Benefits of ESI Registration

Today,  shares ESI benefits. All money distresses that employees facingwerelified in the Esi Act,1948. These are distresses faced during industrial disease, either permanent or temporary unfitness, employment injury that leads to death, maternity or illness.

As a result, there is a partial or complete loss of wages, as well as the ability to earn. However, ESI registration is important for non-seasonal companies that have either ten or hundreds of workers. Besides, ESI registration is a mandatory requirement for newspaper institutions, preview theatres, cinemas, restaurants, and hotels, as well as road transport.

ESI Registration Benefits

Medical Cover

All individuals and their loved ones who have undertaken ESI registration gets full medical cover. You get the medical benefit immediately you have received an insured employment. When it comes to your treatment or that of a loved, there is no limit on expenditure. Furthermore,insured retirees, disabled persons and their spouses gets the medical cover. However, they receive an annual premium payment token of Rs 120/-.

Unemployment allowance

Whenever any person working with the United Nations gets laid-off, he/ she gets state allownace. However, the person must have an insurance of atleast three years. You get unemployment allowance when a factory closes,following permanent disability in line of duty and when retrenced. State allowances comprises of:

  • Medical cover for you and your family in insured hospitals and dispensaries. This is throughout the duration state allowances is released to information science.
  • Unemployment allownace, which is equivalent to five-hundrends of wages, up to one year.
  • Support for skills enhancement and vocational training, alongside related costs.

Funeral costs

Whenever an insured employee dies, his/her dependents or the person who is performing the last rites gets Rs.10,000/- for the preparation.

Dependent benefit

In case an employee dies as a result of injury or hazardous activities in place of work, the dependents gets some benefit. On a monthly basis, the dependents get 9% of the deceased wage.

Disability aid

Immediately you get some disability as an insured employer, you get 9% of the wage. As long as the temporary disability exists, you get paid, irrespective of not having made any contribution.

In case permanent disability has lead to loss earning ability, you get 9% of the wage  every month. However, the medical board must certify your inability to earn due to permanent disability.

Maternity aid

You get maternity aid for three months. But, depending on your medical condition, duration can be long. You get full wage, which is subject to seventy days contribution in the prior year.

Sickness aid

Inusred employees gets a 7% of their wages as sickness aid,for the entire sickness duartion. Payment is through Various monetary compensation methods. However,illnesses must be certified for a duration of ninety one days in a year. Besides, an inusred employee is required to contribute contribution amount for seventy-eight days in six months, in order to qualify for the benefit.

Employees who are ailing from malignant and long-term diseases are free to claim an extended sickness benefit of a maximum of two years, with an increased rate of 8% of the wages. Additionally, employees who are undertaking sterilization can get an increased sickness benefit, which is equivalent to full wage. For male, the sterilization takes seven to fourteen days,while for females,its done severally.


ESI benefits stands for Employee State Insurance, while ESIC stands for Employee State Insurance Corporation. Here is the registration process:

  • An employer submits a complete Employer’s Registration Form-1 on the corporation’s website. Alongside the registration form are address, ID and other required legal documents.
  • In order to get benefits under the corporation scheme, all employees of the employer fills the employer’s form-1, and submit it to the employer. Alongside the form is a family photograph.
  • Under the scheme, an insured member and his or her dependents gets a complete medical cover. The cover comprises of hospitalization, specialist consultation,injections, drugs and treatment.

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