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Application & Login Process of Webland Telangana | Company Vakil
Webland telangana

Finding for the right hub to get all information on application and login procedure of Webland Telangana? Then you are in right place to get your best match for the information, you are looking for! Here we have discussed the benefits, services available, login process and so forth about Webland Telangana. Let’s have a look below.


Through the Webland Telanganas entrance, the Revenue Department of Telangana Government made the land records on the web. There by it is useful to get all the fundamental and precise information from a solitary online entry called “WEBLAND”. All grounds, the records of which are seeded with Aadhaar number, can be carefully mapped utilizing Google Maps so the degree of place where there is separate individual could be legitimately settled in the given review numbers. This article inspects the subtle elements of Webland Telangana.

Benefits of Webland Telangana

Coming up next are a portion of the significant points of interest of Webland Telangana benefit:


  • Webland Telangana benefit takes care of the issue in appropriation of land over the province of Telangana.


  • Webland Telangana is helping the administration to utilize the innovation for obviously outlining the land dependent on the responsibility for individual people.


  • Indeed, even the regular man can utilize the innovation to distinguish the fringes of their territory so they are not utilizing the land controlled by others.


  • This online administration is helping the ranchers who are having a substantial amount of land and their territory is very near one another. This element will push them to plainly divide their property from different agriculturists.


  • As the new information is constantly refreshed continually every one of the subtle elements which are accessible over the entrance will be refreshed with the most recent information.


  • Banks in Telangana are currently using the income records which are accessible online to check the accuracy of the records. Previously authorizing advances to candidate agriculturists.

Webland Telangana’s available services

  • Land records


  • Pahanis


  • Pattadar pass books of a wide range of grounds

Webland Telangana’s login process

Stage 1: To get to the Webland Telangana Portal, it would be ideal if you tap on this URL


Stage 2: You need to enter the User ID, Password and the District @ Login and tap on Login to go into Home Page of Webland Telangana.


When you are successfully signed into the portal of Webland Telangana, the below homepage will appear in front of you. Services available in this Webland Telangana’s portal are listed below.

  • Organization


  • Ace Directories


  • Land property


  • Transformations


  • Report/Checklist

Through Webland Telangana, download Land Distribution Report

Stage 1: First visit to the given connection.


Stage 2: You need to choose your area name, mandal name, town name, stage name and after that the study number.


Stage 3: After filling this data you need to tap on the create alternative.


Stage 4: Now you can take the printout.

In Webland Telangana, do check Pahani Request online

“Pahani is an income record that contains every one of the points of interest of a land, for example, subtle elements of proprietor, cultivator, study number, khata number, add up to arrive under pahani, arrive income subtle elements, and so on.”


Go to this connection check the old pahanies online through the webland entrance of Telangana income office.


Note: The natives are proposed to utilize this site in just web traveler.

Webland Telangana’s Pattadar Pass Book

The well-ordered method for issuing an e-ppb is given in detail.


Stage 1: Once the application put together by the candidate through Mee Seva Web entrance. Tahsildar needs to go to the PPB Dashboard at that point should tap on the “All the MeeSeva Mutation PPB Pending Requests for Accept/Reject” Screen, where he can see all the Mutation ID’s which are pending for endorsement.


Stage 2: Tahsildar needs to download and check the archives submitted at Meeseva Kiosk administrator with underneath said one to four records (screens).


  • Tahsildar needs to check the pattadar subtle elements in the wake of tapping on “View Pahani”


  • Tahsildar needs to check Khata Number particulars in the wake of tapping on “View ROR”


  • Tahsildar needs to check Photo and different points of interest (first page of e-ppb) of the pattadar in the wake of tapping on “PPB Holder Details”


  • Tahsildar needs to check every one of the subtle elements to be imprinted in e-ppb by tapping on “PPB Land Details”


Stage 3: After checking altogether Tahsildar affirms the demand and signs carefully


Stage 4: After the endorsement of Tahsildar, the passbook will be accessible for printing and dispatching.


Stage 5: Printed e-Pattadar Passbooks will be conveyed to Tahsildar Offices for confirmation and for VRO signature. After confirmation by Tahsildar the passbooks will be given to the candidate.


Stage 6: Tahsildar ought to endorse the e-Passbook ask for simply after surrender of beforehand issued Pattadar Passbook by entering all PPB Numbers in Webland.

