Domicile certificate

Domicile certificate

Domicile certificate or residential certificate is a legal document issued by state government to certify a person’s residential identity from the state where he belongs or has been settled there for a long time.

A person can keep domicile of one state, if immigrated permanently have to surrender previous domicile certificate before applying for a new residential certificate

In India law of domicile was introduced under Indian succession ACT 1925.

Under the provision of the act it has been classified as

1.Domicile of origin

2.Domicile of choice and

3.Domicile by operation of law.

A person can claim domicile in the state where he/she born or immigrated and settled abroad for earning from the place of origin , or living in the different state for more than 5 years or planning to settle there permanently.

It is also used by government to record the population of the state,

Benefits of domicile certificate:-

Benefits of domicile certificate are as follows :-

For claiming reservation in government jobs,

Educational institutions,

Reservation quota in state government


Applying for scholarships.

For residential proof

Used as identity proof.

For taking various government facilities.

Applying for passport or visa.

Supporting document for income tax verification.

For Land or home allotment process

Eligibility for domicile certificate:-

For a domicile certificate eligibility criteria differ from state to state.

For being eligible for a domicile certificate.

A person is eligible for domicile certificate in the state of his origin or the state where he is permanently settled or living there since last 10 to 15 years

A Person who has a permanent home in the state, but immigrated a different state for earnings.

A woman of different state origin married and settled in another state.

If minor,  the certificate can be issued on the basis of their guardians domicile certificate.

Documents required:-

Documents required for domicile are as follows :-

Ration card, Voter ID card or addhar card

Affidavit as prescribed in Annexure-I of the domicile certificate form.

For residential proof :- water bill, landline bill, electricity bill etc.

Birth certificate, class 10th marks sheet or school leaving certificate.

Proof of land owned in the state.

Property tax receipt.

Passport size coloured photograph.

Stamp paper of 20 Rs.

Amount to be paid

The Cost of the application form is 50 rs .

You have to pay for 20 rs stamp paper for an affidavit.

If don’t have, you will get it from tehsil or magistrate office.

Diffrent states have diffrent processing fee and duration of process.

How to apply ?

For applying for a domicile certificate, visit your nearest :-





Common service center or

SETU center.

After getting the form, fill it with following details like NAME,AGE, GENDER ADDRESS FATHER’S Name etc.

Submit it with along the documents required,

And provide any local reference for verification process.

You will get an acknowledgement receipt.

By acknowledgement number you can know your status of domicile certificate.

Duration of the process

After submitting the form along with the documents successfully,

It will take 30 days to get certificate after a verification process.


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