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All information about Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana | Company Vakil


Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana is a seniority retired person conspires presented by the Government of India in relationship with Life Insurance Corporation (LIC). This benefits plan gives repayment of payouts identified with a quick annuity plan for senior subjects. Nationals over the age of 60 years can apply for this benefits plot. This article covers the highlights and advantages of the Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana conspire. So, hope you get the information needed with ample satisfaction.

Investment Plan

Investment plans obviously have special time frames and different attributes. It also depends on various other factors starting from amount to criteria of being eligible for the investment. The retired person should buy any arrangement conspire under the Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana. Benefits plan is reached out to the beneficiaries at month to month, quarterly, semi-every year, and yearly way. Let’s have a look on these as described following-


Month to month: For a regularly scheduled payout, the base scope of speculation begins from Rs. 66,665 and goes up to Rs. 6.66 lakhs.


Quarterly basis: An annuity will be given like clockwork or four months in a year. Speculation value go begins from Rs. 66,170; it could be as high as Rs. 6,61,690.


Semi-Annually basis: For getting the annuity on a semi-yearly premise, the retired person needs to make ventures at a cost extending between Rs. 65,430 and Rs. 6,54,275.

Yearly basis: This annuity gives the policyholder to get an extensive whole of cash on a yearly payout premise. The venture could extend between Rs. 63,960 and Rs. 6,39,610.

Features of the Scheme

There are some definite features for Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana. We have jotted down those features and made easy for you to have a better understanding of this certain concern. So, here it goes for you in the below-

It gives guaranteed benefits to the senior residents over sixty years of age.


Benefits will be conceded under the plan on premise of payout, viz., month to month, quarterly, semi-every year and yearly basis.


It empowers different kind of methods of payout (multi month, three months, a half year and one year). So, keep in mind that there are specific time frames and you can choose one which best fits your need and requirement.


Every one of the installments will be made through Electronic Clearing System (ECS) and National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT

 Benefits of the Scheme

It is an obvious thing that you will be looking forward to the benefits of the scheme and then plan to go for it. So, from here you will get an idea about the benefits you are going to get from this scheme. Annuity payouts would be paid according to the benefits plan picked quickly after the top notch sum paid to the plan.


Furthest farthest point of Rs. 60,000 p.a will be given to the retired person.


Add up to price tag of speculation will be discounted on the occasion of retired person’s passing.


Segment 80CCC of the Income Tax Act empowers the retired person to guarantee impose derivation on the premium paid.


These benefits plan can be effectively tied up with other annuity plans, for example, Endowment Polices, PF, Mutual Funds,etc; to get a significant salary for every month.


Single premium of Rs. 6,66,665 empowers the policyholder to get Rs.5,000 every month.

A yearly premium of Rs. 6,39,610 prizes the beneficiary an aggregate of Rs. 60,000 for every annum.

Investment Specification

Have a look on this table to grab the specifications of investment:

Concerns Minimum Maximum
Age restriction 60 Years No restriction
Price of purchasing 63, 960 6,39,610
Yearly basis Annuity Payout 6,000 60,000
Frequency of Annuity Payout Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly  


Tabulation of Premium Amount

Premium amounts have been enlisted in this table. Have a look:

Procedure of pension Minimum Maximum
Yearly basis Rs. 63,960 Rs. 6,39,610
Half-yearly basis Rs. 65,430 Rs. 6,54,275
Quarterly basis Rs. 66,170 Rs. 6,61,690
Monthly basis Rs. 66,665


Rs. 6,66,665


The above table delineates that the payable premium is more than the yearly premium sum with regards to month to month and quarterly premium sum.

Pension Scale

Pension scale is mentioned here in the following table:

Particulars Time frame Minimum amount Time frame Maximum amount
Specific things Monthly basis Rs. 500 Monthly basis Rs. 5,000
Specific things Quarterly basis Rs. 1,500 Quarterly basis Rs. 15,000
Specific things Half-yearly basis Rs. 3,000 Half-yearly basis Rs. 30,000
Specific things Yearly basis Rs. 6,000 Yearly basis Rs. 60,000


Application Procedure

Qualified beneficiary can apply for the Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana by following the procedures expressed underneath:


Stage 1:- Download the frame and top it off with the compulsory data.

Stage 2:- The shape ought to be upheld with the required reports, in particular:

Therapeutic Reports

Address Proof

KYC reports

Presence Certificate

Stage 3:- The shape ought to be properly topped off and submitted to the concerned Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC).

Policy Surrender Period

Whole price tag of the arrangement will be repaid to the retired person while surrendering the strategy. The arrangement is generally surrendered following a time of 15 years. The policyholder can guarantee the price tag before 15 years if the retired person is influenced with basic or lethal sickness. For this situation, the retired person gets 98% from the aggregate price tag.

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