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All about Maa Bhoomi | Company Vakil

Through the advent of technology, India is getting digitalized day by day. One of the achievements of digitalization is initiative taken by the State Government of Telangana in the name Maa Bhoomi. Maa Bhoomi means “our land”. The Maa bhoomi website was launched by the Chief Minister Sri. K. Chandrasekhar Rao. The website Maa Bhoomi was launched with the object of helping land owners and cultivators to go through the government records of their own land in online. The website also provides for the details of forest as well as agriculture.

The link for the website: (

The website has the following contents:

  1. Maa Bhoomi Pahani
  2. Aadhar linking
  3. IB
  4. Village map
  5. Tax to be paid
  6. Nature of the land and crop
  7. Contact details
  8. Calculations and inquiries
  9. Other details.

The homepage of the website looks like this:



There are various services provided by the State Government of Telangana through this Maa Bhoomi website. They are:

  • Pahani/Adangal
  • Record of Right1B
  • Market value of the property
  • Details of Ownership
  • Registration of Patta
  • Apart from these, there are almost 30 services provided by the Maa bhoomi website.

The link for Maa bhoomi android app is also provided in the website. So that a person can have very easy access to the details at anywhere in his mobile.


A Pahani or Adangal is a document containing all the details of a land issued by the Tahsildar to the owner of the land. The document consists of details such as name of the owner of the land, land revenue, tax and liabilities to be paid by the owner, survey number and extension of land, nature of the land and soil, the way by which the land was acquired by the owner, Government’s right to use the land for public purpose etc.


  • The application form for Pahani costs Rs.35
  • It can be applied to the Tahsildar at the nearest Mee Seva centre.
  • Issuing of Pahani will take a few days to week.

To have an easy access, Pahani is classified as District and Village Pahani.

  • A person can have access to Pahani in online through the official Maa Bhoomi website.
  • By clicking the option ‘Your pahani’ in the menu and by entering the survey number or Aadhar number, a person can have a look at his own pahani document.
  • For village pahani, by clicking the option ‘Grama pahani’ and entering the survey number, a person can have access to his pahani document registered in the website.
  • A person can have printout of the document by clicking the print option given in the side menu.



A Record of right is a document conferring ownership rights to a person on his land. This document plays a vital role as it contains the ownership details of a land. The Register of document is maintained by the tahsildar at village level separately. The document is comprised of details like, survey number, name of the khatadar, khata number, extend of the land owned by khatadar, father’s name of khatadar etc.

The ROR document can also be applied to the Tahsildar through the nearest Meeseva centre. The application for ROR costs Rs.25. It will be issued within a week (7 days)

Just like the Pahani document, a person can also have a look at his ROR document in online through the Maa Bhoomi website.

  • By clicking the option ‘Your ROR 1B’ on the menu and entering the survey number or aadhar number, a person can have a look at his ROR details.

Survey number is very much important as it helps to know the details of land record.

The land owners and Pattadar can check the market value of their land by checking the website.



Tippan is a survey document contains field measurements. A person can also have access to his land Tippan through the website of Maa Bhoomi.


FMB is the short form for field measurement book. The book comprises of measurement sketches of field of individuals. Based upon this measurements, Survey numbers are marked and disputes will get settled.

The Revenue Department of State Government of Telangana is responsible for maintenance of land records in district as well as village wise.

The Chief Commissioner of Land Records (CCLA), Telangana is managing authority for digitalization of land records. Regarding disputes, and to rectify errors in data, People can make complaints to CCLA and he will find solution for those problems.

The Revenue department is collecting the mobile numbers of all the property owners in Telangana. All the land records are linked with the Aadhar number, so that individuals can have a look at their land details by entering the aadhar number itself. The whole programme of Meeseva is under the control of Revenue Department of Government of Telangana.

The Maabhoomi website is under maintenance and it’s not working properly. The alternative is provided by the Government in the form of Meeseva website –  (



A profit from sale of property or an investment is known as capital gain.

Land is a capital asset. Gain earned from that capital asset is capital gain. In India, Agricultural land is not considered as capital asset, hence exemption cannot be granted on the same from tax imposition. However, under section 10(37) of the income tax act, capital gains on compensation received on compulsory acquisition of agricultural land is exempted from tax.

Capital gain is a rise in the value of the property that gives it a higher worth than the purchase price. A capital gain maybe short-term (one year or less) or long-term (more than one year). Tax exemption is allowed on capital gain if the gain earned is long-term. If Long-term capital gain from sale of residential property is re-invested in agricultural land, no exemption will be granted for that LTCG.

It is granted under section 54F of the Income tax Act.


The initiation of Maa Bhoomi helps the land owner a lot .previously the land owner must visit the land revenue office and apply for pahani and ROR 1B and other related documents but now he can apply them through online and can download them easily.

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