Application of Pan card for Sole Proprietorship

This article will be teaching you on how to go about Pan Card application for the sole proprietorship. Besides the application process, you will learn about the necessary documents for acquiring the card for a sole proprietorship firm.

Is pan card application necessary for a sole proprietorship?

Unlike other business entities in India, a sole proprietorship does not require the card. However, you can apply for the card using your name. After the application, you can use the card for your sole proprietorship firm. Furthermore, you can use the card as your legal document for the opening of a bank account, getting a license and other documents.

Means of Pan Card application for the sole proprietorship

As mentioned before, unlike other business entities, sole proprietorship firm in India do not require the card. Nonetheless, a sole proprietorship firm can be represented by a personal card.

Pan Card application process for a sole proprietorship firm using proprietor name

  • For the application of a sole proprietorship card using the proprietor name, open will find an application form, 49A” to apply for a firm card using proprietor name”.
  • Fill all the details in the application form. In case you need some assistance regarding the application, open this link, for application instructions.
  • After filling the application form, submit it. But, you must pay the service fee using any authorized method that is convenient for you. For India natives, the service fee is Rs.93/-, while for foreign residents, the service fee is Rs. 864/-.
  • After making the payment, you will get an acknowledgment number. Keep the number well, as you will be using it to check your application status.

Documents required for card application of sole proprietorship firm

  • A copy of either electricity bill, water bill or telephone bill.
  • Duplicate copy of either passport, driving license or voter ID.
  • Employer certificate and any recent receipt copies.
  • Copies of property tax assessment order and ration card.
  • Bank account statement, credit card, and depository account copies.
  • Copies of a degree from a recognized educational institution, matriculation certificate, and school leaving certificate.


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