Permission to Use logo

Permission to use logo

For the use of logo you have to get permission unless used for editorials or information purpose or when it is used in written article/ used as a comparative product statement

Q) explain the situation when you need permission to use a logo?

A logo or trademark is any photograph, word or any symbol in kind which is used to identify a brand, service provider of the product which you need as permission to use as logo provided if it for editorials/ information purpose such a situation is when the logo is used in a written article or being used as part of a comparative product statement

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Now when you have understood the basic principle of these are other to instances you should never use a trademarked logo thus a company or individual should not use any trademark or logo if it is without the permission of the owner that includes a description the statement of propose and why do you want to use that specific logo that also includes a description of why you are asking and how the logo will be used this statement simply means that third party should never use someone else logo without a licensed agreement that includes program and corporate logos in certain cases a policy for product a policy may Include that the retailer or resellers can never change the trademark or corporate logo in such a case the policy may indicate that the sole proprietor and reseller can never change the trademark or corporate logo appearing on the company products hence trying to replace a company’s logo with your own goes against the company’s written policy that may be in the form of moa or aoa—-(memorandum of association and article of association) thus it is never allowed without a written agreement.

Q)why it is important to get permission to use logo?

The basic answer to this question is that getting permission to use logo or a trademark provides you a unique protection of your intellectual property right however getting a trademark registered in India grants you a legal protection to the owner against anyone using it unlawfully thus it give you full power to use your legal right without worrying about antibodies repercussions here are certain steps that are listed below which will help you to decide the use of trademark or logo that one need to keep in mind while doing appropriate use of trademark:-

  1. Determine if gaining permission is necessary
  2. Identification of the owners logo
  3. Identify which right you need to request
  4. Contact the owner with a description of your intended use and negotiate the required payment , if such any
  5. Receiving your trademark permission in writing

Q)list of reasons that need to be listed for getting permission to use a logo?

Hence there is a line to know what actually falls under “fair use” here is the list of some of the specific reasons that should be kept in mind that why do you want the permission to use trademark or logo

  1. If you want to use a third parties logo or trademark to use or sell crafts to do this process you need to require a trademark license
  2. The logo’s size, usage at a point in time or placement for instance will imply that you are associated with that specific product or trademark owner also it ,at be that you are endorsed by that company and thus it indicates that you are doing direct violation of the owner’s trademark right
  3. This also includes commercial uses such as promotion of good and services, advertising and marketing requires permission for instance leaving a part the comparative advertisement use this also includes sponsored activities such as public presentations

Q)steps for gaining permission of logo?

Step—(1) download the logo and tagline request and release form and e-mail it to use

  1. The first step is to tell why do you need the use of logo
  2. How will it reproduced( i.e. offset printing, desktop/office printing, online reproduction)
  3. Determining whether it will appear alongside other ministry or any Corporate logos
  4. Whether space is a consideration—

The option of putting for name on logo on to for instance—(a name tag, business card, other small items)


When permission is granted, you will receive the appropriate file and will place the logo according to your instructions


Give an electronic scan of the logo in situ so that it should be known it has been used correctly.


For the use of logo you have to get permission unless used for editorials or information purpose or when it is used in written article /used as a comparative product statement A logo or any symbol in kind which is used to identify a brand or a brand.

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