The increased buying strength of Indian people is a clear sign of an energetic economy that is, along with the countries booming business market, taking large strides to glory. This exciting business bubble has also had an impact further down the business ladder with smaller levels franchisees. These business models have surfaced as eye-catching opportunities for entrepreneurs and Amul Ice-Cream/Amul full form is one of the big players.

India has witnessed how huge business ventures are watching carefully what is happening down at grassroots levels, down on the street, where small businesses (also known as kiosks) are making an impact.

One in, particular, the Amul Franchise platform, is making noises and has become a big game player in the dairy sector. The well-known business enterprise, with it’s foot in the food chain’s naughty pleasures Amul Ice-Cream,  venture that offers, would be business tycoons,’ opportunities to get into the game and be part of a business process with the formation of a franchise.

The Franchise and the range of franchise features, with an in-depth look at franchise development, are examined in this article.


• Exclusive outlets.
• Markets commodities of the franchise body.
• Outlets square feet set-up – one hundred (100) to three hundred (300) square feet.
• Possible locations. Markets, hospitals, public transport gardens, leading educational establishments, sports stadiums on match days, and other places that attract a crowd and opportunities for business.


The basic franchise structure requires a shop or some kind of space in an area that is popular and attracts a crowd. That’s pretty much a no-brainer. Why would anybody start a business in a location, with a few people, or where no people visit!
For the costs, it’s made clear on the website that the new franchise owner has to take on the burden of all costs incurred with the establishment startup. These could be anything between Rs. one point five (1.5) lakhs to Rs. six (6) lakhs. In addition to this, all operational costs must be dealt with by the new franchisees. On the plus side, the new franchisees are excused from paying royalties or profit sharing for the business.

Amul Franchises project that franchise owners or administrators could generate revenues of Rs. five (5) to ten (10) lakhs per month.


Amul’s across-the-board representatives promise that they will supply the companies whole range of Amul Ice-Cream and goods produced/manufactured.

Amul’s combination of products are categorized in three main groups:
• 1. Dairy Products.
• 2. Ice-creams.
• 3. Pouch Milk.

Product margins vary with higher margins with some products and less with others. The margin guidelines laid down by Amul Full Form Franchise are as follows:

• 1. Pouch Milk: Two point five percent (2.5%).
• 2. Milk Products: Ten percent (10%).
• 3. Ice-cream: Twenty percent (20%).
• 4. Recipe Based Categories: Such as Ice-cream scoop. Fifty percent (50%).


Amul assists with the set up for the franchises listed below:

• 1. Amul Preferred Outlet.
• 2. Amul Railway Parlour.
• 3. Amul Kiosk.

These types of Amul Ice Cream/Parlour franchises can be set up with an approximate outlay of Rs. two (2) lakhs. The breakdown of this for the new franchiser is as follows:

• Pay a non-refundable brand security fee of Rs. twenty-five thousand (25,000).
• Renovation investments Rs. one hundred thousand (100,000).
• Equipment investments Rs. seventy thousand (70,000).

The goods dealt with in the above examples are pouch milk, milk products, and ice-cream. These types of projects can be set up in locations of between one hundred (100) and one hundred and fifty (150) square feet.

Note: As mentioned earlier all the costs are approximate.


Amul Ice-Cream parlours can be established with an approximate investment of Rs. six (6) lakhs. This is broken down as follows:

• Non-refundable brand security fee Rs. fifty thousand (50,000).
• Renovation investment Rs. four hundred thousand (400,000).
• Incidental investments Rs. one hundred and fifty thousand (150,000).

Amul Ice-Cream parlour outlet products are as follows:
• Amul Ice-Cream based recipe scoops.
• Sundaes.
• Floats.
• Shakes.
• Baked Pizzas.
• Sandwiches.
• Cheese Slice Burgers.
• Garlic Bread.
• Hot Chocolate Drinks.
• Pre Packed Ice-creams.
• Some other products.

For this type of project, the setup location needs a space of around three hundred (300) square feet.

Note: As mentioned earlier all the costs are approximate.


To make franchise applications follow these steps:
• Step 1. Visit the Amul official website

• Step 2. Amul Parlour. In the right-hand corner, at the end of the home page, click on the ‘Amul Parlours’ option. All the necessary data related to this amul online programme will be found on the page you are directed to.
• Step 3. Click on the Amul Ice-Cream Amul Parlour online form.

• Step 4. Complete all the relevant information required on the amul full form and press on submit. This will complete the application registration process.


For any assistance, or any questions you have, related to the franchises and franchise set-ups please contact Company Vakil and chat with our business advisory team