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Birth Certificate in Karnataka | Company Vakil


Every child has the right to get an identity – his name and right to acquire a nationality. It provides first legal recognition of the child. Birth Certificate is mandatory document for every Indian citizen as it is the proof of nationality, helps in admission of child in schools, to obtain necessary documents like passport, voter card, driving license etc

Persons required to register Birth

Within 21 days from the birth of the child, one has to register the birth within the prescribed period. Following are the persons required to register:

  • In case if birth in a house, head person of the house. If he is not present when the birth has to be registered, then the nearest relative present or the oldest adult present.
  • In case if birth is in hospital/health centre/maternity/nursing home, the medical officer in charge or any person authorised by medical officer. 
  • In case of birth in a jail, Jailor in charge 
  • In case of birth in a choultry, chattram, hostel, dharamshala, boarding-house, lodging-house, tavern, barrack, toddy or place of public resort, the person in charge
  • In case of birth in a public place, officer in charge of local police station. In case of village, corresponding officer of village. 

Extracts of birth registration

Within 30 days from the date of reporting, the extracts of the particulars from register relating to births are to be given to an informant. If he fails to do so, then registrar within 15 days from from expiry of 30 days transmit the same to the family via post.


  • Information of birth given to Registrar after expiry of 21 days but within 30 days, need to be registered on payment of Rs 2/-
  • Information of birth given to Registrar after 30 days but within 1 year, need to be registered with written permission of Tahsildar/Commissioner/Chief officer on payment of Rs 5/-
  • Information of birth not given to Registrar within 1 year, need to be registered on order of Magistrate of the first class/Presidency Magistrate on payment of late fee of Rs 10/-

Registration of Name of child

The name of the child can be registered even after 1 year but within 15 years from the date of registration on payment of Rs 5/- Registration of birth can be done without name of the child initially. 

Registration of Births of Indian citizen outside India

According to Citizens Rules 1956 under Citizenship Act 1955, Indian consulates register births outside India and issues birth certificate. Indian citizens are allowed to register the births of their children within 60 days of their return to India with their India’s residence, if they wish to settle down in India.

Registration of Births on Adoption

Registration of birth taken on adoption and issuance of birth certificate is done as per the guidelines issued by the Government. 

Corrections and Cancellations

If any error occurs in registration, Registrar can correct or cancel the entry. Errors can be of following types:

  • Clerical or formal error:

Send extract of the copy of correction to Tahsildar/Commissioner/Chief Officer on satisfaction of the error made by the Registrar. 

  • Error in substance:

With two credible persons having knowledge of the facts of cases, make a declaration of nature of error. Registrar can correct the entry then. Information of corrections need to be given to Tahsildar/Commissioner/Chief Officer

  • Fraudulent or improper entry:

This is an offence, therefore need to be reported to Additional District Registrar to make the necessary action after the explanation given by him.

Registration organization in the State

Chief Registrar of Births and Deaths And Director of Economics and Statistics Karnataka, Bangalore

In Rural areas – Village accountant

In Urban areas –

City corporations: Health officer.

City Municipal councils: Health officer/Health inspector.

Town municipal councils: Health inspector.

Notified areas/Project areas/Cantonment – Health inspector.

Procedure to obtain Birth Certificate

  • Visit nearest District Statistical Officer and check registration details
  • Submit Application form (it can be downloaded from official website)
  • Form need to be submitted with documents
  • On submission, an acknowledgement slip will be given to the applicant.
  • Pay Rs 5/- for copy of certificate in the statical office
  • After checking of records by them they will prepare the certificate
  • Carry ID proof to complete the process faster
  • Birth certificate will be issued within 7 days. You can download it online too. 

Required Documents

Following documents are required at the time of submitting the application form for birth certificate:

  • Proof of place where the child was born from the hospital
  • Parents ID proof
  • Aadhar Card

Download Birth Certificate Online

Following are the steps below to download the Birth Certificate online:

Step 1: Visit official website to download the birth certificate. 

Step 2: You need to login for further process. Enter username and password.



Step 3: Click on Birth Free copy to generate your birth certificate


Step 4: Fill the details like date of birth,

name, father’s name, mother’s name and then submit Search button


Step 5: Registration Number will appear. Click on required registration number and print the birth certificate.



Birth certificate is valid forever. There is no requirement of renewal. 


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