Partnership Firm Registration in the State of Telangana

Partnership firms and their firm registration are the second most regular kind of business element in India after proprietorship. One of the greatest points of interest of a Partnership firm is that in excess of one individual can contribute and maintain the business. Furthermore, when contrasted with a LLP, Partnership firms are simpler to enroll, as there is no necessity for acquiring the DSC or the DIN or any Name Approval. Partnership enrollment falls under the domain of the State Governments while the LLP enlistment falls under the domain of the Central Government under the Ministry of the Corporate Affairs (that is, the Partnership Firm versus the LLP).


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In Telangana, enrollment of Partnership Firm can be finished through the Registration and the Stamps Department of Telangana Government. In this article, we take a gander at the technique for enrollment of organization firm in detail.


Organization Registration – Indian Partnership Act, 1932

The law identifying with a Partnership firm is contained in the Indian Partnership Act, 1932. Under the Section 58 of the Act, a firm might be enrolled whenever (not simply at the season of its arrangement but rather along these lines likewise) by recording an application with the Registrar of Firms (the District Registrar, Registration and Stamps Department in the State of Telangana) of the region in which wherever of business of the firm is arranged or proposed to be arranged.


Prior to the Registration

Before firm registration, it is prescribed that you confirm that the proposed name is not comparative or personality to a current organization name or the LLP name or trademark. Despite the fact that a Partnership firm could be enrolled with a comparative name, it could prompt some legitimate issues later on. Subsequently, it is best to complete a fast name accessibility check and a trademark look.

  • Complete a Company Name Availability Check
  • Complete a Trademark Search


Worthy Name for Partnership Firm

In the wake of finishing a name check against MCA and trademark database, Partners are additionally asked for to consider beneath made reference to rules while choosing name for their firm.

  • The names must not be unreasonably similar or undefined, making it difficult to the name of another current firm doing tantamount business, this is vital to maintain a strategic distance from perplexity. The central clarification for this standard is that the generosity or reputation of the firm may be hurt, if another firm could get a joined forces name.
  • According to Section 58(3) of Indian Partnership Act, 1932, the name of a firm ought not contain words like Crown, Emperor, Empress, Empire or words conveying or gathering the underwrite, support or support of Government except for when the State Government hints its consent in making for the utilization out of such words as a segment of the firm name.


Make a Partnership deed

Organization deed is a report in which the individual rights and commitments of the individuals from a Partnership is composed. A Partnership deed understanding ought to be in composed on the grounds that oral assention does not have any an incentive for duty purposes regarding firm registration.


Fundamental qualities of an organization deed are portrayed underneath.

  • Name and Address of the firm and in addition every one of the accomplices
  • Nature of business to be continued
  • Date of Commencement of business
  • Span of Partnership (regardless of whether for a settled period/venture)
  • Capital commitment by each accomplice
  • Benefit sharing proportion among the accomplices


On the expansion to the above prerequisites, the accomplices may call attention to any additional provisos on the off chance that they wish to incorporate. Some of such extra statements are:

  • Planning records and orchestrating review
  • Commissions, Salaries to accomplices
  • Accomplice’s Loan, Partner’s capital intrigue
  • Assigning the accomplices with forces, commitment, and obligations
  • Follow-up of specific standards in death, retirement cases


As indicated by the Indian Stamp Act, the Partnership deed ought to be on a stamp paper. Each accomplice ought to have a duplicate of organization deed. While enlisting the organization firm an Partnership deed ought to likewise be recorded with the Registrar of Firms.


Records Required for Registering a Partnership Firm

  • Recommended Registration Form for Incorporation of a firm (Form No. 1 and Specimen of Affidavit)
  • Ensured genuine duplicate of the Partnership deed
  • Proprietorship evidence of the main place of business


Charge for Registering a Partnership firm

Sl.NoDocument or act in accordance with the number of which the fee is payableMaximum Fee
1For the Firm registrationFor each PartnerRs.100
2Change of the principle or the place or name of the firmRs.100
3Noting of the closing and the opening of the branchesRs.100
4Noting of the changes in the names and the addresses of partnersRs.100
5Recording of the changes in and the dissolution of a firmRs.100
6Rectification of the mistakesRs.100
7Inspection of the Register of the FirmsFor inspecting the of each of the firms in the RegisterRs. 20
8Inspection of the Register of Rs. 20 FirmsFor each inspection of all the documents relating to one single firmRs.20
9Copies from the Register of the FirmsFor each hundred words or the part thereofRs. 4 or part thereof.


Technique to Register a Partnership Firm

Step 1: Fill the application or proclamation, following points of interest ought to be entered in the application.

  • Firm name
  • Place or foremost place of business of the firm
  • Names of whatever other spots where the firm carries on business
  • Date when each accomplice joined the firm
  • Names in full and perpetual locations of the accomplices
  • Length of the firm



Step 2: Application for the firm registration must be marked by every one of the accomplices or by their specialists particularly approved for this sake.


Step 3: Along with application frame and recommended charge, the enrollment of a firm might be done whenever by sending by post or conveying to the Registrar of the region in which wherever of business of the firm is arranged or proposed to be arranged.


Step 4: If the recorder is happy with the focuses expressed in the Partnership deed, he will record a section of the announcement in an enlist called the Register of Firms and issue a Certificate of Registration.


Note: The Register of Firms kept up at the workplace of the Registrar contains finish and state-of-the-art data about each enrolled firm. This Register of Firms is available to review by any individual on installment of the recommended charges. Any individual inspired by review the points of the interest of any of the firms can ask definitely for the Registrar of Firms for the equivalent and on installment of the recommended charges, a duplicate of all subtle elements of with Firm enlisted with the Registrar would be given to the candidate


It is compulsory for all organizations to apply for Registration with the Income Tax Department and have a PAN Card. In the wake of acquiring a PAN Card, the Partnership Firm registration would be required to open a Current Account for the sake of the Partnership Firm and work every one of its activities through this Bank Account.