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Audit Trail | Company Vakil
audit report

The audit trail is a type of program that assists in the maintenance of the records which are related to the activity of the system through the means of the process involving system and application. It also includes the activity of the application and systems of the user. In accordance with the proper procedures and tools, the trails of the audit is also able to help in the detection of the violations of security, problems related to the problems and the flaws found in the application.


The goal of this article is to study the full account of the audit trails and look at it as a technical force. Moreover, it also studies the researches related to the topic in hand, the advantages and the aims of the topic, its various types and the tools which are involved in the process.


The Definition

The audit trail generally keep track of the records of the events of the computer, about the operating system, the related activities of the user or simply an application. It is possible for a computer to carry multiple number of it, each of which is related to a specific type of activity. The whole process of auditing requires the analysis and review of the controls related to technical, operational and the management. The method enables the auditor to obtain important information related to the activities of the computer system. It helps to recover the auditability of the whole computer system.


Goals and Advantages of the Audit Trail


Individual Accountability of the Companies

The system in hand are typically the technical mechanisms which helps the manager to properly keep records of the individual accountability. Through the advising of the users saying that they are responsible for their actions personally, which are generally tracked by the audit trail which logs the activities of the users, the managers can help with the promotion of the proper behavior of the users. It is less likely for the users to try and circumvent the policy regarding security if they are aware of the actions they do are being recorded by the method in discussion, the audit log.


Reconstruction of the Events in the Companies

The trails of the audit can be utilized as well in order to reconstruct the events after the occurrence of any problem. The damage that has been occurred is enabled to be easily assessed by the revision of the trails of audit of the system activity in order to identify why, when or how the regular operations have been ceased. The analysis of the trails of audit can frequently show the differences between the errors induced by the operator which have been observed during that when the system may have worked exactly as asked to or the errors created by the system which rise up from a piece of the replacement code that has been tested inadequately.


Detection of Intrusion in the Companies

The detection of the intrusion actually refers to the method which involves the identification of the attempts made to enter into the system and to obtain the access which are unauthorized. These trails of the audit have been designed and used in such a way that enable to track the records of the suitable data and they can assist in the detection of the intrusion. Even though the method is identified as an ongoing effort, the intrusion can be fruitfully detected with the help of this program through the reviewing of the records.


Analysis of the Problems in the Companies

Even though the intrusions occurring, the audit trail is also able to be used as online tools which assists in the recognition of the problems. This has also been often referred to as immediate monitoring or the auditing. Immediate auditing can be practiced in order to check the ranking of the processes if the company finds the system or the application to be very important for the goal of the business.


Types of the Audit Trail

It is important to mention that the system has been enabled to record various others trails of audit all at the same time. Essentially, there are two different types of the audit trail, which function and maintain the processes as per the rules and the regulations.

  • The logs based on the events typically contain records which describe the system events or the application events or the user events.
  • The procedure called the Keystroke monitoring has been utilized to view or to record both the said keystrokes which are entered by a computer user and the response of the computer throughout the interactive session.


Important Tools

Several different kinds of important tools have been and being developed in order to help the process of the audit trails, such as, to minimize the amount of the information which are contained in the records of the audit regarding the trails of the audit. Moreover, these tools also help with the collection of the necessary information from the existing raw data. The software of the trails of the audit is able to generate huge files, especially for the systems which are large. This process, if done manually, can be very difficult. The trends or the variance-detection tools that look for such anomalies in either the user or the system behavior with the reference to the audit trail.


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