the documents required for the procedure.

Documents required for birth certificate Telangana: –

  • Documents containing proof of birth of child approved and issued by the nursing home or hospital or other medical institutes where child is born.
  • Documents showing proof of identity of parents of the child born.
  • Birth Certificate of both the parents or SSC marks memo.
  • Marriage certificate of parents.

Procedure for issuance of Birth Certificate Telangana: –

Birth Details confirmation with Telangana birth records: –

  • The first step towards applying for birth certificate is checking birth details in Telangana birth records.
  • For that, you will need to visit the website of Unified Birth and Death Registration Management Information System (UBDRMIS) here.
  • Once you are on the homepage of the website. On the top right, there is a “Citizen Section”.
  • Under the “Citizen Section”, the first option available is “Search Birth Details”, select it.
  • On the next page, you will be asked to provide all the details generated at the time of registration such as registration number, reg. year, month and year of birth of child, sex of child, child’s name, permanent address of parents, place of birth, parents name, etc.
  • Once you fill in all the details asked, click the “submit” option.
  • On submission, you will get to know whether the child is registered in Telangana birth records or not.
  • If it is, then proceed further for application of birth certificate.
  • And if not, then contact the local Panchayats or Municipality, as the case maybe.

Online apply for Birth Certificate Telangana State: –

  • For online application, first you will have to fill in a form that looks like below –

  • In this form you will have to fill in all details asked such as circle/locality where child belongs, date of birth, sex, parents’ name, place of birth, hospital name, address, etc.
  • After filling up of application form, submit the same with required documents that was already mentioned above in this article to the nearby MeeSeva Centre. (“MeeSeva centre” is an initiative by the Telangana government to provide e-governance and digital literacy. It is used for availing a variety of government services online at the fraction of cost).
  • MeeSeva centre will scan your documents and the application form on the portal of the Telangana government.
  • In the application form itself, you will have to provide for the mode of receiving the certificate.
  • Birth certificate can be sent through post on the mentioned address or it can also be obtained by paying a visit to the local MeeSeva centre.
  • After that pay the required fee.
  • Once the payment is successful, a fee slip and application id will be generated.
  • This application id should be kept safely. It will be required to check the status of the application.
  • On the acceptance of application, the applicant will receive confirmation message on his/her mobile phone.

What to do in case of late registration of childbirth?

  • In case the registration of childbirth was done late, then for the issuance of birth certificate for the child, a separate application form needs to be submitted.
  • A sample of the application form can be seen below –

  • Fill in the application form and submit it with other documents at the local MeeSeva Centre.
  • After that pay the required fee.
  • Documents required for this application are listed below –
    • Ration card
    • Non-availability certificate approved and issued by local Panchayats or Municipality.
    • SSC marks memo
    • Self attested document/affidavit mentioning the reason for late registration.

Fee Structure for various services: –

Fee applicable is different for each services and varies with the Panchayats to Municipality. It is detailed in the table below –

Service Service Fee Statutory Misc. Fees
Birth Certificate Application (C&DMA) Rs 35 per application,

Rs 25 for category A

Rs 50 for first 4 copies and for afterwards Rs 100 (Municipality),

Rs 35 for first 4copies and afterwards Rs 10 (Panchayats)

Postal charges
Birth Certificate Application (GHMC) Rs 25 per application Rs 20 per copy of certificate Rs 5 per additional copy
Late Registration of Childbirth Rs 35 per application Rs 5 for every year of late Additional copy charges
Birth Certificate Corrections Rs 35 per application Rs 60 per copy of certificate Rs 25 for additional copies,

Postal Charges

Having a birth certificate for every child is a must thing. This establishes the proof that the child is born in a certain place and this entitle him/her to claim citizenship and other public or government services. There are multiple benefits. They are discussed below.

Other Benefits: –

  • Birth Certificate is a must having document to avail a variety of services such as government schemes, subsidies etc.
  • In Telangana also, government runs programs like subsidy schemes, job schemes, family security scheme, etc and in these schemes you will have to prove your permanent residency in Telangana.
  • That permanent residency can only be obtained by furnishing this birth certificate document.
  • The first time you send your child to school, either government school or a private one, there also you will be asked to furnish a birth certificate of the child.
  • In matriculation board also the date of birth is mentioned and that is also verified through birth certificate.
  • For a variety of jobs such as in the military, government services, a birth certificate is a must-have document.
  • Right to Vote is available to every citizen who is an adult, and birth certificate is required to show a person has become adult in that constituency or not.
  • Driving license or passport and other identity cards are also issued to a citizen after verification of birth certificate.
  • To claim an inheritance and practice your right of property in family matters also, you will need to furnish your age and that requires a birth certificate.
  • Marrying at the legal age also requires a birth certificate to prove one’s age.
  • In Insurance also, age is an important criteria and that requires a birth certificate of customers and his nominees.
  • Birth Certificate Telangana have other benefits as well. Government of Telangana also provides scholarships for study purposes, Farmer loans, MSME loans, education loans, subsidies, food under Public Distribution System, etc and to avail all these services, beneficiaries are needed to have a birth certificate.

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