FSSAI license for Herbalife

In today’s world, everyone is concerned about their looks and health, be it youngsters or old people. And this is actually good, because with the lot more junk food coming in, a life with lot more stress and mental agony, little time for working out or eating healthy, everybody needs something quicker and with health conscious. Another reason is there are lot many diseases now. And for looking good and having good food at the same time maintaining health becomes a tedious task.

The greater part of the general population once in a while doesn’t get the required nourishment from their food habits. They rely on food like Pizza, Burger, Rolls, and so on that doesn’t give adequate nutrition. Because of this people feel low in vitality and not ready to accomplish their objective in regards to wellness. Hence, to keep up their great well being and satisfy their everyday necessities of nutrition people have started taking energy drinks, protein shakes, medicines, etc.

There have been huge intake of these products and so the demand is rising. Companies have started to invest in it now and offering customers product that will supplement their daily nutritional requirement.

My Herbalife India is a worldwide famous company for providing nutrition and weight management products. They offer wide variety of nutrition and health care products like, snacks, protein shakes, energy and fitness drinks, etc. This company was established in 1980 with an aim to provide best and quality products in nutrition and health care spec tare, so that the changing life style of people can be made better.

After a lot of research, development, testing, and maintaining high level of standard in the industry, company is dedicated in serving all its customers with the best product. Every product developed by the company is tested on diverse basis, and quality audit is done on a continuous basis, so ensure wellness and compliance.

But to supply any health care product and do business, all the companies need to take permission from FSSAI and follow the rules of FSSAI. In India FSSAI- food safety and standards authority of India, is the supreme food regulator. It performs under the ministry of health and family welfare. It regulates manufacturing, storage, sale, distribution and import of food products.

It is very important to check the products before using it. And FSSAI has a very important role to play, to check the quality of food product and whether it is free from adulteration, contamination and contains hygienic products within it. It is always advisable to eat food products which are approved by FSSAI.

FSSAI’s condition for working in this industry are-

  1. For registration, its annual turnover should be more than at least Rs. 12 lakh.
  2. For state license, annual turnover to be more than Rs. 12 Lakh and up to Rs. 20 crore.
  3. For central license, More than Rs. 20 crore annual turnover is necessary.

If the company is unable to fulfill the requirements and unable to provide for safety standard documents for assessment, then the company gets rejected for license. For this reason companies need to follow FSSAI norms and standard to get food license and product approval before launching the product for the public in market. FSSAI penalizes the companies if they default in the standards and norms as stated.

How to obtain FSSAI license for Herbalife:

In the present case, My herbalife India is an importer so it needs import license need to be issues and then the importer company must apply for FSSAI license. The company needs to take NOC (no objection certificate) from FSSAI to import the products in India. After this the FSSAI will provide them with license and then they can sell their products here.


FSSAI is the regulatory body in India for food products and health care products. It checks whether all the standards and norms of FSSAI are fulfilled by the company or not. FSSAI license is mandatory for a company to sell products. My Herbalife India imports the products so it first needs to get NOC and provide all documents to FSSAI and then apply for license.

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