GST Registration for New Business

How to Get a GST Registration Number for a New Business

The taxation system that the Indian government provides for is two-fold. This is either Direct or Indirect Tax. Direct taxation is the taxpayers’ direct liability to pay tax in the…

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Cost for GST Registration

How Much Does it Cost to Register for GST?

Taxation in India can be classified into Direct Taxation and Indirect Taxation, should one want to classify broadly. Direct Taxation refers to the tax paid by the citizens directly in…

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opc vs Private Limited Company

Difference between One Person Company and Private Limited Company

The law relating to companies and registration of companies in India is dealt with under the Companies Act of 2013. The act deals with the regulation and incorporation of various…

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LLP vs Private Limited Company

Difference between LLP Company and Private Limited Company

The Companies Act, 2013 lays down specific guidelines and provisions for all processes related to companies to be followed within the territory of India. All topics, beginning from basic requisites,…

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company registration in one day

How To Incorporate a Company in One Day

Company registration can be a tedious process. However, with the right guidance and following the correct procedure, it can be made very easy. With the age of digitalization and the…

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Change your Company Name

Procedure to Change The Name of Private Limited Company

The Indian law on companies provides for various types of companies that can be established under it. To allow entrepreneurs to conduct their business freely, in a conducive environment, various…

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copyrights law for IT

Copyright Law for Information Technology in India

This 21st century, in which we are currently living, is an age of globalization and is often known as the digital age. There are quite a few reasons why this…

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Music Copyright Law India

Cinematograph Films Copyright Law in India

A Cinematograph film is defined as any visual work that has been recorded on any medium. The process followed for this recording is that it uses a moving image accompanied…

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Music copyright process india

Music Copyright Process in India

Art is pure and can inspire one to greatness or can create havoc inside an individual and every kind of art is valued by its owner at a great price….

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Trademark Objection report

Top Reasons for Trademark Objection

Trademark is basically a symbol or words that are used to distinguish your product from the products launched by your competitors. When you get your trademark registered you can legally…

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