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It has become very important to understand the trademark status with the current introduction of online registration for the trademark. With this new rules, India has drastically improved the transparency and the efficiency of the filing of trademark within the premises of the country. It has become possible and convenient to track all the applications regarding trademark online. An expert of trademark can conduct different action needed to be taken through this easy online process on the basis of the applications regarding the present trademark status.


In order to know the present application of trademark status of the trademark filing, visit the page of Trademark Public Search. After an application for the trademark is done and the class of the application gets entered, the system will display the status of the registration of the trademark. This article will try to explain the whole concept of the trademark status and all the necessary actions that has to be taken by the entrepreneur in order to make sure that the registration of the trademark is smooth and easy.


Status: New Application

The application of the trademark has been entered into the database of the application of trademark


Status: Send to Vienna Codification

The trademark has been getting assigned to the codes according to the Vienna Codification. This step is for the non-text application of trademark which may contain a logo or an artwork.


Status: Formalities CHK Pass

The trademark has passed all the basic requirement of filing for the trademark registration and is getting ready to be processed.


Status: Marked for exam

The trademark examiner has taken the application to check the trademark status for acceptability.


Status: Objected

The application of the trademark has been issued an adverse check-up report by the examiner of trademark. The applicant of the trademark has the option to address the objection that has been raised.


Status: Exam Report Issued

The application of trademark will probably get published within the Trademark Journal. This status can mean, too, that the application of trademark needs some changes to get published in the trademark journal.


Status: Refused

The registration for the trademark has been refused on the basis of the responses from the applicants made for the diverse report or objection.


Status: Adv. before accepted

The trademark has been made ready to get published but with some pending amendments from the applicant.


Status: Opposed

The application of trademark has been opposed by a third-party. The applicant of the trademark must fix the concerns of the opposition via the trademark registrar.


Status: Abandoned

The applicant of the trademark has not responded to the registrar of trademark within the given time.


Status: Withdrawn

The application of trademark has been withdrawn by the applicant before the trademark registration.


Status: Removed

The trademark has been moved away from the registry of trademark. The proposed symbol do not retain the trademark status anymore.


Status: Registered

The application of trademark has been accepted and registration of the trademark is complete.


The process of trademark registration may take anywhere between twelve to twenty four months. It is very crucial for the Entrepreneur to keep proper tabs on the application of trademark throughout the whole application process in order to respond to any of the details of the trademark registrar accordingly and ensure the trademark status.

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