Geographical Indication Registration

Geographical Indication Registration

Customers here and there partner the quality or attributes of an item dependent on the place of birthplace of the item. For example, silk sarees from Kanchipuram have certain unmistakable qualities, bringing about the district work in the item, which prompts recognizing such items as start from a specific area, which after some time has moved toward becoming without anyone else’s input a worldwide brand. With the items from specific locales being remarkably recognized and telling premium qualities, it is imperative to shield the brand and enthusiasm of the makers from forgers. This has prompted the idea of topographical sign enlistment.


Land Indications of Goods Act, 1999

To ensure land signs, India instituted the Geographical Indications of Goods Act, 1999. The Act gives a structure to enlistment of a land sign, secures the enthusiasm of makers of specific products, keeps unapproved people from abusing geological signs and shields customers from double dealing.


Mainstream Registered Geographical Indications

A portion of the outstanding land signs enrolled in India are:

Pochampally Ikat (Andhra Pradesh)

Chanderi Saree (Guna, Madhya Pradesh)

Kotpad Handloom texture (Koraput, Orissa)

Kancheepuram Silk (Tamil Nadu)

Bhavani Jamakkalam (Erode, Tamil Nadu)

Mysore Agarbathi (Mysore, Karnataka)

Solapur Terry Towel (Maharashtra)

Mysore Silk (Karnataka)

Kullu Shawl (Himachal Pradesh)

Kangra Tea (Himachal Pradesh)

Coorg Orange (Karnataka)

Mysore Sandalwood oil (Karnataka)

Mysore Sandal soap(Karnataka)

Channapatna Toys (Karnataka)

Coimbatore Wet Grinder (Tamil Nadu)

Orissa Ikat (Orissa)


Land Indication Registration

In contrast to a trademark enrollment or copyright enlistment, individual, corporate substances and private gatherings can’t have any significant bearing for a topographical sign. Land sign enlistment can be connected for just by any relationship of people or makers or any association or expert set up for speaking to the enthusiasm of the makers of the concerned merchandise. The candidate must be a legitimate element and ought to speak to the enthusiasm of makers of the great connected for. Thus, the candidate for geological sign can’t be an individual speaking to a relationship of people or maker.


All Geographical Indication fiilngs must be done at the Geographical Indications Registry, Intellectual Property Office Building, G.S.T. Street, Guindy, Chennai – 600032. The Geographical Indications Registry at Chennai has ward all over-India and all applications must be recorded in Chennai.


Application for land sign enrollment ought to be marked by a man named as an approved signatory by a relationship of people or maker. The limit in which the individual is marking the archive for the benefit of the people ought to be referenced in the application.


Motivations to Register Geographical Indication

A topographical sign enlisted under the Geographical Indications of Goods Act, 1999 is secured and encroachment on a geological sign is an offense culpable with detainment or fine or both. A portion of the offenses under the Act include:


Falsely applying a Geographical Indication

Improperly describing a place of business as connected with the Geographical Indication


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