Syncing PAN card with Digilocker 

Syncing PAN card with Digilocker

A prime initiative started by the Government of India as a part of the Digital India campaign, Digilocker or the digital locker allows Indian citizens to secure their certain official documents on the cloud. This service is basically used for storing the documents of a person online while reducing the space and work to manage and arrange all the documents physically, every time they are required to be taken with them. Digilocker provides with 1 GB of space to the users to store their documents, from ID cards to Education certificates, PAN, Driving License, Aadahar Card, etc, allowing them to sync their documents to make the work and use easy.

The following steps will help in the procedure of syncing the PAN with Digilocker:

Step 1: Log on to the official website i.e.,

Step 2: Sign in using the Aadahar Number

Step 3: When directed to a new page, click on issued documents. After clicking a pop-up bar appears on the screen

Step 4 : Click on the hyperlinked option ‘Pull Documents’ in the pop-up bar from previous step

Step 5 : Select ‘Income Tax Department, Government of India’ from the drop down menu in the choice of partners name. Next select ‘PAN Verification Record’ in the document type.

Step 6 : To enter the following details click on search documents :

• Name of the user
• Date of Birth
• Gender

Step 7 : Once all the details are entered, click on  ‘Get Document’
Upon this all the details of the PAN card are registered online

Step 8 : The PAN is successfully synced with the Digilocker after the procedure

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