Form 16 – Income Tax

Any one responsible for reducing the TDS is required to give our the Form 16 to the employee . In this article we will get into details about the form 16.

TDS Certificates

TDS certificates are given by someone who is reducing the tax at source (TDS). matter  concerning reduction of tax,the person who reduces the tax is expected to give out a certificate in the known order to the employee or payee:

  • Form 16 is given for TDS on wages.
  • Form 12BA is a statement of the value of profit in line of wages.
  • Form 16A is given for TDS on other returns.
  • Form 16B is given for TDS buying stagnant properties.

Form 16 Format

Form 16 must be given in the order given under the Income Tax Act. the following includes in the form 16 :

  • Certified account details of the deductee.
  • Certified tax deduction and account number details of the deductor.
  • identification number’s book where there is tax deductions without the challan production.
  • numbers identification just incase you make payment through the bank.
  • Receipt number of the necessary part of the statement of tax reduced at source which is designed pertaining with Rule 31A.

Due Date for Issuing Form 16

Form 16 must be Given annually on or before the 31st of May for the financial year in where tax was reduced and income paid.

Form 16A must be given every quarter part within 15 days from the date of designing the statement of TDS as under:

  • In April – June – 15th August
  • In July – September – 15th November
  • In October – December – 15th February
  • In January – March – 15th April
  • Part A of Form 16

Deductors of tax must give out Part A of Form 16 by producing and downloading the file via our portal. So, all tax deductors and people working should have an account on TRACES for reducing tax on wages.

And, if a person has more than one employer in one year, then every employer can give out Part A of Form 16 for the duration they worked and Part B may be given out by every employers .
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