Online Application for the Patta Chitta

The Patta Chitta are two new income records kept up by the Tamil Nadu Government. Patta and Chitta records assume a critical job in all property related exchanges in Tamil Nadu like property exchange, property vow, and property legitimate supposition and so on. In this article, we take a gander at Patta and Chitta in detail.


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What is Patta?

Patta is an administration record of containing the points of interest of land possession, zone of land, area with review subtle elements. While acquiring a property, checking the patta reports will guarantee that the property is being obtained from the legitimate proprietor according to Government record.


For a reasonable property title, the dealer must have a legitimate patta for the land that he/she is offering. After buy of land, the purchaser must apply to the concerned Taluka office for exchange of patta to the purchaser name to keep up an unmistakable title. An example patta report is given beneath to reference:


What is Chitta?

Chitta is an administration report relating to ardent property that is kept up by the concerned Village Administrative Officer (VAO) and Taluka office. In the chitta, the order of the land among nanjai and punjai is given along the points of interest of the proprietor of the property. Nanjai alludes to arrive with a lot of water as a rule with water bodies like streams, channels, lakes and so on. Punjai alludes to arrive with less water bodies and with offices, for example, bore wells.


Step by step instructions to Get Patta and Chitta

The Government of Tamil Nadu has automated the records of patta chitta and made the equivalent accessible on the web. You can get to Patta and Chitta on the web or by drawing closer to the concerned Taluka office. Coming up next is the method for acquiring the Patta and Chitta on the web.


Step 1: Go to Patta and Chitta Website

The Tamil Nadu patta chitta site is accessible in two dialects – English and Tamil. For the English variant, click here.


Step 2: Select View Patta and FMB or the Chitta or the TSLR Extract

Select the Patta and FMB or the Chitta or the TSLR Extract and pick the locale in which the property is found.


Step 3: Details of Property

Give subtle elements of the property to which patta chitta is required in the accompanying screen. Points of interest like Taluk, Village, Ward and Block would be required alongside Survey Number and Sub Division Number.


Step 4: Patta Chitta from Town Survey Land Register

On accommodation of the property points of interest, the accompanying Certificate from the Town Survey Land Register would be issued online with subtle elements of the property. The declaration would contain subtle elements like kind of development on the property, metropolitan entryway number, territory, sort of land, and so forth. The issued authentication’s legitimacy can be checked online here.


Exchange of Patta Citta

Patta and Chitta checked by the concerned taluka office as shown under the patta and chitta possibly asked for by a planned purchaser or an investor some of the time. In such cases, the property proprietor can approach the concerned taluka office or the town authoritative officer for the equivalent. If there should arise an occurrence of the exchange of it because of the property exchange, an application for the exchange of Patta and Chitta must be submitted in the application form demonstrated as follows:


Archives Required for Patta Transfer

Alongside the patta exchange application, the accompanying reports must be submitted for the patta exchange:

  • Marked patta exchange application
  • Duplicate of offer deed. Unique records must be submitted for confirmation
  • Verification of ownership like EB bill or property impose receipt
  • Encumbrance authentication


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