Procedure of Correction of the PAN Card Details

Sometimes, changing need to be done for the PAN card details. Permanent Account Number (also known as PAN in short) is a ten-digit alphanumeric code, issued as a card by the Department of Income Tax in India. PAN empowers the Income Tax Department to track all exchanges of a man or element. In India, PAN is required for a recording of Income Tax Return, keeping money of over Rs.50 thousand, opening financial balance, acquiring phone association, and so on. Therefore, it is vital for all people and elements in India to get a PAN Card. Here and there, a PAN card name change possibly required because of various reasons including marriage, incorrectly spelled name in PAN card, change of name and some other reasons. In this article, we audit the strategy for PAN card name change in India, with an accentuation on after marriage PAN card name change methodology.


PAN Card Name Change

A PAN name change might be required because of various reasons. A portion of the normal explanations behind change incorporate marriage, incorrectly spelled name, separate, difference in name and others. The PAN card name change system is basic and can be expert by recording structure for PAN Card Name Change through TIN or NSDL. The expense for asking for PAN card change is 105 rupees and on the off chance that, the PAN card must be sent abroad, an extra charge of 866 rupees is appropriate.


Finishing the PAN Card Name Change Form

Name changing for the PAN card details shape can be printed and finished or submitted on the web. While printing and presenting the demand for name change, it is essential to recollect to:

  • Finish the shape in English with a dark pen
  • Notice the distributed PAN in the place gave
  • Fasten two late shading photographs in the place gave
  • Sign inside the crate gave and over the photograph


While finishing the PAN Change Request Form, tick the crate on the left hand side edge of the shape to demonstrate where change is required.


Records required for PAN Card Name Change

Notwithstanding the application, the accompanying archives must be submitted as supporting records:


PAN Card Name Change after marriage

Documents required for the name alteration in the PAN card details after marriage are:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Marriage Invitation
  • Duplicate of Passport demonstrating Husband’s name
  • Distribution of name change in Official Gazette
  • Endorsement issued by a Gazetted officer


PAN Card Name Change because of some other reason

Documents required for the name alteration in the PAN card details other than marriage are:

  • Production of name change in Official Gazette
  • Authentication issued by a Gazetted officer


For making changes in the PAN card details because of incorrect spelling, a mix of the accompanying records can be submitted:


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