It is said that a business is a mix of a war and a game. A Special Economic Zone or SEZ resembles a tremendous sports centre, preparing and offering support to its business people to battle the war of clients, deals and value better. A Special Economic Zone is a region effectively committed to the promotion of business exercises and is better than other fields as a result of the services, administrations, and characteristics it has.


There are both central and state owned SEZs in India. These SEZs are multi-product in nature meaning that they provide facilities for manufacturing, sales, and distribution of product and services

There are some existing explicit ones, for example, the Salt Lake Electronic City Special Economic Zone in West Bengal which is a Software Development and IT related Special Economic Zone, or the SEEPZ Special Economic Zone in Mumbai which is explicitly an electronic and pearls and jewellery Special Economic Zone

Perks of setting up in a special economic zone

Every year the deals from units situated in SEZ have acquired expanded benefits in terms of the estimation of fare making it ideal for export-oriented businesses. One major reason for this is their nearness to ports, excellent circulation channels including rail and aviation routes. Also, there is a decreased weight for acquiring licenses for imports for such units. In addition, if a fare unit buys contributions from outside the region of the Special Economic Zone (which isn’t viewed as part of a domestic territory for specific purposes, regardless being inside the landscape of India), that is from the local domestic area; the buy is qualified for deduction for tax purposes, bringing the manufacture cost down.

  1. Stamp duty, registration fee and other exemptions-

There is an exemption from payment of stamp duty and registration fee on land or industrial property purchase for all units located within the SEZ. Also there is no need to be an Indian resident to be appointed as a director

  1. Increased access to financial services-

There are many private and public funding excluding to units in special economic zone which provides easy loans.

  1. Tax holidays and exemptions-

A standout amongst the hugest aspects of being situated in a Special Economic Zone is that businesses can take tax advantages in their early stage of capitalisation. The deducted export turnover is accessible for a greatest time of fifteen years. Whole 100 percent of benefits are exempted tax liability for a time of five years. In the following five years, 50 percent of the benefits are excluded and in the last arrangement of five years, a further 50 percent of benefits are exempted when charged to special reserve for reinvestment. It is likewise critical that regardless of whether you choose to sell the whole SEZ unit, the deduction will in any case be accessible to the purchaser.

  1. Faster clearance- in today’s time where India’s biggest aim is to boost the ease of doing business ranking, there is only one window clearance system foe both setting up SEZ and units within SEZ
  2. Providing marketing, technical and developmental support- the software and IT sectors have their own niche in special economic zones. A sufficient infrastructural support like great connectivity for call centres as part of their Business process outsourcing is provided in such specific zones. With better connects to the market and lift to imagination and business enterprise stretched out by method for help from government and private financing units, setting up in a special economic zone could be a standout amongst the most deliberately profitable choices for an upcoming venture.

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