Android Application’s Aadhaar Seeding

An electronic Android application was produced for Aadhaar seeding to the Khata numbers in Webland Telanganas database. Directions to introduce this application and aadhaar seeding to Khatta number is given here.


Khata Number :


A Khata is basically an income report, enumerating the appraisal of a property, recording insights about the property, for example, estimate, area, developed region et cetera with the end goal of installment of property impose.


Stage 1: Download UID Seeding Android Application (V2.0).The connect is accessible in landing page of Webland.


Note: The accompanying settings ought to be empowered before propelling the application in advanced cells/tabs.


  • Android adaptation ought to v3.2 (Honeycomb) or more.


  • Web ought to be accessible through Wi-Fi or through a neighborhood portable system for login, to download the new records and to match up the disconnected information to the server.


  • Empower “Permit establishment of non-Market applications” in Device organization under security in Settings.


Establishment of Android Application


Stage 2: Click on the .apk record to introduce the android application. Select Package installer and after that introduce alternative.


Propelling of Android Application


Stage 3: Click on the “UIDSEED Live” symbol from the accessible applications on the gadget.


Stage 4: Login into the application


To login in to application, you should enter the town code (7 digits) of concerned town, client id and secret phrase.


Note: Internet ought to be empowered for login out of the blue for a town.


Stage 5: Application will be opened with the accompanying choices.


  • Seed Aadhaar


  • Transfer to Aadhaar


  • Dashboard


  • Download


  • Sign out


Seeding Aadhaar numbers – Online and Offline


Stage 6: Click on “Seed Aadhaar” alternative to see the rundown Khata numbers pending for Aadhaar seeding as on date in information to Seed


Khata number pursuit alternative additionally gave to get a chose Khata number.


Stage 7: Click on a specific Khata number to seed the Aadhaar number as appeared in the screen.


Approvals are given to check the accompanying conditions:


  • Aadhaar number ought not be vacant if Aadhaar number accessible.


  • Aadhaar number ought to be 12 digits if Aadhaar number accessible.


  • Legitimate Aadhaar number if Aadhaar number accessible.


  • Portable number ought to be 10 digits if versatile number accessible


Stage 8: Enter substantial Aadhaar number subsequent to confirming the name on the Aadhaar card and name in Webland.


Stage 9: If Aadhaar seeding isn’t conceivable, you should tap the check box to choose the reason from drop down for not seeding the Aadhaar number to that khata number.


Stage 10: On Click on the check box, a drop down will be empowered with the accompanying choice. You have to choose the suitable alternative.


  • Demise


  • Twofold Khatas


  • Non Residential


  • Sold out


  • Non Traceable Khatedars


  • Notional Khata


  • Land


Stage 11: Enter the portable number of Pattadar if versatile number accessible.


Stage 12: Click on the check box if versatile number not accessible.


Stage 13: Click “Spare” catch in the wake of entering all fields. On the off chance that web association accessible, the information will be sent to Webland Telanganas server promptly and a message as “Aadhaar seeding effectively completed “will be appeared in the screen.


On the off chance that web association not accessible, the information will be spared in neighborhood memory in the gadget incidentally until the point when these records synchronized to Webland Telanganas server in the wake of interfacing with web.


Synchronizing Offline information to Server


Stage 14: Click on “Transfer to Server” alternative to see rundown of Khata numbers for which Aadhaar numbers entered disconnected


Stage 15: Click on each record to refresh the information to Webland Telanganas server. Note: Internet ought to be empowered for refreshing the disconnected information.


Download the new records


Stage 16: Click on “Download alternative to bring the new records for Aadhaar seeding from Webland Telanganas server. Note: Internet ought to be empowered for downloading the information.


Stage 17: Before downloading new records, you have to match up every one of the records in the neighborhood database. In the event that records are pending for synchronization, it will request to divert to the transfer to the server page on clicking “Yes” choice.


Stage 18: If there are no pending records in Upload to Server screen, at that point, it will request downloading new records. Snap of “Yes” to download the new and they will be added to the records in seed Aadhaar screen.


Stage 19: Click on “Dashboard” choice to see the seeding progress.


Stage 20: Click “Sign out” alternative and after that “Yes” to exit from the application of Webland Telangana.

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