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All Details about Accounts Payable | Company Vakil

Liability regarding an amount is simply called an Accounts Payable and this is owed to the creditor or the supplier, who provides with the goods or services on the credit. In this article, the readers will get to learn about the full accounts payable process including the simplified definition, journal entries, formula, process and much more.


  • Simply speaking, accounts payable is just the lump sum of the short-term obligations of the entity, which is used to the suppliers or the creditors for the products or the services which are bought from them on credit in lieu of paying for all of it on spot.
  • The condition under such an agreement is that the entity has to do the purchase on the credit and it must agree in order to make the payments in a much specified time frame so that he can avoid the default of the payment.
  • Penalties may have been imposed or the interest payments may be added by the payment default.


  • Accounts payable is also eligible to be called a debt payment for short-term dues.
  • The entity which owes the payment treats it as a liability
  • In the accounts book of the entity, it is written under the heading called “Current Liabilities”
  • From the point of view of the enterprise, it is saved in the payable sub-ledger of the company by describing it as an outstanding payment once the invoice of the payment has been approved for making the payment; but the obligated pay has not yet been done by the entity who is obligated to do so.
  • Therefore, it remains in the accounting book of the payee entity as such.

The Relativity of Accounts Payable

  • The idea of the accounts payable is seen to be true to all the payments made for the necessary and the simple household products and services used in our everyday daily household necessities.
  • For example, the amount of finance spent after the telephones bills, electricity bills, and subscriptions of the newspapers all fall under the conditions of this system since we pay for these services after we have them consumed or used.
  • The bills which are normally paid at the end of the month are all a kind of credit that is extended to us from the providers of the service.
  • Therefore, at the end of the month, we are liable to make payments for the services or commodities we have used already.
  • Because the amount involving each payment has to be paid differently by each of us for all the consumed services, all such payments fall under the topic of this discussion and can be counted as the liabilities.
  • The company which has made plans to get the services and the products from their suppliers, the concept of this idea is held true in maximum cases since most of the time, the payments made for such products got are done as per the conditions formed between the two business groups participating in the transactions
  • The agreement includes the following – the time period of the credit, the method of the payment and such and all the penalties involved in the cases of the default in any case from the payee.
  • Therefore, any company which holds the products on any credit may have the eligibility to receive the invoice from the supplier
  • This will also enable them to enter into the outstanding amount of the payment in the sub-ledger of the Accounts Payable.


  • The main goal of this program is to pay the bills and invoices of the company which accurate and legitimate.
  • Before entering into the accounting books and being timed for the payments, the registration of the payment invoice with the details of the transaction has to be done.
  • Internal controls must be implemented within this program in order to protect the assets and the cash of the business.
  • This way, the accounts involved do not have to pay for the invoices which may turn out to be fraud, wrong or also may have been billed two times on the counts of such duplication of the invoices.
  • This program involves a three-way match process so that it can ensure that the only method is accurate and the legitimate invoices are to be recorded and be paid for. The topics of the three-way method are as follows:
Company Receiving the Report The things the company has received
Order of Purchase of the Company The things the company has ordered
Invoice of the Vendor The things amount the vendor has billed the company


After making sure that the details on these documents are totally in agreement, the invoice of the vendor has to be put into the process and a schedule for the payment has to be made for the journal entry. The method of segregation of the duties for this program has been done by the internal control of the business system. This method assigns the duty a certain individual who possess the set of skills very necessary for the work. The table below shows the activities of the individuals.

First Person Does the preparations for the purchase of the company
Second Person Does the preparations of the receiving reports of the company
Third Person Makes a comparison between the purchasing order, invoice of the vendor and the receiving reports
Fourth Person Does the payment to the suppliers


  • If anyone wants to run the company fruitfully, it is very important for the company to look over the records involving in the programs.
  • The time to time settlements of the payments, outstanding in nature, will help immensely in the improvement of the worthiness of credit of the company
  • This results in the improvement of the relations involving trade
  • It is crucial to understand the credit period, the accounts payable journal entry, the time for making payments involving a certain account and such
  • It is important to keep track of all these in order to stay updated about the records of the monetary transactions which are carried on by the business and its creditors.
  • It is the responsibility of the company to find out its creditors on the basis of the payments it owes to its suppliers
  • For the many different purchases made by the company for its important requirements, it is very useful in keeping the maintenance of an individual account for each of its suppliers
  • A transparent record with all the details of the payment is to be provided to the creditors
  • The record must also carry the dates of the payment to be made
  • This method helps in making schedules of the payments so that the creditors are well informed about their due payments
  • Generally, the payments made by the creditors form the hugest non-payroll outflow of cash in the company
  • An inclusion of the transactions producing an invoice for the payments to the creditors has to be made in the program.
  • Thus, the company must have a well-formed strategy for the proper management of the suppliers
  • Therefore, implementation of the accounts payable process can help to add a well-formed strategy to the company and increase the financial value.
  • When the strategy involving the supplier payment has been aligned with the capital aims of the company, this method becomes a significant contributor to the overall financial value
  • This method gives rise to the detailed information about the operational and the functional sides of the company.
  • The focus is mainly put on the record storage and the management of the information
  • The use of the given data to find out the operational and the financial intelligence, for example, the forecasts of the cash availability, management of the performance of the suppliers and such, may lead to searching the important insights of the present standing of the enterprise
  • The method paints a good picture of the real-time position of the business in accordance with the finances especially for the payments near the due dates
  • This method can also render more than just payments of the outstanding fees in the decided time frame in order to extend the advantage to the savings of the cost by making alterations of the payment processes.
  • There is a direct effect of the early payment capture of discount on the bottom line of the company
  • This gives rise to the added liquidity to the business in accordance with the discount of the suppliers
  • The supply chain of the finance can be a different approach to the payment of the enterprise
  • Putting a leverage on the supply chain of finance will help to provide a better system of management of the day’s payable outstanding by not compromising supplier-creditor relationships.
  • It is possible to delay in making payments in order to improve the management of cash of the company
  • This method is deemed instrumental for the maintenance of the cash flow of the business in case of many purchases
  • This is helpful during the negotiation of the regulations
  • There is a significant gap of time in the payments made to the creditors and the receivables of the ultimate sales proceeds
  • It may seem that the total cycle of the financial conversion can be unsuccessful over the time period as the payment load increases from the side of the credit

This can be talked over on the base of the accounts payable but it is to be kept in mind that the rate of conversion and the date fixed for payment to the creditors.

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